Another week, another Wednesday, some more WTF!

You're probably thinking this is a piranha, but nope! It's their cousin, the Pacu. Not only are they disgusting and terrifying looking... guess what they live for? Attacking men's testicles!! Evil monsters. If your man is ever in the Sweden/Denmark area, make sure he wears a cup. Or just stays the fuck outta the water! The Brazilian Pacu has also been found in an Illinois lake and been nicknamed the "ball cutter" hahaha wtf.

Have you heard about the lion dog at the zoo in China? They legit had a fucking DOG in the cage at the zoo, as an African Lion.... until it started barking at people! Who believed it was a lion before it started barking? Why did they even think they could get away with it!? Look, look..

WTF China... I just.....

Had a big WTF last night. You may have read that we got tickets to a private screening for Anchorman 2. Well, they overbooked that shit! We got there TWO HOURS EARLY and there were already hundreds of people there. The first guy in line was already there for 4 hours. Uh, we don't like ANY movie enough to wait in that nonsense. So yea we didn't stick around. Super sucks but I would have been so miserable in that line for that long with that many people. AND we left our phones in the car because you're not allowed to bring them in. Total first world complaint but I would def need my phone for that experience. But damn! I really wanted to see it last night, I was so pumped up. 

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  1. That fish could be useful in some situations if it really does attack balls. :)

  2. haha totally heard about that snoop-lion in china. w.t.f. is right haha

  3. I am DEVASTATED that you weren't able to see Anchorman 2. I'm going to go eat a (5) cookie(s) in a show of solidarity

  4. That sucks you didn't get to go to the show! I was gonna email and ask how it was!

    That fish absolutely terrifies me!

  5. I live in Illinois! Glad I'm not a guy, or I'd never be able to go swimming again after seeing this! Also, the dog looks way more like a bear than a lion. I would have guessed bear. Or really big otter.

  6. I heard about the lion dog in China. Crazy stuff. That sucks about Anchorman 2, I quote that movie on the daily.

  7. that fish things is terrifying! and that sucks about anchorman 2. i love the first movie, but there are few things i'd wait that many hours for!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  8. I cannot believe you couldn't go to see Anchorman 2!!! What a bummer! Thanks for allowing me to co-host this week! I love WTF Wednesdays!! <3

  9. some people have time to kill on their hands and frankly i would rather not be that person, still a bummer you didn't get to see anchorman 2

  10. I read about the dog/lion in the zoo in China too, it was definitely a WTF moment for me!

  11. When I saw the dog lion thing in the news, I just about died. They should have just left the cage empty because anyone who thought that dog was a lion, is a moron.

  12. Lol @ the dog-lion hadn't seen that!

  13. Hahahaha oh man that dog lion is ridic

  14. Gah I !never even linked up for this! Me = loser = at least I have my internet back!

  15. Im not even kidding when I say this, but we have a pacu in our fish tank lol.