Concerts, Oceans and Drinks

I'm probably gonna just let this turn into a picture post. Because I took so many and I'm really exhausted and can't seem to find words, but I guess I'll try a little bit. 
So the boyfriend and I left LA on Friday to head down to Orange County, and we met our friends Tommy and Joell down there. We tried to check into the hotel but we weren't allowed because one of the housekeepers just had a stroke so basically no one was cleaning the rooms. It was 1:30 and she told us to come back at 3:00 and that she would call 10 mins before 3. So she sent us over to the nearby mall, (which has a random ferris wheel) and we had a drink at the Yardhouse. I got a french gimlet, so good. I love gimlets.

We hurried back to be at the hotel by 3 and so so excited! BUT there was like 20 people lined up out the door and squished in this tiny lobby. The front desk lady had told everyone the same thing and never called any of us. When we walked up, people were like "oh it's a 45 minute wait"... cue the steam from my ears. All I could think was "if I am late to this concert I will cut this bitch". Some dude brought in a case of beer to keep us busy and slightly entertained. Everyone was there for the concert. A bunch of Kid Rock fans in one tiny lobby downing beers... it was entertaining. Also entertaining, was how many times she double booked rooms and people were coming back with their keys like "um there's someone in my room". It was such a cluster fuck. This repeated until 4:30 when we finally got in our room... with a broken door handle. No worries, the men fixed it. 
I was honestly exhausted after that lobby debacle, can you tell? Hot mess. Waiting around is so irritating and draining. I can't be the only one who thinks this. But our cab was coming at 5 so we had to hustle. Shoved some rum-soaked-pineapples down my throat, shot some moonshine and jumped in the cab. 

We got to the venue in just a few minutes and this is when my "squeeeeee" started. Seeing all the Kid Rock promo, I was getting SO PUMPED!!!!! 

Oh, I also entered with like 83239 Harley reps to get called on stage with him. That didn't happen. Fuck!
I don't know if I mentioned this before, but his team was giving away front row tickets to random people. And I was goddamn determined to get them!! I failed though, cuz duh I always do. I tried like 7 different people, even someone with an all access pass. But none of them were the ones with the tickets. Time passed and passed and I started to feel so sad that we weren't gonna be in the front. But then he came on stage and I basically exploded with joy. There is nothing like a Kid Rock concert. I promise you. Even if you don't like him (I used to hate him), you would have a blast a his show.

I wish I had better quality, but ya know.. I didn't get picked for the front row or the stage. It's cool. After the concert ended, major depression set in. As it does after every concert. Does that happen to anyone else? You're soooo amped up for months and then the day comes and it's all happening and it's so much fun and excitement and then BOOM. It's over. Gone. It's so sad. 

Saturday we went back to the Yardhouse for some food, drinks and a mini photo session with the clown rapist again. 
I was the loner with the mimosa cuz I'm a wimp, while they all went balls to the wall with bloody mary's.
now that he's discovered this "smile", it's almost impossible to get a real picture with him.

Then we headed to Laguna Beach and I was so yipppyyyyy to lay in the sun and get tan. Fail. It was cloudy and cold as fuck. I was so cold! The guys were in the water getting wrecked by giant waves, while us ladies sat shivering on the beach. We let them play for a little while but they made the mistake of saying "just let us know when you wanna leave and we'll go". Haha suckers. We went and got dinner at this place called House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer. Robert and I went there once before, the last time we went to Laguna in March. We got the same table, the best one in the place, in the corner with the view of the ocean.
as you can see, I thought we were taking a good picture. but he brought the clown raper again. and again.
he tried to make up for it but I clearly wasn't having it ;)
After dinner, we left cold ass Laguna and headed back to our hotel, got some beers, drank some moonshine, and Joell tried to teach me to play poker. But I had no brain power, that game is so confusing. But I did win my first round. Winning! We wanted to go to a show at the Improv down there but we didn't get back from the beach in time. Bummer. We also wanted to go to the pool area but apparently their website was a big fat lie and they didn't have a pool.
front desk guy: we don't have a pool or fitness but we do have laundry!
robert: so you're saying we can flood the laundry room and go swimming in there?
front desk guy: *confused giggles*
me: i won't tell anyone you told us we could!! bye!!!

Whether we did or not, you may never know....

Sunday morning, our friends left early then Robert and I headed to a breakfast diner to see what OC food was like. You might think that sounds weird but food in Los Angeles is disgusting. We're from Boston, we know good food. LA just cannot get it. I hate it. But the OC was pretty damn good. From the food to the people around and the servers, we almost thought we were in Massachusetts. Almost.

After breakfast we headed back home, we missed DeNiro a lot!!!! He was so happy we were back. 

As much as I love getting away from LA, it was so nice to be back in our own home. We spent the rest of the day/night drowning ourselves in Orange Is The New Black. Have you watched it yet? Um hi, obsessed. Love it. Check it out. 

So I guess I did write a lot. So much for that picture only post. I'm feeling real lazy to proof read it though, so deal with it. 

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  1. I have never been impressed by food in LA, SF, definitely. But come visit Durham and you will get nothing but yummy food. plus, this year we were voted tastiest city in the South. Yum. Food. Now it's 2 am and I am hungry. shit.

  2. House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer looks awesome! Glad ya'll had fun:)