Life Update / The Breakup


I'm ready now.

I want to actually start this by saying... I don't want to mud sling (but oh how I could!). I want to try to tell my story, my truth, THE truth, without dragging and disrespecting anyone else. This is going to be very hard considering the actions that have taken place and the lies that have been told to myself and others. Maybe I just won't get too deep. That's what I'm in therapy for...

A few months ago my life changed drastically; flipped upside down, complete devastation, absolute heartbreak. Or so I thought.  What I didn't see at the time was how beautiful this change would actually be, and how ugly my life was. Without going into too much detail of how the conversation went and the influences that were involved.... to put it simply, we broke up. Engagement over, five year relationship ended. But honestly, that wasn't even the worst part. The worst was the following two months, and the choices he made - while telling me to keep hope and that we'd be getting back together. Damn man, you think you know someone and then one day they completely become the exact person they said they'd never be, doing all the things they said they'd never do, living lies, telling lies, it was madness. A lot of why I'm not going to get into detail is because most the information I have, is not known to all of the other parties in this situation... muahahaha. Idiots, all idiots.

And also, if I'm being really honest, Robert and I are in a good place right now and getting along really well.

No, we're not working things out. We're just getting along. After the breakup, we were still living together for a couple months and that was THE most shitty situation I've ever been in. We pretended to get along, when really I wanted to slice his throat and he was lying to my face about things I already knew the truth to. It was a really unhealthy living situation for both of us, we tried to keep things civil, but the tension was insane. It should have been a blood bath. But we made it out alive. We both left that apartment behind and have settled into our own new places. And it has made such a difference in dealing with the break up and dealing with each other for certain situations we've still needed to handle. We're both in a happier, healthier place now. I've been to his new apartment to see how he's living, he's been to mine to see that I'm doing ok, and has helped me with some things in my move, and of course to visit DeNiro because in case you were wondering, I most definitely got him in this separation. But Robert is allowed visitation rights... and DeNiro loves that. He loves his daddy.

Are we going to be best friends and get along forever? Probably not. But when you spend five years with someone, you have a hard time pretending like you guys don't exist anymore. He still likes to make sure I'm ok and help me with things, I still like to see how he's doing in the midst of all his daily chaos (and any other chaos he manages to find himself in lol). I guess to put it simply, right now we still care about each other. I'm sure over time as we both continue to move on and more people come into our own lives, things will change. And that's ok too.

How I've viewed this breakup: Well, sometimes people allow others to influence their emotions and actions. Sometimes people stray. Sometimes people are just fed up, just over it. Whatever the case may be, (in our situation all of the above and more), it doesn't matter anymore. We know our truth, I know the truth, and the peanut gallery will never know what they don't want to believe. When I say that we're in a good place right now, I mean it. So much so that we've found each other on Tinder, liked, matched and messaged - because we think it's funny!  We've accepted that we're moving on and somehow we're still able to keep that silly friendship and be ok with it all. I don't know if this is all supposed to be a secret, but fuck it. There's been enough secrets, people shouldn't be afraid of the truth. I've stayed quiet long enough.

How I'm doing now:  I'm happy. When this first happened, I immediately got into therapy, twice a week. Thankfully! I'm now going once a week and not really focusing on this situation but working more towards other things I've needed to work through. Going to therapy really helped me see things differently, I got out of my head and saw things for what they were. I also have some of the most amazing friends and support behind me, that I never really knew I had. I'm almost completely settled in my new apartment (and will be doing an Apartment Tour video when done). I'm gearing up to get back to consistent blogging, and back in my YouTube (posted this video a few days ago!)  I'm currently transitioning to Veganism, trying to get consistent with the gym again, and ready to live the life I deserve. Things are good :)

Moral of this story is that it was a disgusting, vile, disrespectful breakup, but a necessary one - we needed to be ended. Things were not what they seemed on social media, we were not ok and just couldn't get better. We both had a part in our relationship crumbling, and he has fully admitted that he handled the breakup wrong and made a lot of mistakes with it.  And as horrific as that breakup was, it does make me happy to know that those days are behind us and the pressure of our damaged relationship is behind us and we can associate without hate in our hearts anymore.

Basically, I have found peace.

