THE HILLS - Alternate Ending Released!

You guys! Did you just see this? How does this fake ass show still give me chills?! 

OK, I have to just say this though.... 
The street that they're on which so perfectly has the Hollywood sign directly in the middle, is in gross ass East Hollywood, aka nowhere near where any of them live. That is the biggest lie of the whole show! 
Sidenote: actually all of Hollywood is gross. Do not believe the glamour on tv and in movies. Hollywood is a shithole. There are way more beautiful places in LA than that tourist, prostitute, junkie, vagrant infested town. Sorry not sorry. It's dirty.

I really wanna just take an extended period of time to watch episode 1 of Laguna Beach all the way to the last episode of The Hills. 

Time for GIFs!!!!!

Ok that's all. I got really excited.


  1. *le sigh* i still miss it, lies and all.
    lauren conrad is my spirit animal


  2. there was a stretch of time where the hills was on netflix and I kept telling myself that the next time I'm stuck at home with the sniffles, I'm totally going to watch that again, start to finish. and then i forgot about it. and now netflix took it away. netflix is a sucky person.

    1. i was just thinking the same thing!! i want to say i saw the hills on netflix last summer. and me too, oh i'll watch it at some point.. now its GONE. WHY! especially that everyones talking about it again i so badly wanted to watch. boo netflix.

  3. okay, i'm finally able to see this alternate ending! omg. i love LC. plain and simple.

    i legit cried when this series ended and i found out it was staged (for real, like when they pulled the background away, i knew it was fake to some degree though!)

  4. This is the ultimate guilty pleasure show! I really feel like watching it from start to finish too now.

  5. Hi! Found you over on Life is Sweet and was so excited that someone was talking about this! I was pumped about the alternate ending. If only Lauren and Brody were really still together. If you decide to take a gigantic chunk of time out of your life and watch from the beginning like you said, I would totally be down :)

  6. i also love the hills... having just moved to SoCal (SD to be exact) and not having cable, I watched marathon of this via HuLu, they have all the LC seasons on there... happy hilling!

  7. I loved The Hills and Laguna Beach. I was a total LC fan. I still love her. I've got her books and half my wardrobe is from her line. When I used to have cable I would watch marathons whenever they were on. I definitely loved Brody!! I wish they were still together :(

  8. So sad that it's not even on anymore. LOVE the shows.

  9. I love The Hills and LC and all these gifs. #sorrynotsorry