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Ok, I was gonna post a bunch but I decided to break them up into the first 3 weeks of this link up. The nonsense is too overwhelming for all in one post.

Broken? Uhh, I don't know why you wouldn't just throw it away. This was directly outside of my apt building, so I know for a fact there is a dumpster just a few feet from this sidewalk. As I was pulling up, I sorta thought it was gonna say FREE, and even that was weird enough considering what it is. Like, WTF?

Apparently bubble gum has lost it's innocence. WTF IS THIS!?!? Why??? Who approved this??

Has anyone else seen this? WTF is this doing in Walgreens?!!? I was so confused when I first saw it. I guess jerk off butta is a popular item. Do you see their tag line? "Try squeezing a little boy butter into your tight agenda today". Why do I hear a 1-900 commercial voice in my head?

Speaking of tight..............

Seen this floating around the internet. And I'm actually not sure WTF to say about it. Who let her leave the house like that? Are they buttoned in the front? What happens when she has to use the bathroom? WHAT IF SHE FARTS!? 

And I'll close this with my personal favorite. WTF is up with my cat sleeping like a bat?! He is so weird.

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  1. Bahahahaha I'm dying over the Boy Butter and the broken item!

  2. ok, so i first thought the boy butter was actual butter.. then i read your caption, and then i looked at the picture and saw a 17.00 price tag wondering why butter is so expensive... and then i re-read your caption and re-looked at the picture seeing that it said personal lubricant. oh my GOD!

    that woman, stop. just now. please. WTF.

    and your cat is so adorbs.

  3. omg these are all too much. especially that gum. yikes!!!

  4. My mind is officially BLOWN.
    Have you looked for the cameras? Cause I'd be all "OK! You can come out now! The jig is up! "
    In fact, I'd be less surprised to see Ashton Kutcher round a corner to tell me I'm being punked than to experience half the stuff you just posted.


  5. hahahahaha. The broken kettle is killing my life. Laughing so hard. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'm sharing my Vanity Fair feature on my blog today. :) xo

  6. I can't even wrap my head around the boy butter.

  7. Aww your cat does look like a little bat, it's so cute though!
    The rest... I can't even. You're right. Camel balls?!

  8. This is officially my new favorite link up! And I have a blogger crush on you!