How My Skin Is Improving


Last year in my skincare routine, I was obsessing over a vitamin C serum by Valentia that was suggested to me from a friend. I was legit raving about it. It was one of my favorite skin care products I've ever used (my curiosity for other products is the only reason why I haven't repurchased yet). I actually was looking for it the other day in hopes that I still had some left, because I was craving that citrus on my face. Plot twist, I didn't have any left. But then something cool happened.

As a blogger, our email fills up with all kinds of offers - to be honest 99.9% of the time I think they're garbage. Out of the hundreds I've opened over the years, I've only ever went forward with one and that was way back in the beginning of my time here in blogland. And that was because it was a brand that I already knew and loved. I despise wasting my time so I imagine other people feel the same way so I've never taken an offer just to take it. No free shit or paypal deposits for me! Hashtag still a broke blogger.

What I'm trying to say is... Valentia showed up in my inbox one day! I was like "whaaaat! am I about to get some free serum?!" No. The answer to that is no. Instead, they wanted me to try out their hydration mask and eye cream. And I was like "OK!" If I loved the serum so much I'm probably going to love these two also. And the verdict is in my friends. I.LOVE.THEM.


Because of it's gel like formula it reminds me a lot of the the Glam Glow Thirstymud but it's like forty five dollars cheaper. Hashtag winning. I let it sit on my skin for about 30 mins and rinse it off with cold water. I have an oily t-zone and some tiny dry patches in some areas, after a few uses I haven't noticed any dry areas being a problem. As the mask dries on your skin, you will look a little jaundice but that's just because the gel is yellow, it doesn't stain your skin. I feel a lot of the same feelings when I was using the serum last year, my skin looks brighter and younger - I guess the fancy word would be radiant. And it's definitely softer to the touch. I do wish it came with something to scoop out the product just because sticking my fingers in a tub of goo gives me heebie-jeebies.
Main Ingredients: Silk Protein Amino Acid blend, Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil, Japanese Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil
Claims: Boosts collagen production, increases skin radiance, reduce fine lines, secure skin moisture


I've been hunting for an eye cream for so long and I always get let down. If I'm being honest, I really only try out drug store ones because anytime I see something exciting on I refuse to buy it because it's so expensive and if I hate I'll be stuck with it because I'm lazy and won't return it. I am my own worst enemy, I know. Anyways, I apply the Valentia eye cream every morning and night. And I noticed a difference really quickly. I'm not going to say it has reduced wrinkles because homegirl needs fillers at this point - but it immediately made a difference in really hydrating that area. I noticed because my concealer suddenly stopped creasing. I also am starting to notice it brightening my under eye area, drowning away those dark circles. 
Main Ingredients: Vitamin C, Organic Rosehip Oil, Arnica (anti-inflammatory), Resistem (natural plant stem cells), Astanxanthin (powerful antioxidant)
Claims: Reduces wrinkles, nourishes and hydrates, tighten eye area, brighten dark circles 

All in all I feel like in the week or so of using both products together, my skin is looking fresher and healthier. I wonder how much of a difference it will make after a month! Now I just need to repurchase their serum and anything else they have because I am hooked! 

-everything I already said and the smell! It has a strong citrus orange smell which I'm a huge fan of. So if you don't like citrus this may not be pleasant for you.
-Natural/organic ingredients

-sticking my fingers in the mask tub seems unsanitary. 

If you are at all interested in trying Valentia products, you can check out their website at or hop on over to an online shoppers greatest love, Amazon. 

You can also get 20% off if you use the code: SIXONE20

Have you tried these products before? What are your favorite skin hydrating products? 


Disclaimer: As I mentioned, these products were sent to me for free in exchange for my honest review. This opportunity is powered by

January Favorites


I know you're just like me and can't believe that January is over already. Wasn't it just New Years last week? Maybe, maybe not. I've been so sick lately I don't even know what day it is. I'm a pro at having and dealing with allergies. But a cold? No idea how to manage, it has knocked me down! And since I was down and taking a sick day from work I finally was able to climb in bed and dedicate some time to get back here to this little blog space of mine. I really need a posting schedule to commit to. Omg this is not what this post is about, I am forever going off track! 


Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water -  

I've been a fan of Bioderma for a while now. I raved about it in my Skincare Routine last year. In that post I stated that I would use Bioderma for all eternity. Well, lies. I saw this Garnier water a long time ago in Youtube videos but it wasn't available in the US, not even on Amazon - which is how I came across Bioderma. ANYWAYS, recently walking through CVS I spotted this on a display and nearly lost it! "YES! IT'S FINALLY HERE!"  I love it just as much as Bioderma but it's like $15 cheaper and I can get it in a store, so duh I'm only going with Garnier from now on. Two cotton pads and this micellar water takes off an entire full face of makeup, every bit! I've actually finally stopped using makeup remover wipes, those things that don't actually remove makeup... 

Maybelline Masterfix Setting Powder - 

Another new product in the drugstore! I seem to fall in love with a lot of setting powders (Rimmel Stay Matte, NYX Set It Don't Fret It, Laura Mercier, etc) and now I'm adding this one to my list. It's so soft and finely milled, it's perfect. 

Best Damn Beauty Lip Mask  - 

Oooh girl! This is stuff is my jammmm! It's super sold out right now, and I understand why! Beauty community superstar Nicole Guerriero created the most bomb lip hydrator I've ever come across. I apply it morning and night and my lips are now so smooth that I don't even need a scrub anymore. Sorry, Lush. 
The Best Damn Beauty Lip Mask is included in the massive giveaway I have going on right now. Go enter to win! 

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter lotion - 

Ok so maybe I had this in my Nov faves but including it again should show you how serious I am about it. I straight up have the grossest dry skin on my legs. Like an actual shedding lizard. The only thing that has slightly worked for me is baby lotion and I've been using it for over a decade because it's legit. BUT... it's been awhile now since I snatched this up during an Ulta sale and I AM IN LOVE. First of all, the smell is so over the top incredible I can't even talk about it. But most importantly it really moisturizes my skin so well! 

BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel palette - 

This palette is not only super cheap ($12.50!) it's just a perfect everyday palette. I've kicked all my other eyeshadows and palettes aside every since I got this. I haven't played around much with the four face colors yet but I've got a go-to eye look for every morning before I run out the door! I just LOVE the plum tones. 
The Carli Bybel Palette is also included in the big giveaway that is running right now!

Q & A a day 5 year journal -

I was so excited to finally start this! I honestly wish I had one five years ago! Maybe the year going by so fast isn't such a bad thing because I'm so eager to compare my answers haha. If you're not familiar, this is a 5 year journal that has one question on each day of the year. Each day has a place for 5 answers, one each year. It's a cool way to see yourself grow and what changes in your life and how you think about things. 


And for those of you that like visuals, I put together a fun little 1 minute favorites video!

Have you tried any of these things? Let me know what some of your current favorites are, what you've been loving lately! And don't forget to enter the giveaway if you haven't already!


My Predictions For The Shorty Awards


The nominations for the Shorty Awards have been announced! And no, this is not a moment of handing out trophies to those that lack in the height department, like me. This has nothing to do with height but everything to do with social media! So many platforms are being recognized, including Periscope, YowNow and even the best GIF of the year.

There are so many categories to vote on and today I'm going to zone in on some of my favorites and let you know my little simple minded predictions! And if you wanna join the fun and vote for some of your favorite influencers, you can do that here --> VOTE!

YOUTUBE COMEDIAN: It really grinds my gears that Jenna isn't nominated because she's an automatic win for me. But anyways. Colleen had a really big year so I predict that MIRANDA SINGS will win this one. 

YOUTUBE ENSEMBLE: I completely predict Jeana and Jesse at PRANK VS PRANK. They're still so well loved. I also think that a lot of people are feeling for Jesse right now with the passing of his mom so they could get a few more votes from sympathy.

YOUTUBE GURU: This is tough because I don't agree with a lot of the nominations but that's none of my business. I am thrilled to not see certain people on there though!.... Anyways my vote goes to Desi but I actually think that KANDEE is gonna take this one home. 

SNAPCHATTER: I would have said Kylie but then I saw that DJ KHALED was nominated and he's been going viral with his snaps so I think he's winning this one. Even though, "they don't want you to win."

VINER: My vote and prediction goes to DARRIUS BENSON solely because of his "surprise motherfucker" vines that I repeat at random times throughout life and it never gets old. 

