Instalife And A Biopocalypse?!

I'm gonna let some of my instagram do the talking because my weekend was slightly uneventful. The boyfriend had traffic school on Saturday (ha, loser) and then had to work on Sunday. Blah!

Friday night we went to nice place for dinner up on the mountain behind us. It was right at sunset and we could see all of the valley and even downtown LA. It was so beautiful up there. He got some really great news at work, hard work pays off! So we went there to celebrate. Also on Friday, getting the mail was exciting. My brother bought us dope tickets to the Red Sox/dodgers game coming up. SO EXCITED! Obvs, we're rooting for the Sox. 

Saturday I had a hair appt (that I clearly needed, ^^^^ see Friday's pix, ew!) and she hooked me up hard. A Moroccan Oil mask treatment, cut and blowout all for only 25 bucks. Last time I went, it was $50 and that was an online deal I got. So I was super shocked this was only $25 but sweet!! While the boyfriend was on lunch from traffic school, he managed to snag us a private screening for Anchorman 2!!! 

I think DeNiro didn't really like that his dad had to work on Sunday either, since he pulled all the clothes out of the bottom drawer. He never does that, so clearly he was upset. And then he tried to "yell" at me that he didn't do it... teenagers! But then I got to laugh at him later when he thought what was on the tv was really the outside hahaha.

So after watching Breaking Bad last night (omg!), we put on Joe Rogan Questions Everything. Has anyone watched that? YOU SHOULD! First of all, listen to his podcast, best one out there. He's a preview of his show... 

Last night was about biochem stuff. Like seriously, there are people out there (Russians) that have viruses and making viruses that could kill us all. That could give us a "zombie-like" apocalypse. I can't even explain it right, you just have to watch it. IT'S INSANE. 

Hope you all had a weekend filled with glittery elephants and fireball shots! AKA, slightly more exciting than mine. 

Oh and in case you missed it, get ready for the monthly Wine Review link-up starting on 8/31.
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  1. Have soo much fun at the Sox game!! My son's second favorite team is the Dodgers so he'd LOVE for us to go to L.A. for that series but yeah, notgonnahappen!;)

  2. better watch that talk missy, before you end up in traffic school next ;)

  3. Your hair looks so cute! :) I hope you have fun and the Dodgers and Red Sox, I love going to baseball games!! (But we are Texas Rangers fans ;) )

  4. wow, joe rogan looks different..he's usually ripped but did he gain weight?

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Looks like a fun weekend!!

    I love going to baseball games, but especially field level - that's the best!

    Cute hair lady! :)

  6. Uh... there is a bobcat in your living room!

  7. ugh so fun! when do you see the movie?

  8. Let us know how Anchorman 2 is! Can't wait to see it!!

  9. Your hair looks fab! And that's an awesome pic of DeNiro!