I woke up to find out that today is Sister's Day. How badly I wish I was back home in MA to spend the day with my little mini-me, I can't even describe. April 26, 2001 changed me. That little girl, Erica is my heart and soul. I was even the first one to hold her when she was born. Yes, even before my mom held her. 

We were inseparable, I had a little buddy. We had so much fun, I took her everywhere with me. But you may have read here that I moved away in May of 2009. I can count on one hand how many times we've reunited since then. It's still the hardest thing I deal with everyday, the guilt of leaving her and just how much I miss her. And how much I'm missing since she's growing up so fast. She's entering 7th grade this month! Like, what?! 

So since I can't be with her today, I gathered up a bunch of my favorite pictures of us to share with all of you.

To any of you that have sisters, Happy Sister's Day to all of you!


  1. this post LITERALLY brought tears to my eyes.
    I moved away in 2010 and left my baby sister behind, and it killed me (and still does) every single day that I left her behind, and I wasn't there to watch her in those last 3 important years in her life. She found her way, and we talk every single day. Thank god for technology and allowing us to still be able to stay in contact with them even from states away!

    My heart goes out to you two and especially to you my dear:) Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

  2. So sweet. I can't imagine having a sister so much younger than me, possibly because my daughter is only a little younger than your sister. But, a friend of mine has a little brother that's MUCH younger and they have a really special bond. So sweet. I bet your sister LOVES seeing this post and knowing how much you love and miss her.

  3. Aww, cute pics! I had no idea it was sisters day!