YOUTUBER: Again, I'm of course bummed that Jenna wasn't included but this is a no-brainer to me. CASEY NEISTAT! Not only is he a genius, his following really exploded this year. Hands down, Casey. Although if he's not the winner, my next prediction would be Ingrid because of coming out and that kind of bravery is always respected and should be recognized. 

INSTAGRAMMER: Well this is easy... BADDIE WINKLE. done.

ANIMAL: I'm a little hurt that DeNiro was not nominated for, also really bummed that my homie The Daily Walter wasn't. But my vote goes to the goat, although I think the winner will be JIFFPOM. Obvi. 

FOOD: I mean, obviously it has to go to HANNAH HART because My Drunk Kitchen. duh.

HEALTHY LIVING: I think this one is going to CASSEY HO because Bloglaties is huge. Like, really huge.

PODCAST: I really got into podcasts over the last year (and again, no Jenna on the list. ugh) - my vote goes to Grace but I think the win might go to ANOTHER ROUND.

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PERISCOPER: Hmm, I'm not a big fan of this platform (it needs a lot of work) but my prediction is MATTHEW SANTORO because of the recent domestic violence situation, he has a huge support system to get him lots of votes. 

GIF of the Year: Of course I'm voting for Pizza Rat, no question. But I think it will be a toss up between Drake and Bowie. If you're thinking about the average age of voters, I'd say DRAKE will win because most kids don't know who David Bowie is. 

INSTAGRAM PHOTO: This is a tough one. I won't be surprised if Kendall Jenner wins, I think that PEACE FOR PARIS will win but my vote goes to Emojis In The Wild. 

VINE of the Year: One million percent the baby gentleman with the AVOCADO!!!! Although Drake and Why The Fuck You Lyin could take it.  

VINE MUSICIAN: My vote and my winner prediction goes to US THE DUO. Mostly because they're the only ones I know of in that category. 

COMEDIAN: There is no chance you will catch me predicting anyone other than KEVIN HART. Maybe I'm biased because he's my favorite, or because I attended his tour this past summer or because I simply believe he is just good for the soul. Whatever. He wins. 

SPORTS: ........ RONDA! drops mic. 

There are so many more categories to vote in, head over to the site and help make social media influencing even bigger!

If you're wondering why I didn't choose a blogger, well, I have no idea who any of them are. As a blogger I guess that's pretty sad on my part. But the blogging world is so gigantic! Maybe next year one of my peers will make it for changing the blogging game (I'm looking at you Helene)!

Let me know in the comments below who some of your favorite influencers are! Who do you wish to win or to see nominated?


My New Blonde Hair


If you follow me on social media (if you don't, you should. like what are you doing? hello. it's me...) and there I go getting carried away again. What I was saying was that if you follow me on social media, you saw that I was alone last week while my fiance was out of town for six days. I'd like to say that DeNiro and I partied it up pretty hard but the truth is that we were really just bored and lonely and sad.

In the meantime, I took his absence as an opportunity to have the time to sit in a hair salon for a million hours. A place where I hadn't been to since last May when I started the process of "Going Blonde" (<--my most popular vlog), but I suck at commitment and I never went back to keep up and continue. So here I was on Friday at noon sitting in the salon chair with a mop like mess on my head wishing I had been back in sooner. Not only did I have roots filled with gray hairs, I was in desperate need of chopping off a bunch of dead ends. It was an actual hot mess. Here, I'll show you.

But then she started her magic and 4 hours later :::: I'm a new woman! Well, not really but at least I could stand to look at myself in the mirror now. And then of course I proceeded to take a zillion selfies and post up on Snapchat!

The obligatory car selfie. It's so golden when the sun is beaming on it.


FOLLOW ME ON SNAPCHAT :: @mskellylouise

Now you might be wondering what "blonde hair" products I splurged on. Don't worry, I'll share. And I say splurged because whoa going blonde is not cheap. I'm not usually the high maintenance type but now I kinda have to be. My plan was to head over to Ulta and and try to only stick to what I needed, but then something annoying happened. I GOT PULLED OVER. This was a first for me and of course it was something little that everyone always does. I moved into the left turn lane too early so I technically "crossed double yellow lines". Which apparently to this dude was like the biggest deal ever even if no cars were anywhere in sight. Whatevs bro. ANYWAYS, needless to say, I didn't make it over to Ulta that night because at that point all I wanted to do was go home and see my cat and eat and wait for Robert's plane to land. But I went the next day so let's move on...

