*blows dust away and clears throat*
Hey. Hi. What's up. 

Let's just get right to it. I'm done with blogging. I"ve been trying to come back to this space for all of 2017 and every time I amp myself up to do it, I just can't find the desire. I've moved on from the blogging world (clearly, I haven't posted in 9 months and barely any of the previous year also). 

Although probably only a few people will even see this post in this dead place - I still just wanted to come back and say goodbye. How annoying, right? It's like when you unsubscribe from an email and then they send you an email to let you know that you're unsubcribed. That's me in this moment - this blog is dead but I'm coming back just to tell you that it's dead. You're welcome. 

This was my little place, all for me. And because some of you liked it, I made some really awesome friends. I had fun here, I opened up here, and I shared some of the most painful and most exciting moments of my life. But the girl that wrote all those posts is not who is writing this one. I've grown and I've changed and I just don't connect with this space anymore. 

If you were one of my readers, blog friends, or just stopped by once, if you've ever left a comment, if you've ever left me advice, if you ever had anything to do with my time in this space... THANK YOU. 

If you've missed me terribly and can't live without my online existence, don't worry I'm still everywhere else! Let's be friends in other places :) 




I'm still into YT and occassionaly throw a video up
channel :: kellylouise616

I loved this little ride but it ended awhile ago and it's time for me to let go.
If I ever feel the need to blog again, it will be somewhere new.

Goodbye Six One Six/Petite Ramblings. 


16 Things I Learned In 2016

Ok, whoa. Time to... breathe. I'm taking a deep breath and brushing the dust off this keyboard. Hold on tight my friends, because this might be a long one. Without once again getting into the chaos of the last 11 months of my life, I want to just focus on what it taught me. I think I've learned more about myself and others in 2016 than I have in my whole life. What a roller coaster ride this has been, strap in!

16 Things I Learned In 2016

1:: Self love - even just simply liking myself. There's an endless list of ways to practice self love and to stop hating things about yourself. I've started to work on that a lot more than ever before. 

2:: Things don't always turn out the way you planned. I never in a gazillion years planned to be living alone, going through life alone, and no longer having future plans shared with someone else. And I finally decided, that's ok. "shit happens".....

3:: Positive thoughts = positive actions. Law of attraction baby, it's real!

4:: Independence! I never fully realized how dependent I've been on someone else. Even the littlest things like taking the trash out, or what to have for dinner, or watch on tv. Every decision is my own now. 

5:: Being alone is not the same as being lonely. You can spend years with someone and still feel alone. I realized that being alone is necessary for my healing process and also amazing for my independence and self love. I never really got to know myself the way I do now. I always thought being alone was scary, but I actually prefer it now. 

6:: I've let my emotions control my life. And that needs to stop. I let a bad day ruin my week, a shitty week ruin my month - I dwell and I realize how much wasted time goes by just moping around. 

7:: I really love the gym and fitness. When I'm consistent at the gym, it's when I'm the happiest. When I start to see my body change and feel stronger, I'm the most confident. {{I took the whole month of December off because... see #6 above... but I've been back for a few days now}}

8:: Never fight with someone who believes their own lies. It's the most frustrating, draining, exhausting and soul sucking thing you can do. You cannot reason with someone who is pathological and/or manipulates. 

9:: Even if today is a bad day, today is not everyday. Every morning you have a new opportunity to become a happier version of yourself. This needs to be an everyday mantra. 

10:: There really is a silver lining. It might seem confusing to some, but a lot of great things have actually come from all the shitty hurtful things that happened to me this year. And I'm so thankful for that!

11:: I'm worth so much more than I ever thought. Having my loyalty and forgiveness disrespected so bluntly and continuously has made me realize how good of a person I am - I have a big heart with a lot of love to give. Maybe I wasn't always great, but damn, heartbreak can really change a person. I've seen my own true colors and I'm deserving of a lot more than the shit I've accepted my whole life. This is where some self love comes in, I know my worth now.

12:: People care about me. I've spent most of, if not all, of my life thinking and feeling like no one really cares about me. But I was blown away this year with how many people in my life put their hands out for me, checked on me and genuinely cared for my well being and continue to help me in any way they can. If you're reading this, I love ya'll and thank you.

