instalife - weekend edition

I had a pretty boring as fuck weekend... But I feel like if I don't make a post, I'll keep putting off posting and I don't want to fall into blog blackness already. I'm not ready for that dungeon. So here's my weekend in an Instagram re-cap, sort of.
On Friday night, we actually spent some time in urgent care because the boyfriend was having some back trouble. Nothing exciting there, and yea he's fine. Just a big baby.

On Saturday, we stayed low key. Morning workouts and lounging on the couch. We stopped into Ashley Furniture to make a payment on a bed we got from them and ending up making an impromptu purchase of a new dining set!! This is what we got, but brown instead of black and it came with an area rug, placemats and dinnerware. They were out of stock so we can't get it delivered until Saturday. balls. another week with shitty table and chairs.

I didn't feel like making dinner cuz I get in super lazy mode on Saturdays. But I was starving after waiting around in the store forever. cannot.stand.slow.service.get.your.shit.together.

So we just went to Outback and sat outside cuz it was just sooo nice out, duh. Sipped on some sangrias and long islands and watched the sun disappear. LOVE California sunsets!

Sunday was another mega lazy day. Layed around watching Intervention and a million episodes of Ridiculousness while this handsome fella sunbathed in the window.

Also, caught up on reading posts on Bloglovin - only to be behind by like 98 posts today. [Damn you Monday posting pros!] And watched that dumbass movie Spring Breakers. I knew it was gonna be bad, but what the actual fuck. I got it at Redbox for free and I still feel like I deserve some money back.

I think the most exciting thing this weekend was going thru my credit and seeing how much my score has jumped. No one ever taught my little ass how important credit is so I used to be a 70% risk! But now, I'm a 14% risk. If you're wondering what I did to improve it... nothing. Legit, nothing. Shit just fell off. And I have 3 open things that are in good standing so it just kinda bumped... like over 100 points in less than 2 years! I'll take it!

I managed to finished this post right when my lunch ended. winning! I also managed to just try to take a sip of my water bottle with the cap still on. losing. bye!

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