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A link up!
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Back again with a WTF Wednesday link-up. Go say hi to our co-host Anna, she's my first bloggy buddy! Love her. If you missed it last week, I had some ridiculous crap to share with you. Today I wanted to share a couple more pix from around my neighborhood. Guys, I live in LA, you gotta expect this shit.

CRIME, this way!!!!! Like, whaaat? No thanks, I'd rather not. Notice it's pointed towards the bank? hahaha only in LA. (they're film location signs, but STILL!)

I saw this fuzzy pink bike parked at Venice Beach. I guess it's not so unusual considering the location. Venice Beach is one big WTF.
And have you ever seen someone use a bike rack for a Big Wheel? I have. 

Don't even ask cuz I have no idea WTF these things are. That gray cat/mouse killer thing is in my office!! Who is the maniac behind the existence of things like this?! Nightmares. Fucking nightmares. Oh, and those "children" (whatever the fuck they are), I did not see them in LA. I saw that somewhere on this evil internet machine and for some sick reason saved it. I guess good thing, cuz it's pretty fitting with that cat/mouse monster toy thingy.


  1. the fuzzy bike is out of control. who does that. i wish we could see the character riding that one.

  2. WTF to ALL these things!! Is it weird that all those crazy LA things up there are making me excited to visit? I just wanna walk down the street, look around, and say WTF, I'm not in Oregon anymore.... Haha.

    But seriously those kid mask things are the creepiest shit ever.

    <3 you bloggy buddy!