Instalife - weekend edition

I have so little time today to be a part of blogland, but didn't want to miss out on  Weekend Shenanigans.

On Friday, DeNiro basically taught me a lesson in throwing boxes away. Pretty sure he was waiting at the door for his friends to come over and play forts. (He doesn't have any friends.)

That night we headed over to our old spot Flappers Comedy Club. We basically used to like live there (the boyfriend does comedy but took time off for awhile), and it was good to be back. Even though 90% of the staff is different. We mostly went to see our friend Deven (<-go check her out, hilarious!), we hadn't seen her in forever so that was fun to catch up with her! I had one of the most delicious gin martinis ever that night, twice. While the boyfriend sipped on some Woodford... which then prompted a photo session in horrible lighting so I of course had to take a picture 29732 times, expecting shit would change. Ha, drunk people. Oh and if you've been following along... yea the creepy clown rapist smile. WTF.

Saturday was basic. Lunch in the area (ew tried a gluten free bun and it was disgusting!), then we sat outside for awhile and had a little writing session. Sunday, we had breakfast at a place in the area that has rave reviews. WORST.WAITRESS.EVER. Everyone in the place was complaining about her. Details are not even needed, a shitty waitress is just a shitty waitress. And obviously, I had a lil photo session during catnap time. Sorry not sorry, animals are too cute when they sleep, they probably have the most precious little dreams!!!
And then we topped it all off with a bunch of junk and shots of fireball ...oh and BREAKING BAD. omg.

Seriously, this waitress though. She almost got this..... 

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. Your baby boy is soooo cute! I love when they sleep like that with their hands over their eyes :)

  2. i am always tempted to leave a note like that with bad waitresses too!!

  3. Got to love Fireball. Hilarious about that receipt. Sometimes people need to wake up and I think you should have left that for her ;-) I can't stand rude servers. I am generous tipper, but be nice!

  4. seriously love DeNiro. Did you end up leaving cash for the stupid waitress?