What Do You Feed Your Pets?

Let me just start of by saying this is totally my opinion, I was not asked to "promote" this in any way...

My handsome cat DeNiro may or may not be "spoiled". He has a thuggish ruggish spiked collar, his own couch (basically), and two bathrooms litter boxes. He drinks spring water - cold. And he has been eating nothing but Blue Buffalo since we adopted him. Blue Buffalo Wilderness to be exact. He recently graduated from his Wilderness kitten food and now can have adult food so of course, we got him he asked for the Wilderness in DUCK. Even his litter is Blue Buffalo. I am He is obsessed! But seriously, Blue Buffalo is an incredible product; and the litter is amazing, it's made from walnuts. what? yea.

WHY the obsession with BB? ...

You may think we're crazy for spending the extra money on this brand but I'm NOT gonna feed my little baby meat-by-products. If you don't know what's in by-products and you have pets, you should research it. Euthanized pets, flea collars that they "don't have time to remove", spoiled supermarket meat, road kill, dead zoo animals, just to name a few. I check the ingredients on any treats we give him, and we usually end up with only Blue Buffalo and some freeze dried fish and chicken. Be mindful of what you feed your fur babies, if you wouldn't eat it why should they?
we can haz blue buffalo?

I could legit sell Blue Buffalo as a side job. I got 3 co-workers to start buying it and they absolutely love it. We don't have a dog yet, but you best believe I have already picked out all my favorite BB dog products. Oh and the dry foods have antioxidant pieces called "LifeSource Bits". Come on, that just sounds adorable. "DeNiro do you want your life source bits?" <-- in a high pitched voice cuz we all talk like that to our fur babies. 
first night he was home w/ us... bowl full of BB!

I get excited about things. 

You can read more about DeNiro in my love story ♥   


  1. Aww. Glad to know I'm not the only food-obsessed cat mama. I feed Kiki Merrick Grammie's Pot Pie which I chose after extensive research (no joke I'm legit nutso). If you are crazy cat lady like me, check out catinfo.org and look at the list this vet has compiled - all food brands and their carb/fat/protein breakdown... it's pretty amazing actually.

    Ok I'll stop now! :)

    1. i never heard of that brand and i just looked it up; their packaging is so attractive! haha
      I'll have to take a look at that site because we had DeNiro on an auto feeder when we got him and took him off last month. So he had been on it for like 7 months and ended up getting a chubby lil tummy. So he needs to watch his carb and fat intake ;)