13:: I love my mommy. We have had a very roller coaster relationship for my whole life and this year she really showed me how much she loves me. Something I always wanted. She's had my back in ways I never imagined. Just writing this make me cry because I spent some really dark years in my life thinking she didn't love me or care about me (I know now that she has always done her best) and our relationship is changing so much this year. I'm so grateful for her and love her so much.

14:: Don't expect closure for every situation.  I've gone in circles for months and months and I finally realized that I owe myself my own closure, I've had to stop waiting for the kind of apology I was never gonna get. Closure can come just by seeing things clearly.

15:: Sometimes the person you want the most is the person you're best without.  While this is a sad realization - devastating really, - it's incredibly true. No matter how much you love and care for someone, there could be other factors that will just not allow it to ever work. I'm learning to let go. 

16:: And finally, the scariest one of all! I learned that if I put my heart, soul, blood, sweat and TEARS into a dream, it will become a reality.  I OPENED MY OWN ONLINE SHOP! With all the alone time I had, I was able to focus on what I wanted and put in the work for it. I've mildly announced this on social media - mainly Snapchat - but never made an official announcement here (that post is still sitting in my drafts, never finished because, see #6) so I guess now is the time! 6ONE6IX.COM is an apparel and accessories shop, loaded with t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and more! Clothing for ladies and men, and new designs are being added constantly! Please go check it out and let me know what you think and follow along with us on Instagram!

I swear, 2016 was some kind of upside down black hole stepping stone for us to be ready for some legendary shit in 2017. I'm healing, rediscovering myself, and starting over - let's do this!

What were some of the most important things you learned in the last year? 

Helene in Between

Get Cozy With These Fall Essentials

I honestly feel kinda ripped off living in southern California, we don't have a real fall. I mean really though, I just care about Halloween anyways so whatevs!  Wait, am I even eligible to make a fall post when it's been 100 degrees for the last week?  I'm feeling kinda left out seeing people break out the scarfs and boots on Instagram. I wanna join in on the fall fun too, so I'm gonna share some of my favorite things even if I don't get to utilize them. Hey, I grew up in New England, I know what real fall is, I can do this.

:: Let's just get the most important one out of the way first... candles! I've already burned through one Sweater Weather and started on a Marshmallow Fireside last night.

:: When I'm trying to get cozy in the blasting AC, I've been rocking this super cute "California Pull Over" from Sweet Blossom Boutique. I have it in Burgundy and Grey, but they sell it in black as well!

:: Whats fall without some olive green and/or camo print? Dying to grab this overside camo jacket! Also from Sweet Blossom, but they're sold out right now cuz it's that bomb. Their IG says it will be back in two weeks!  I also love this camo button up from Charlotte Russe.

:: For sure go out and get a bunch of the cutest scarves you can find. Although it's never scarf weather here, I like to pair one with a work outfit sometimes because the office is so cold.

:: A couple of hats - I'm hat obsessed and I also need to hide the grays growing in.... But really though, I want this pizza one.

:: Decorative leggings are always fun! Especially paired with an over-sized sweater and boots!

:: Of course, a faux leather jacket to go with everything!

I'd rock all of this if it wasn't 108 degrees out.

And lastly.... absolutely nothing that has anything to do with Pumpkin Spice. yuck!  I will take any and every thing apple & cinnamon flavored though! Like some suuuuper simple snacks and drinks I've shared here before.
:: Caramel Fireball Hot Toddy
:: Spiced Warm Apples

What are some of your fall favorites? 
Is it legit fall yet where you're living? 



Why I Stopped Being Vegan

I'm bracing myself for my first ever hate comment with this post...

And you're probably thinking, "but Kelly, didn't you just start being vegan?!" Well, yea. And as much as my heart and soul wanted to be vegan, my body wasn't having it. Every body is different and for some (maybe most) vegan changed their body in a positive way. My body was fighting against this change and I couldn't take it anymore. For months and months I've tried to find the perfect vegan way for myself and it sadly just wasn't working out for me. While I'm still staying away from red meat, pork, and dairy (aside from the occasional pizza) I've added chicken back into my diet. So therefore - no longer vegan.

