Malibu Mansions and DNA Testing

My weekend was not very eventful. The biggest thing that happened was going to unfair houses in Malibu, and feeling like I needed to buy a few powerball tickets because of it. Backstory: the boyfriend does electrical work and he's been in charge of this job for awhile. He's always telling me about this house, and now that they're just about done, I finally got to go see it. And I probably almost cried because like, why can't I just move my stuff in and call it my home? Oh right, because I don't have $37 million in cash. Did your jaw just dropped? Yea, mine did too. Just go make a really popular video game and then sell the business for $500 million. That's what this guy did. 

I have pix of other rooms and bathrooms, but I think you get the point just from this. Also, pool, tennis court, guest house, etc. I will say though, for $37 million I guess I expected something more spectacular, but the money is in the location and ownership of part of the beach. 

When we left that place, we went over to another house he had been working on last year. This one was just ridiculous. Step fountain, koi ponds, pool on the ocean cliff, hand carved ceilings, all stone imported from Bali, so much ridiculousness. It was locked so we couldn't get inside this one, but again, this is enough to show you why I bought powerball tickets after. 
1. walking up to the front door with Koi ponds on both sides
2. standing with my back at the front door. at the top of all those steps is a fountain and the water goes down the steps into a little fountain pool thingy. 
3. the view with my back at the ocean
4. and the ocean view from the pool

The pictures of these homes actually don't even do them justice. I was almost speechless when I was there. Like to see the amount of money people have is just unreal. And these house are really not even that big of a deal compared to a lot of others here in LA. It's stupid.

Yesterday we lounged around, had lunch at Universal's City Walk and that was about it. My cousin and old roommate stopped over for a surprise visit and I learned about this! Genetic testing. You can pay 100 bucks and know about your DNA, exactly where you come from (ethnicity, not a Maury episode), and what health problems you could have. So cool. I'm excited to do it because honestly, no one in my family (on my moms side) seems to know 100% of where we are from, they all have a different answer. I know it's largely Italian and then a bunch of other stuff. My old roomie was saying her friend did it and he and his mom had no idea that they were Polish/Jewish. I guess it went pretty far back. On my dad's side I know it's all Italian, but I really want to know about health history. And for $100, why not? I didn't even know this was a thing you could do. Science is cool.

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  1. jeez. those houses. my god. the size of the koi pond is the size of my upstairs combined.

  2. absolutely crazy. Our house is like the size of their walkway up there, haha.

  3. I didn't know they were offering that kind of full genetic testing for so cheap! Crazy!

  4. Seriously, those houses make me sick :( What it must be like!!!

  5. i've been to some fancy houses in malibu before (i have a friend who is kinda fancy and knows fancy people haha). and they seriously are so so insane. like, i can't even imagine having a house that nice, plus in such a crazy expensive area. now i need to go buy a few powerball tickets too... haha.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak