That Time When...

...I tried to make out with a Hpnotiq bottle

...I tried to make out with a bathroom mirror

...I made out(?) with a Chivas nip

...I took my little sister Erica to NYC to see Mariah!!!

...I saw KID ROCK for the first time. Second time will be 1 week from today!!

... I moved to Los Angeles and Erica and my mom came with me for the first few days. This was her first time flying!

...I carried beer in my back pocket.

...I dyed my hair BLONDE

...I repped my gangsta skills (one of 3297583 times; don't fuck wit me!)

...I tried to teach Erica to be gangsta too (while wearing HOT PINK makeup)

...I met Taylor Jacobson on Melrose

...I did a "sexy" pin-up photo shoot w/ Miss Missy. I put sexy in quotes cuz I'm far from it, and out of over 400 pix only this pic and like 8 others I didn't have a weird look on my face. I don't do sexy. I'm too silly. 

...I got my neck pierced (it fell out recently, I'm still heartbroken about it. I miss it!)

...I went to a Jay Leno taping and got a pic with him before the show

....I used to go to all my sister's dance recitals but then I moved away cuz I'm an asshole and now I miss everything. :(

I realized that over on instagram I hadn't done a Flashback Friday or even a Throwback Thursday in soooooo long. So I used today's post to make up for it. BOOM!

Have a great weekend!


  1. The bottle/mirror/cup... yup we must be long lost sisters or something. I have many similar photos. I also dyed my hair blonde, but was told not to do that again, whereas you look totally cute with brown OR blonde hair!

  2. oh man you look like a wild one...i like it :)