I learned through all of this that my body needs some lean protein. I wasn't getting nearly enough protein from the few options I had. I couldn't get the right amount of protein without consuming way way way too many carbs. I figured all this out by tracking my macros on the MyFitnessPal app, and I was exceeding my daily carbs, even with working out! I know the whole protein debacle is a big battle between vegans and non-vegans and I will tell you that from my experience and for me, there is not enough protein. I thought for sure I'd be ok but unfortunately that was just not my experience and I changed up my foods in many different ways over the months and it never worked out for me. Once all those carbs started packing on the weight I knew something had to change.  For my body, this is the fastest way for me to gain a lot of weight very quickly. So I made the tough choice to no longer be vegan so I can get the protein I need and drop these 9 pounds I gained. 

I feel awful about it because I was doing this for the animals and now I just feel guilty and like an asshole. I will still be making conscious vegan choices often, but eating up tons of mock meat is not a choice I want to make anymore. I still very much support the vegan lifestyle, I'm just not living it right now. And I of course felt obligated to come on here and share this since I've been so open about transitioning to vegan to begin with.

I've had a lot of big life changes this year and I'm incredibly overwhelmed by them still and I realized that I was very over stressed about making vegan work for me. I tried, but I just couldn't handle another big change. Not right now. 

Ok but now having said all that... here's a quick 1 minute video I made of "What I Ate Today" a couple weeks back - all vegan!  oh the irony...

here is the 1st video in a new "One Minute" series! whether it will be what I ate, what I did, or anything at all - 
I want to make fun short one minute-ish videos! Let me know if this is something that you like :) 

I hope I'm not disappointing anyone. I'm just trying to do what I feel is best for me day by day. 


Fuck It, I'm Done.

I started the week off planning to film what I eat all week, and make a post two days ago about getting on board the Freelee 30 day recipe situation.... but, I can't. I'm just so over food right now, it's stressing me out! Let me explain. This is about to get deep. And probably all over the place because I'm just gonna run with it and let it out.

Food and I have a love/hate, up and down relationship. It's often controlled my life for my most of my life. I've been overweight, underweight, obsessive, diet pill junkie, laxative junkie, starved myself, overate, you name it - if it has anything to do with an unhealthy relationship with food, I've been there. And I'm exhausted. This plan and that plan, this new fad and that new fad. I CAN'T DO IT ANYMORE. 

I go through these phases where: I spend all of my money on food. I go to the grocery store My fridge, freezer and pantry are always stocked and stuffed. And it's not just at home, my work desk drawer is always loaded with snacks, and I take up space in our small fridge. I spend most of my free time watching food videos on YouTube or scrolling through food Instagrams, or digging through Pinterest for food food food!  

While I've always been off and on like this - this has really started to take over me the last few months. And if we're gonna get into psychology, I can pretty much guarantee why. This year has been... there's not even a word for it. A nightmare? My life was so unexpectedly flipped upside down, and I've continued to feel tortured basically til this very day. I tried so hard to keep it together and build a new life on my own, but I'm starting to think that was really just being thrown into survival mode. Now I feel like the walls are cracking and I'm losing control of who I am. And I guess putting all my energy into anything related to food is my way of holding it all together. Why food? I don't know, probably because I was a fat kid and have always turned to food in distress. 

I'm done following plans and programs, I'm done falling for any "hot new diet trend". I don't want to keep forcing my body to eat what a program is telling it to eat. I want to listen to my body intuitively and feed it what it wants when it wants - while vegan. So I'm sorry to those of you that were looking forward to me recapping the 30 days of Freelee's plan (as I showed on Snapchat - mskellylouise), I'm still going to be sharing bits and parts of my vegan journey in blog posts and in videos, just not under any plan.


I dunno guys, I'm just sad lately. I'm really broken still. I'm so heartbroken and I still cry a lot and I'm still confused and I'm just really stressed and kinda lost I guess. A lot of shit went down recently and I feel like all the progress I made this year went backwards and I'm just really down lately. I'm trying to stay on top of the promises I made for myself with this blog but some days all I wanna do is just sleep and cry.

