...And I Do My Little Turn On The Catwalk

I feel like making a post about my cat. Cuz let's be real, he is beyond adorable and mostly I really wanna share his shelter picture. LOOK!

Seriously, how could you see that online and not run your ass to the shelter? I was soooo scared he would already be taken. Look at that little face. And he's all the way in the back of the box, so scared and confused. When we got there he was in a cage with his sister that was all gray. And they had a neighbor that was all black and the boyfriend wanted the black cat so bad. But I had my eyes set on this little tabby dude. I knew I wanted a gray male cat and I really wanted a tabby because my 3 previous cats were tabby and they're just so cute. I won't get into them yet because they all recently passed away and it makes me really really sad, as well as my dogs. <--another post another time.

Anyways, so clearly that cute fella up there WAS MEANT TO BE with me! duh.

Oh and let's also notice that his shelter card said female.... because of that, this is what happened to our poor little dude... (all animals are fixed before you take them from the shelter)

Can you imagine being the doctor and cutting a "female" kitten open and seeing NOTHING?! More importantly, because of this error the little guy had a shaved tummy, and stitches - as if life on the streets wasn't traumatizing enough, now he's being mistaken for a chick.
At least he has a cool story to tell.

And now look at him, all big and handsome and shit. Such a stunner. 
(My fave little model pic of him is here in his little bio.)

He wouldn't get out of that paper bag for over a week. I felt bad throwing it out, but I think a week was long enough to let him hold onto trash. Maybe it reminded him of where he used to live on the streets. HAHA, I'm an asshole. And he's a model...

I'm a model, you know what I mean and I do my little turn on the catwalk
see what I just did there? yeaa

Oh what's that? You're wondering if he has his own instagram? Well of course... @officialdeniro

not my cat... but could be, he's ridiculous like that

Tomorrow is my Friday cuz on the real Friday, I'm going here!


  1. Oh my , he's TOO adorable . I'm a cat lover ( dogs in secret) and he's DA MAN!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. oh my gosh, i die over his cuteness!!!!!!

    they just look the cutest when they are sleeping! ps i will be following him on instagram because who doesn't love looking at cute cat pics?!

  3. Ok wait, (as a dog owner I don't know the answer to this) is it hard to tell the gender of a kitten? Didn't the doctor see little boy parts before cutting? Poor baby, that makes me sad for him! But he is so adorable, I'm glad he found a good home.

  4. yes i do see what you did there! :)

    Ok, I might be in love with your cat. but don't tell Kiki she'd disown me forever!

  5. Oh my gracious! My Oakley needs DeNiro to be his BFF right MEOW!

    I'm dying over his model picture!

    What a stud!

  6. "maybe it reminded him of living on the streets"


  7. I like the image animation at the end so funny! LOL I love your blog it's so cute & I defiently enjoy reading your blog. Your words and sentences are great you should be a writer (:

  8. Aww, Of course I had to come find things about your kitty!

    My baby boy Walter, actually was confused for a girl as well! Apparently, a lot of male kittens, their junk doesn't drop I guess lol. So he had to get a little surgery when he got neutered! The poor little baby had a little incision on his tummy when I brought him home. That of course didn't stop him from playing with his brother or acting crazy.. even though he got the surgery the day before!