It's Time For The Monthly Wine Reviews!

I've been waiting so long to share this with everyone and I really hope a lot of people join in and share their favorite and least favorite wines! The link up will be live for 2 weeks and return at the end of the month, each month. 
Here is what I'm sharing with you this month: 

WILD HORSE - Pinot Noir: light and fruity. worth the $20? No, but it's def worth a $10-12 price. I don't hate or love this one, I found it to be delicious and simple but I think it needs to drop down a shelf. I would buy it again if I find it cheaper somewhere else. 

PRAXIS - Pinot Noir: ok, this one we had at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant and I honestly barely remember what it tasted like because there was like 23758 fruit flies trying to steal it from us so we just guzzled it and left. I'm pretty sure we didn't hate it though. 

ESTANCIA - Sauvignon Blanc: the pinot noir that Estancia makes is so damn good. So I wanted to try some of their other stuff. The sauvignon blanc was not the best one I've had BUT it was much better than some Robert Mondavi crap I had the day before. It was very fruity and even refreshing. I would buy this again without thinking twice. But I'm not sure if that's just because it's Estancia...

ESTANCIA - Pinot Grigio: Another one from them. While it's not bad, I'm starting think they are better at reds. I have bought this more than once and and will probably buy it again because it's so cheap. There's a fruit that I'm tasting that I can't exactly decide what it is. Maybe pear or something. Whatever it is, this is a tasty wine for a cheap wine. 

DaVINCI - Pinto Grigio: This one! Yum. I will buy this again and again and again. Super crisp and fruity. I could have easily drank the whole bottle in a sitting, it was just so good. 

Not pictured: Gnarly Head and Bogle, both Pinot Noir. They are both tasty and gave me a great wine buzz (especially the Bogel) but I will never drink them again because they both gave me a nasty headache the next day. I guess, a "gnarly headache"... that lasted most of the day. Yuck!

We have awesome wine sales around here (maybe because so many are from CA) so I got 6 more different kinds last night! Already getting prepped for next month's review!


  1. Love this! Sometimes I second guess myself trying a new wine because it's just a waste if I don't like it.

    Looking forward to more reviews!

  2. I'm loving it! I love that your reviews are so real and not stuffy (it could be all this one is more oaky, with a sweeter grape yada yada) but it's something like I talk about with my friends! Thanks for the suggestions.


  3. I don't generally drink wine (because it tastes icky to me... I like sweet things like juice and pop!) but you make it sound good! I am wondering if you actually counted the 23,758 fruit flies, because that is a suspiciously specific number! ;)

  4. So glad I found these reviews! I'm in a new wine tasting course anf been looking for some good reds :)

  5. So glad I found these reviews! I'm in a new wine tasting course anf been looking for some good reds :)

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  7. Love this review! I would totally have participated if I'd known! When is the next one? Because I'm totally willing to drink multiple bottles of wine for the sake of blogworld. I can take one for the team.

  8. Ahh, yummm! I just had a baby 4 months ago and am once again able to have some sippy sippy...may have to try one of these!


    (leopard headwrap giveaway on the blog today!)