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Suja Juice Cleanse


I started the morning with warm water and lemon to alkalize my body. (And did so each morning of the cleanse).

GLOW – this is mostly a cucumber and celery taste. Ok, big celery after taste. I don’t care for celery at all but this drink is somehow totally tolerable. (WAY more than the “blue print” brand one that made me wanna barf – just saying!) This is easy to drink and quite refreshing.  I wish I tasted more of the mint though.
The first half was ok, and then it got a little tough to get down the rest, celery just kills me.  I wish celery wasn’t included; what’s the point of celery anyways?

I've already had to pee twice after just one. Alright, I see how this is gonna be…

It’s approaching 10am and I had some green tea a little while ago (water and tea is recommended while cleansing to stay hydrated) and I’m getting hungry now. Next up, FUEL. But first, pee! 

I’m starving!!! Come on FUEL, do me good!  …First sip, YUM! Good thing I like carrots. It mostly tastes like carrots, with a little hint of orange and not much pineapple. 
Physically this seems not so bad, but mentally OMG I JUST WANT A BURGER. I guess juicing is not for everyone. I assume you need a certain mindset and commitment. But I’ve been so excited about trying this for so long; there’s no way I’m gonna veer off of this and screw it up.  And plus, I was lucky enough to win it in a giveaway and am so grateful to be able to try it! 

FUEL took me about an hour and a half to finish. It was tasty but as I drank it, I started to get really full so it took longer to drink. And now it’s basically time for my lunch of PURIFY. I had to pee again before I had even made it halfway with FUEL. Good thing day 2 and 3 I will be at home. Doing this during work kind of blows.
(side note: a co-worker told me that when cleansing DO NOT FART…if you have to fart, go do it on the toilet cuz it’s probably more than a fart). Thanks for the tip!

Lunch time with PURIFY. Ugh more celery tastes.  Why is the taste of celery so overpowering?? *cries*  These juices are not gross by any means, but I hate celery. If celery was omitted, these would be friggin SCRUMPTIOUS! (or if I loved celery).

I can’t stop peeing; my bladder gets so full so fast! I already miss the motions of eating; ya know, like… chewing.

It’s now 1:40 and I’m just at half way done with Purify. Ughhhhhh.  Suja gods is there anything I can do to make this one taste better?!  DIE CELERY DIE!

155pm: I had to put it back in the fridge. I can’t finish it, not now.  Sorry Suja.

300pm: I should be moving on to FIJI but I still haven’t finished Purify. Dammit, Fiji has a big celery taste too. A co-worker smelled them and she thinks it’s the cucumber overpowering and the celery is all in my head lol. I’m soooo hungry right now so I’m gonna hold my nose and down the rest of Purify and start on Fiji. Oh man, I cannot wait to get to the Vanilla Cloud!

I feel like this would be easier with a straw. 

I wish I could have a quest bar right now. 

I’m gonna have some tea. Maybe if I chase the “celery” with tea it won’t be so bad…

(FYI: chasing with tea was a big help).
430pm: Ehh, I’m getting aggravated, I really want something solid.
I had a little bit of cantaloupe. But that really just made me hungrier. 

630pm: I listened to my stomach growls and grabbed GREEN SUPREME. And yum yum yum. First of all, there is no celery in this one so it’s an automatic plus. It’s just apples, kale and lemon. This one is very tasty and refreshing. It tastes like green apple candies! I could drink this one all day.
Phew! No more celery for the day!

I still just want food though; I’m hoping it will be easier tomorrow. Suja states that if you must eat - raw fruits and veggies are best, as well as half an avocado and a baked sweet potato.

8:00pm Time for dessert! VANILLA CLOUD is tasty! It's not as "thick and creamy" as some reviews say. It's the same consistency as the other drinks. To me, it was like nutmeg water. I tried to let it last but having that sweet flavor after "celery" all day, I drank it pretty quickly. Day One complete!

I thought I would wake up starving and ravenous. But nope! Woke up feeling great, but I wasn’t hungry yet. So I stayed in bed and checked Instagram (which is sort of torture cuz I follow all food stuff lol), then had my warm water with lemon. I made some tea - to use as a chaser cuz GLOW has celery in it, grabbed my Glow and sat down to watch Chopped (more food)! <- why am I doing this to myself?

915am: GLOW - I suppose Glow isn't as celery tasting as the others. A few gulps in and I haven't needed to chase with tea yet. (I think Purify is the hardest, probably because I also don't like beets).

11am: FUEL time! I like this one a lot. Today it tastes more like orange candy with a touch of carrot. I’ll take it!

