instalife - weekend edition

I don't know that I'll have time to post tomorrow, so I'm just gonna throw this up now... my Instagram weekend

#1) Went to the boyfriend's shop to pick up his work van and I was of course curious of what it would be like to drive such a beast. Turns out, I'm too damn small. 

#2) I posted last weekend that we randomly bought a new dining set. Well we actually totally forgot to pay for delivery and confirm a date. When we came back from getting the work van, the dudes were here delivering our table! They have no idea we didn't pay for delivery so I'm pretty sure we got that shit for free. woot!

#3) With all new table, chairs, rug, dishes ... I demanded we need new everything else. So a kitchen shopping trip ensued and there was still some Paula left on the shelves so... yea I bought some knives. Cuz honestly, fuck that shit they all did to her. So tired of the double standard in racism (ALL races, not just black and white which apparently is all anyone sees lately). God forbid an OLD white woman from the SOUTH said something racist 30 years ago... just rip her whole livelihood away while everyone else can say whatever they want. So stupid. 
Moving on....

#4) With Intervention coming to an end, I felt it was my duty as a big fan of the show to remember one unforgettable addict... 
it's like I'm walking on sunshine

#5) If you've read my Fun Facts you'll know that I haven't had a microwave in 2 years. That all changed this weekend. BOOM. joined the 21st century again.

#6) Umm so this moonshine, yea it has cherries in it so I got excited. If you see this in the stores, don't let it fool you. It is still 100 proof and it still burns your insides. Just has an on/off cherry taste as it rips thru you. 

#7) I think this was friday night, who knows. But I made turkey meatballs, which I've become pretty decent at. And I JUST started eating zucchini (I'm super picky!) so I wanted to see how it was breaded in panko and baked. It was yums. 

#8) Also on our kitchen shopping trip, we got new wine glasses. The giant ones. We've had the same glasses since we moved in here and I broke 2 of them doing dishes, so this was a very long awaited necessity.

#9) DeNiro put himself in time out. He's perfect so I know he didn't do anything wrong. He was probably like "I'm just so handsome it's not fair to everyone else, so lemme just sit out for a few minutes so I don't bring anyone down." <--- and the wine has taken effect.

What you don't see pictured up there is... we went to lunch today at a local/popular/"historic" place here, one of our faves- Barney's Beanery. They like to take their damn time so we did a ridiculous photo session to pass the time. And I had to post them cuz his creepy rapist smile was killing me. 

I made him take a normal one after I died laughing at the clown raper.

You also don't see the TERRIFYING afternoon I had. By that I straight up mean.. THE CONJURING. I'm a scary movie fanatic, mostly cuz I apparently like torturing myself. I don't even know what to say about this movie other than I think I was holding my breath the whole time cuz I let out a huge relief when it was over, and also had a hard time getting out of my seat. You know that feeling during the last few minutes of Blair Witch?'s like that throughout most of this movie. SO GOOD. 

 Happy Sunday/Monday! 

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  1. I just saw Kid Rock a few months back. He's not coming here on the $20 tour. Otherwise, I'd totally go again. That was my 4th show. :)

  2. oh my gosh- i'm so thankful for starting my new blog and us connecting! you are hilarious!

    and p.s. i think we might be secretly twin cat lovers: ""I'm just so handsome, it's not fair to everyone else". can i just tell you, i have 2 cats, a boy and girl, and my boy cat looks almost identical to your DeNiro, and i tell him he is handsome ALL THE TIME! :) -lauren