I really didn't know what to choose and the location I go to is always out of stock of everything. So I mismatched. Cuz yolo. 

:: PUREOLOGY Perfect 4 Platinum
:: JOICO Color Balance Purple Conditioner
:: IT'S A 10 Miracle Leave-In For Blondes
:: OGX Nourishing Coconut Oil Mist

To be honest, I a little bit feel like I made bad choices. So if any of you out there can help a newbie out with suggestions of great products for my situation, it'd be super greatly appreciated! Anything to keep my hair soft and bright! Especially soft. Oh and before I peace out, in case you're wondering, the end result blonde that I'm going for is THIS but she said it will take one or two more sessions. Yike$!

And if you're in the LA area, head to Joseph Lamar Salon in Burbank and see Rachel!



$200 CASH :: enter here
13 Hot Products Created by BEAUTY GURUS :: enter here

The "Beauty Guru Products" Giveaway


Hey there! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had an incredible holiday season, got everything you wanted for gifts, rang in the new year with your favorite people and ate up all the most delicious things. I spent my Christmas back home in Boston. We hadn't been home in three years so we decided to just show up and surprise everyone on Christmas Eve! I managed to get enough footage to put together a special vlog of that trip, you can see that over here on my YouTube channel if you're interested.

Let's get to why we're really here today! I wanted to kick off the year with something exciting, so I obviously decided on a giveaway! But this isn't just any giveaway, this one is made up only of products brought to you by some of the most loved gurus in the beauty community! My personal top two fave are being featured and maybe some of yours are too!

This 13 product giveaway will be going to ONE lucky winner! Continue below to see what's included and all the ways you can enter to win!



Carli created this beautiful neutral toned purple and brown palette with BH Cosmetics. It features 14 colors of eyeshadows and highlighters! It's been my go-to palette every morning ever since I got it!


You may have seen me gush over her recently in the Best Beauty YouTubers post. She is the creator of a major false eyelash brand called SocialEyes. She personally designs all of the lashes, they're handmade with real hair and they're super affordable! I picked out some of my personal favorite ones for you!


Nicole! A little over a year ago she surprised her viewers with news that she started her own skin care line, Best Damn Beauty! Her most popular and always sold out product is her hydrating lip mask. If you watch her videos, you've seen her use it in every tutorial. I have one of my own and can tell you that it IS ahhh-mazing!


If you're familiar with Kathleen you're aware that she has quite a few products out there in collaboration with companies. Her first ever was her lippie with Colourpop in the color Lumiere and then she popped up with an eyeshadow quad! She now has a second quad with Colourpop but I wanted to put her first one in the giveaway for the nostalgia and because the colors are more versatile.


Everyone knows this one, it's impossible to escape it's mention in the beauty community. Champagne Pop is everywhere! With it being "limited edition" (is it though??) I wanted to include one for you before it's gone forever.

And that's it! 
A palette, 5 lashes, a lip mask, 4 shadows, a lippie stick, and a highlighter! 
I hope this is something exciting that you would want and love and enjoy! 

Enter below!

  • Open Internationally!
  • Age to enter 18+ (or parent approval if you're under 18 and win)
  • Giveaway ends 2/12/16 at 11:59pm
  • Winner will be contacted within 48hrs of giveaway ending
  • Winner will be contacted by ME only from this email ->
  • Winner has 48hrs to reply after I've contacted with the big news
  • All products were purchased by me. This post is not sponsored or affiliated. 
  • If you follow, unfollow and then follow again to get more entries you will be disqualified. Rafflecopter shows all of those details and sadly too many people do it, please play fair.


Year In Review : 2015


When I think about this past year it gives me mixed feelings. I saw new places, met new people, and realized a whole lot about myself. But honestly, it was such a mess and filled with emotions that I'd rather never revisit. If you couldn't tell by how badly I let my blog die, the truth is that I was left exhausted and unmotivated because life threw some stones at me that I was very much not expecting. With personal dramas and my job (that I do not love at all) mentally draining me, I just couldn't keep up with the fun things like the blog world and my youtube channel or social media as a whole.