1230pm: PURIFY. The worst. Got my tea, ready to chase! 
Got thru it pretty quick, I think my taste buds are getting used to it…maybe?

I felt good and went to a hair appt at 2:30; by the time it was over I needed and wanted my juice! I started in on Fiji (ugh celery!) but shoved it back in the fridge to run a quick errand. Since it’s hot here in LA, I don't want to take my juice too far from a fridge, especially one that I don’t like much and will not be downing quickly. Plus I thought I'd be right back, but ended up being out for like 2hrs. I was cranky, hungry, and NEEDED something. As soon as I got home I had 3 little cherry tomatoes, and 3 apple slices. I made some tea and started up on the Fiji again. This is by far my least favorite one. I'm so hungry and grumpy so I decided to boil a baby sweet potato (recommended by Suja) and curse at my Fiji bottle – and even try to pawn some of it off on the boyfriend. 
I'm trying to enjoy FIJI, I swear I'm trying
This is weird, but my sweet potato tasted like ham. Wait, are my taste buds changing? Although it was delicious, I started to feel guilty eating something solid, even though it's ok. So I only ate half of it, finished my tea and waited for my Green Supreme craving.

The rest of the night was simple, yummy Green Supreme and Vanilla Cloud.

The final day! Again, I woke up not feeling hungry, just feeling great. Drank the warm water with lemon and put on Real Housewives of OC (I love when the boyfriend sleeps later than me). 

900am: I’m still not feeling hungry but I know I need to start the juices, so I made some tea and started Glow.

I did a little research yesterday and found out that celery (when juiced) has many incredible benefits. So let me just hold back on the celery complaining on this third and final day. I get it now, juice people, I get it. But I still don’t like it.

1130am: I’m really not hungry but gotta keep the juices going, FUEL time, yum!

A little while later I headed out to Whole Foods to grab some Suja SPARK for breakfast tomorrow. They recommend smoothies, soups, veggie broths and salads after completing the cleanse.  I know I won’t have time to make smoothies for breakfast so I’ll have a Spark juice and a banana.

130pm: Now I'm feeling hungry! But not looking forward to the next 2 celery infested drinks. This is the hardest part of the day for me. I'm super hungry in the afternoon and I don't care for the 2 middle of the day drinks, so I'm always cranky at this part of the cleanse. 
PURIFY and FIJI are when I put my toddler act on.
"don't want, don't want, nooooo!"

But the sooner I finish them, the sooner I get to have Green Supreme and Vanilla Cloud!!!

YAY! I did it!
9:00pm: DONE. I actually completed a 3 day juice cleanse. WHO AM I?!

POST CLEANSE/DAY ONE: Now it’s time to ease foods back in, gotta keep it light. So I started with the Spark Suja juice I mentioned above.  It is strawberry, lemon, raspberry, honey, cherry and cayenne. This drink is not part of the cleanse, I chose it in place of a smoothie for breakfast. I had a banana with the Spark and felt great. Now I’m ready for Monday!
A little while later I was really hungry and craving my juices, I missed them. I brought a lot with me for the day to snack on; plums, a peach, cucumbers, carrots, green peppers, bananas, soup, and sweet potato. I ended up not even eating half of that stuff, I definitely over packed. I felt great on the first day of post cleanse; I was energized and focused at work.
For dinner I had turkey burger, asparagus and sweet potato. And I secretly wanted Vanilla Cloud for dessert.
POST CLEANSE/DAY TWO: Same breakfast, SPARK and a banana. And the same snacks (since I didn't finish them yesterday) and I brought some chicken breast for lunch.

I'll end it here and leave you with this conclusion:
Overall it was a great experience and yes I would do it again! I felt fresh, light and clean. I wouldn't recommend doing this cleanse if you don't have the free time to stay comfy at home. You need to pee constantly, I’m not even exaggerating. And for some people, it's a lot more than just peeing.  I was already eating pretty clean, so I guess that's why I didn't have much to release (until post cleanse/day one - boom!) During the 3 days, I had a lot more energy than normal. I often find myself groggy on the weekends, especially when lounging at home. This weekend, I didn't get sleepy during the day at all, not once. And when it was time for bed, I knocked out hard and slept well. (I usually need a ton of ZzzQuil to sleep).  If you’re wondering what the hardest part was… other people’s food! Being out and about and smelling the food from nearby restaurants and the boyfriend enjoying his weekend cheat meal of pizza. <- which he felt really bad and didn’t want to do, but I forced him to cuz I’m tough! (but really that was the hardest part –and the celery!)

Millions of thanks again to SUJA JUICE and SKINNY MOM for this awesome opportunity!!

This is my personal review with my own opinions. I was not asked to write this review, nor was I paid for it.