Might As Well Start Now...

I'm currently getting a blog makeover by Hubby Jack, so please bare with this atrocious look I have now, it's not forever. I've been sitting on this blog for a few weeks, mostly while I decide about a design. But I figured I might as well just start posting now since I do have a few posts written already. I'm excited to get started!! 

Why not start with what I woke up from this morning...a weird ass dream. 

I was at my old house in Newton, MA (that I haven't lived at since 1995) and I had a long log that I needed to stand on to get to work. a LOG was my transportation. and I was thinking how much easier it would be if the log was shorter. Walking was too hard, I needed to balance on a log the whole way there, but I had to carry it down the street before I could get on it. And then there was a bus and something about bringing the log on the bus. WHAT?! And no the log did not have wheels or any way to make it move. Maybe it was a magical log?...

No "dream meanings" out there for logs. But I did find some for balancing. I don't remember trying to balance, I just remember being like "WTF why do I have to get to work this way? I'm gonna be late!". But in any case, if I'm on a log I'm pretty sure I was balancing at least a bit. So here's what that means... I guess.

Fears of falling reflect emotional instability and concerns about the future. 

Isn't everyone somewhat concerned about the future? No one wants it to turn out shitty, And the world we live in now, who knows what can happen?! Zombie apocalypse guys, zombies! 

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