I Spent My Birthday Feeding a Giraffe

I dunno about you, but I don't act like much of an adult, unless I have to or need to. For example, I chose to spend my 31st birthday at the zoo.  Don't judge me, it was the best zoo day ever. 

And I got to feed a giraffe. I waited 31 years to do that shit. IT WAS AMAZING, even though it lasted about 17 seconds. We went because they had 2 baby giraffes (my favorite!), Dane and Sunshine. They were just the most precious ever. Their daddy, Michael is who we got to feed. He was awesome! The SB zoo is small and very well taken care of. The animals have large beautiful habitats, and they were all very active and happy. (Unlike the LA zoo). The LIONS at the SB zoo were just unreal. I can't even put into words how awesome they were. I'll let the pictures speak for me...squeeeee!...

Can you tell how much fun I was having just by my messy wild hair? Michael made my day.
this is LUCKY. Look how good he is at posing for a picture. What a stud.
He has a boot on his foot but I can't remember why because I wasn't really
listening because I was too involved in penguin cuteness overload.

family photo!

mommy and Sunshine

daddy taking a break from lettuce and checking on Dane

lions see dinner. giraffe sees fence.

You can view all the pix of their precious furry faces here! 

We went to the beach after, which was across the street. When I was hanging out with the giraffes, I could see the beach behind them. Giraffes at the beach? Whaaaat? The beach was empty compared to LA, and it was a lot nicer too. Except the oil. We could see like 8 oil rigs way out in the ocean and after walking on the beach, we had some random oil spots on our feet. Uhh wtf. That can't be good. Let's just say, I will never swim at the beach in Santa Barbara. While on the beach, the boyfriend tried to get a few decent pictures of me, but most of them just kept coming out like this... 

We ended up having dinner at a little italian place and got a local bottle of Alma Rosa Pinot Noir. That wine was almost as amazing as the zoo. The food was just ok, it's legit impossible to find good food out here. Unless you like mexican, and I don't! 

We want to go back up and check out some wine tastings at a couple of the winery's there. Hopefully we'll be back up before the summer ends, it's less than 2 hours away if we don't go back up, we're just plain lazy. 

here's a baby giraffe losing his mind over a peacock. 
have a nice day!


  1. I LOVE the Zoo! I go all the time...alone.

  2. @Stephanie
    I used to go alone sometimes when I lived back in MA. It's therapeutic :)