Alcoholic Weekend In The OC

3 day weekend for me! I'm making this post tonight because I won't be posting all weekend. We're heading down to Orange County tomorrow morning. I plan on checking into the hotel and throwing my ass by the pool immediately. And since we're seeing Kid Rock and all, it's only appropriate that we be "drinkin whiskey out the bottle".
Currently, I have pineapple soaking in rum. Tomorrow I'll cover them in chocolate and coconut and nom on those by the pool too. I got the idea from Maddie and cannot wait to stuff them down my throat.

I haven't even started to pack. That's the worst part, even if you go away for only one day. And we're going away for 3, ugh! 

Hope everyone has a good weekend! Gotta go byeeeee!!!


  1. jealous! love you & have fun!

  2. omg jealous! Have a fantastic time!!! :)

  3. the soaking pineapple in rum sounds FANTASTIC!!!! enjoy!!

    ps. couldnt agree more with the whole closet/packing images!