Cry About This and Cry About That

A big cry is really needed sometimes. No ones life is easy, no matter what they portray, everyone has struggles and pain.. because life just isn't easy! Every once in a while we need a release. Sometimes you know why you're crying and sometimes you don't. Sometimes you just have a bad day, or maybe lately nothing has been going right for you, and you need to cry it out. I have these days. I often let little shit eat away at me and it starts to weigh me down and I feel irritated about absolutely everything around me and I have no idea why I'm so irritated. Until it all hits, and a cry comes and you start remembering everything that has upset you since your last cry. Brushing things off like it's no big deal, only to find out it's been breaking you down... yea, those are the kinds of cries I have. Not the only ones though, sometimes I cry when I'm angry mostly cuz crying seems to be the only option, I can't take a bat to anyone's head and I can't sit there and steam or I'll have a stroke. So I cry out my anger. Sometimes I cry when someone I love hurts me. I also cry when I think about sad things like my animals passing away. I hate that cry, that cry hurts a lot. And now I'm sad. So to turn this around, enjoy a bunch of cry faces! 


hahaah love her

yes you do.


oh Sanjaya!

the best. the original cry GIF.


no idea.

everyone's favorite.



  1. I'm a big crier, stress, anger, happiness, you name it, it makes me bawl! Love the gifs:)

  2. jmarbs can do no wrong in my eyes, well maybe lay or the makeup a tad, she is way prettier with less!

  3. Haha glass case of emotion, one of my faves!

    And OH RI RI - even cries like a damn diva... only one tear, makeup intact. LOVE HER.

  4. HA! This is awesome! Being an ugly crier is one of my biggest fears. I can't decide who is worse, Farrah or that shaky alien baby under her.
    Thanks for this! :D


  5. Oh yeah, a good cry is so good for the soul. I have them, often and am not afraid to say it. I think I'd be a crazy person if I didn't break down now and then. And, those gifs?! Hysterical. The Dawson one is my fav, the ugliest, least manly cry EVER.