But wait, this wasn't supposed to be a Debbie Downer post. Queue the rewind sound effect. 

As most of us know, trying to remember what you've done in a year can be hard. I can't even remember what I typed ten words ago, never mind what I did 12 months ago. Thankfully we have things like Instagram that store all those aesthetically pleasing memories for us. 

Things I Did In 2015

I filmed a Lookbook video 

@jennamarbles today I met King Julien (said like in Madagascar) and Queen Jenna👑! It was one of the greatest moments of my life to be able to hug and talk to people that legit turn my bad days around. It was one of those "if I ever met so-and-so I would tell them....." and then what you could only hope to happen actually comes true and it's like OMG NOW WHAT DO I SAY!? hahaha. I was overwhelmed with excitement, nerves and gratitude, but I think I said all the important things. THANK YOU JENNA & JULIEN, thank you for just being you and thank you for always making my heart smile. you two are such bright lights in my darkest days. And thanks for bringing the cermet that is an paesh, her kisses were precious🐶 hopefully we meet again (that sounds creepy) @juliensolomita #teamglutenfree #jennamarbles #juliensolomita #jennajulien #teamlegs #teamcermet @iggy_peach
A photo posted by Kelly Louise🍟 (@mskellylouise) on

I met YouTubers Marissa Lace and Nikki Blackketter

We spent three holidays in Palm Springs - 4th of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving

A photo posted by Kelly Louise🍟 (@mskellylouise) on

A photo posted by Kelly Louise🍟 (@mskellylouise) on

I went to BeautyCon and I hated it.

A photo posted by Kelly Louise🍟 (@mskellylouise) on

Went to a Dodgers playoff game

A photo posted by Kelly Louise🍟 (@mskellylouise) on

Actually celebrated Halloween!

A photo posted by Kelly Louise🍟 (@mskellylouise) on

We went home for Christmas and surprised everyone!
(vlog coming this week!)

And we ended the year with a gorgeous view of our first time in San Diego.

A few more things:
:: We went to Lake Arrowhead for our first time.
:: Spent a weekend in Orange County to attend the Kid Rock concert for our second time.
:: Saw Kevin Hart on the What Now tour!
:: Went to a country concert (Lee Brice) and got way too drunk.

What are some of the exciting things that you did in 2015? 
Share in the comments below and let me know what you're excited to do in 2016!


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Gift Guide - For The Beauty Lover


One of my favorite things at this time of year are sets. Holiday sets are everywhere, even in the liquor store! Ok, whoa let's not get off track. Second sentence in to this post and I'm already talking about booze. Back to beauty. While this post is a gift guide for the beauty product lovers, it's also a shopping guide for the lazy! Maybe that's why I love sets so much, they fuel my laziness.

Gift Sets for the Beauty Lover

$57 on Ulta - shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath, lotion, fragrance
Special Free Gift With Purchase!

$18.95 on Ulta - two moisturizers and a lip balm

$66 on Ulta - primer, bronzer, mascara, lip gloss
Special Free Gift With Purchase!

$69 on Sephora - thirstymud mask, cleanser, clearing mask, application brush
Perfect for winter dry skin!

BH Cosmetics Makeup Brush Set
$20 on
14 piece set

$42 on Sephora - limited edition!

$36.50 on Sephora - 10 mini nail polishes, limited edition

$15 on Ulta - mascara, liner, primer, lip crayon
Special Free Gift with Purchase

$25 on Sephora - Nirvana White and Nirvana Black

Today I'm shipping off a bunch of stuff to my little sister for Christmas! She's almost 15 now so she's starting to get into makeup and needed some brushes, palettes, etc. So of course I got her some sets! Do you have any idea how fun it is to shop for someone new to makeup? I wanna get her everything!

 Who are you most excited to shop for this year? Have you snatched up any sets for your gift giving?


In case you missed it: I posted two new videos on my YouTube channel. One from Halloween, which was a lot of fun to edit. And one filled with felines! Including my cat DeNiro. Come over and check them out if you haven't already and if you like, please subscribe