So Much of So Much

Yes please. Please stop doing that. I will admit, I used to be so guilty of this. I was a slave to Facebook as if it was some kind of diary that people wanted to read. HAHA false. It's very negative and very annoying. So if you are one of those people that I used to be, stop. Because seriously, no one cares. Everyone scrolls past and rolls their eyes. If they're commenting, it's because they're nosy. No one goes on FB in hopes to see a bunch of cry baby statuses. Go make a Tumblr. 

Uhh, there's only 3 episodes left of Dexter, like forever. WHAT is gonna happen?! This Daniel dude is already annoying me. I think that doctor bitch is gonna rat out Dexter and it's gonna end with him going to jail. SAD! Also, WHAT is gonna happen to Walt and Jesse?!? You guys, I DON'T WANT BREAKING BAD TO END! I'm really distraught about this.  What if they made a show of Dexter and Heisenberg? Ha, amazing. 

I really really didn't want to talk about Miley and the VMA's since that is about 91% of the entire internet right now. But, ok I will. Can we just all pipe the fuck down and leave her alone? Really, who cares what she does on stage in a performance? Most performances these days are weird and make no sense. Basically all of them. She was under the thumb of Disney for most of her life and now she wants to actually grow up. So what if she chooses to do it provocatively. She obviously has no idea how to go about this transition because she's lived in an unrealistic world her whole life. It's not like you or I just got on stage and did something like that. Think of who she is, what she's been thru, what she's trying to do. It's a phase, it always is. Everyone wants to always talk shit about people like that... I dare you to get out there and live that life. See what happens. Everyone thinks they KNOW a celebrity just because of what is shown to us, you forget there is a lot more that we don't see and don't know about. Stop being so judgmental. And just don't with the whole "role model" thing. 

Moving on...

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  1. I've recently been Facebook bombarded with a dude who trash talks his girl every time they have a fight and changes his relationship status to single only to change it back the next day and proclaim his undying love for her. What a train wreck.

  2. haha facebook posts like that are the worst. and it's true go make a tumblr and repost depressing downer photos already!

  3. Haha I entered all three- you've been busy sponsoring :) Thanks!!

  4. wine reviews?! i want in!

    ps i made my blog private to readers only for just a bit. some exciting life things going on. if you didn't receive an invite. please let me know!! xo

  5. Okay! I didn't want to get attacked twitter style, but I watched the VMAs last night from recording and was all thinking miley was gonna go crazy. I thought to myself, what the heck was everyone talking about? I didn't think it was crazy at all? She bounced around the stage in next to nothing and performed the crap outta her song I kinda liked it...ANYWAY.

    Excited about your wine linkup!

  6. I'm so nervous about Dexter and Breaking Bad.

  7. i really don't understand the big deal about her wasnt that bad!

  8. I was saying the same thing about Miley... she was cute as a kid, but it must be crazy trying to grow up with everyone basically demanding that she stay with the same persona she had when she was 12... especially since she was on a TV show for kids, so people expected her to be a role model for THEIR kids, while she was still a kid herself! Let her do whatever she wants... nobody is getting forced to watch her!

  9. So much going on in this post!! Totally with you on the Facebook thing - ugh I used to be so annoying (cringing at the thought of my younger self) but now I hardly ever go on. I'm over Miley at this point - she wanted attention and she got it. Hopefully she won't be another Amanda Bynes. AND FINALLY I cannot wait for the wine reviews!!!

    <3, Charlotte

  10. I had a brother and sister-in-law (married couple) talk sh*t and complain about each other on Facebook. It was really immature and rediculous. Like work out your marital problems off Facebook... seriously! I did whatever so their stories wouldn't show up in my feed anymore.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  11. My facebook friends list is very elite bc of the crap people post! And I'm behind on my dexter, so its like I still have the whole season.. but I'm totes sad!