Top 5 Gym Essentials

I've finally been consistent at the gym again. Besides just wanting to be healthy and fit and have a stress relief session a few days a week - going to the gym is much more enjoyable when you have some of the tools to make it easier. Of course, your phone and headphones are number one, I don't even need to put those on the list.

1. Good sneakers! Whether you're lifting or doing cardio, you want to make sure your foundation is supportive and comfortable. Nothing exciting about shin splints and heel spurs. My favorite brand is Asics.

2. Lifting gloves - this is good for free weights, ropes, kettlebells, anything you need to grip, you want to keep your palm protected and some weights have a textured handle that I personally find kinda painful to grip. I have these white Nike ones. 

3. Comfy clothes that make you feel good! - loose fitting tanks and cropped pants are my fave.

follow me on snapchat :: mskellylouise

4. Expandable waist pack belt - to hold your phone, keys, cards, etc. I personally have never been a fan of those phone holder things that wrap on your arm, my arms have always been too small to hold it comfortably. I love this belt because it keeps my phone out of the way when I'm lifting so I can still enjoy my music without getting annoyed. 

5. Apps! There are so many I feel like they should have a post of their own.
    ::Sweat With Kayla
    ::My Fitness Pal
    ::7 Minutes Workout
    ::Tone It Up
Honestly, the list is endless. Find one that works best for you, there's millions!

These are the few things that have made all the difference in my gym experience! 

What makes your gym sessions more efficient? 
Do you have a favorite fitness app?


My Baby Had A Birthday

On Saturday, August 13th DeNiro turned 4! I honestly can't believe that it's been four years already. It legit feels like I just picked him up at the shelter. He was just a tiny 3 month old baby when I took him home. I'm so thankful for this dude, at the end of every bad day (and there have been plenty!) he is always there to cuddle with me and make me feel loved. It's been a rough four years and more specifically past six months and he was right there by my side through every single tear that fell on my pillow. I wish he could understand how much he means to me. 

Enjoy with me, a "Monday Dump" of his adorable little face! 


If you follow me on Snapchat (mskellylouise), you saw he got his annual sashimi birthday dinner! 

Do you celebrate your pets birthday? 


Why I'm Obsessed With Grocery Hauls

a haul from my IG a long time ago

When I tell people I'm a picky eater, they never actually realize how deep that goes. I've spent most my whole life being so difficultly picky that it even annoys me. I've never been the most fun person to go out to eat with because I'll say "no" to almost every single place you suggest. Sushi? nope. Thai? nope. Indian? nope. Seafood? nope. ... Pizza? depends where it's from. And I live in Los Angeles, so almost everywhere you can go to eat is some sort of trendy AF joint with some weird ass food that you couldn't pay me to eat. This is probably why I have no friends.

Since rebuilding my life, I decided to start trying new things in all areas of my life, and since I've been transitioning to Veganism, food had to be at the top of that list!  Bring in.... grocery haul videos! I.AM.OB.SESSED.  I will watch every single one that I come across on YouTube, and I'll watch all the "what I eat in a day" videos too! And the ones that are "store specific" like Trader Joes and Costco are awesome too because that just makes it even easier to get the exact item! Seeing what people are buying has really changed the game for me, I've fallen in love with some foods that I've spent my whole life gagging at the thought of. For example; Hummus. Up until a few months ago, my reaction was "barf barf barf" and now I go through a container or two a week! Currently I only like the Cedar's Roasted Red Pepper, I'm not into the other flavors yet.

Here's a few that I've watched recently. I'm not sharing these particular ones for any special reason, I honestly watch so many I don't have any "favorites" to share. These were chosen just at random :)

The second one is much longer as she goes into detail about why she bought things and what she likes to make, etc. That's another thing I love, everyone has their own style of how they show their haul. Does this make me sound really old? I kinda feel like an old lady right now being all amped up and excited about groceries. 

Moral of the story is, I love these videos because they've opened me up to trying foods I never would have before and often it's foods that most people consider basic staples in their kitchen. I've lived a very sheltered food life and thanks to something as simple as seeing what's in your grocery cart is helping me so much! Also, now I really wanna start uploading my own grocery hauls to my channel!

Are you a picky eater?  
Do you like seeing what other people are buying?