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Today I'm teaming up with Anna @ A Dash Of Quirky to share my fave pins and posts from the week. I used to be completely fixated on pinterest. I couldn't live without it. Until I saw and pinned pretty much everything. I've been off it for awhile now and I saw Anna's post last week about this link up and kinda got all pinteresty excited again. 
Yep. That was my life...


This picture needs no words. I have a board of sky pins because honestly, how could you not want to stare at things like that? The sky does incredible things that you almost can't even believe are real! I love the sky. Love it. 

All I need to see are the words "garlic" and "potatoes" and I'm sold!! Kinda wish these were my breakfast right now.

Yep, this is pretty accurate. 2pac forever! THUG LIFE!

Let's talk about the lottery again for a quick second. Had I won, I would have for sure had a dope ass wine cellar like this...
Ugh, I still can't believe I didn't win the powerball. Such bullshit., it's totally rigged.

Blogger Shout Outs!
  • I was dying at Meg's post about what men and women in a relationship should NOT say to eachother. The "stop acting crazy" and "what's for dinner" are my favorite haha. Go check it out at Yammering Yankee. I promise you will laugh. 
  • I super appreciated the honesty in Samm's post on Tuesday. You can check that out here on Dysfuctional Ever After. I love when bloggers put the sunshine aside and talk about what's dark. Don't always hide behind all you're cute outfits and DIY projects. Just sayin...
  • Jackie at Jade and Oak wrote about something I can relate to. She's turning 31 (I just turned 31) and a doctor mentioned she should have more check ups due to age. Yikes! Well, Jackie, I haven't been to the doc in while either but according to him I better start making some appointments. Her post is actually kind of a push for me cuz I'm pretty sure I have tendinitis in my left arm and I'm terrified of getting it checked cuz I'm terrified of needing surgery. Eek!

Thanks for letting me co-host Anna!!!

Reasons you should join the linkup:
  1. Pins are just fun (and addicting).
  2. Tweets & links to someone's post are a huge compliment!  Show some love for your fellow bloggers!
A Dash of Quirky


  1. Mmm wine smoothie, I need that right now!

  2. a wine smoothie and some taters sounds pretty damn good

  3. I need that wine smoothie. And those potatoes. Oh, and that wine cellar.

    Thanks for hosting lady! :)