I've Never Been A Good Sales Person

I always knew I was bad at selling; why would I think craigslist is any different?

I tried to sell our old table/chairs on craigslist and failed miserably.
I had a bunch of replies sitting in my email and even one couple with a truck ready to come get it. BUT I didn't check my inbox for that email address. So I missed them all. I just replied and they have all found other tables. DAMMIT. I'm the cause of my own rejection.

A million years ago when I was like 19 or 20, I was certain I could make a shit ton of money doing sales. "how hard could it be?" I signed up for this company that you may have heard of or even signed up for yourself... Vector Marketing selling CUTCO knives. I was horrible at it. I sold ONE paring knife to a friend and only cuz I begged. Fail. So, I quit.
thanks BooBoo

I worked at a gym once and had to sell memberships. Which wasn't too hard but I was still not great at it. Mostly because I really didn't give a shit. I had a free membership for being an employee and that's all that mattered to me. Plus I charmed the hell outta the members and managers over those 2 years, everyone adored me. Those were some good times. Until I decided to go sell something else and never kept in contact with a single one of those people. I suck.

Last chance at selling... but first, let's spend waste thousands of dollars on a shit-tastic school for medical assisting (that I'm still paying for) so I don't have to fall into another lame sales pitch. But oh, what's the first job I get right out of school? SALES. But a "secret" sales job. A sales job disguised as a "medical diet". The cookie diet to be exact. Sure we drew blood, ran EKG's, checked blood pressure... but at the end of the day it was all about selling that diet and all the products. At this point, selling wasn't too hard, not because I as good at it, but mainly because it was a new fad and people were desperate. I did that for a year and after everyone in the area tried it and gave up, the office was a dead space. We couldn't give that shit away. I left. And that was the last time I did sales, until craigslist.


  1. Sales are freaking HARD . I can't imagine selling a thing on my own , like those high school fancy cookies that no one wants to buy .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. I could never do sales. I work in a car dealership, but just the business side. I always wonder how the sales people can come in and do that every.single.day....I would be exhausted.

  3. Haha the gifs are great on this post! I cannot imagine my livelihood being dependent on my attitude! I'd surely be in the unemployment line real fast. My boyfriend is in sales and I don't even like listening to him on the phone with a client/customer so cheesy!!