Dupes and Tix

I got a ticket. I'm not really a ticket-getting kind of person. Mostly because I really hate giving any more of my money to any kind of government, so I follow the rules. Our neighborhood has street cleaning on Mondays and Tuesdays from 2-4 so no one can park on one side of the street during that time. So when I get out of work before 4 on those days, I have to find a non-existent parking space. It's impossible and irritating. So yesterday I saw a space!! I was shocked no one had taken it. There was some weird contraption looking thing sticking out of the ground but it certainly wasn't a fire hydrant, because it was orange not red, and it was shaped oddly. Also, in LA they paint the curbs red where they don't want parking. That spot was not red! Joy!

A few hours later when the street cleaning time was up, I went to go move the car closer to my apt. I had a blue envelope on my windshield! I GOT A TICKET! Whaaaattt?!? RAWR!

I opened it and sure enough it was for parking too close to a fire hydrant. Look, I don't know about you, but I've only ever seen fire hydrants that look like this: 
RED ONES! With that rounded pointed top they ALL have.

and sometimes with a white top.

The one I parked at was orange and had a flat top. I was so mad. Thankfully it's a pretty cheap ticket of only $48. And now I know that anything can be a fire hydrant and that I should just park nowhere. 

In other oh so joyful news (can you hear the sarcasm?) I made a big mistake by buying something online that was... get ready for it... not thru Amazon! Stupid. I was searching for a camera to buy and came across a site that was having a big Labor Day sale. The camera I wanted was $200 cheaper than it was on Amazon. YAY! So of course, I bought it. A Nikon D3100.
Now, I cannot tell you how many times Robert tells me to look at reviews before I ever give anyone my money. And I KNOW this and I often do it. Except the few times I haven't looked at reviews, are the times I've been screwed. Of course. 

When I ordered the camera on 9/3, they were "closed" until 9/8 (red flag #1). Whatever. So they called me on 9/8 and in a very salesman type of way, got me to pay an extra $120 for a battery (red flag #2). Only realizing after, that the description says it comes with a battery (red flag #3). Two days later I still hadn't received any shipping info, so I emailed them about it. They replied immediately and said I will get an email with a tracking number when it "reaches it's first desitination" (red flag #4). Huh? Ok. 

So a week passes, and I still have heard nothing and on their site my order still says "in-process", doesn't even say "shipped" yet (red flag #5). So Robert got online and checked their reviews and of course everyone had the same problem. Scammed into buying a battery, never shipped, etc. UGGHH. Final red flag. I emailed them (since they reply so fast) and told them that I do not want the camera anymore and I want a refund immediately. Do you think they quickly answered me this time? Nope. I gave them til the end of the day and then called my credit card company and put in a dispute and I'll have my $500 back by tomorrow. 

Lessons of today's post:
  • Only use Amazon for everything you buy online!
  • Always check reviews before handing over money.
  • Do not park anywhere in Los Angeles.
  • Fire hydrants comes in various colors. 

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  1. Oh man!! At least you're getting your money, that's so sucky. Amazon is definitely the best.

  2. in other news, if you go through amazon and get the camera it's the one i have and i love it!

  3. i am gonna get it on Amazon now. and it comes with an extra 200mm lense!! such a deal.

  4. yea amazon is amazing and every time i order from them, my stuff comes days earlier than expected :)

  5. I just got a Nikon DSLR D5100. Girl, you are going to LOVE it! If you need any advice(I'm slowly figuring it out) let me know. I've been going picture crazy!
    Glad I found you through the Hump Day Blog Hop!
    p.s. I'm little too, only 5'2, but full of sass! :)

  6. I was in traffic court at 8 am yesterday for a window tinting ticket I got. Completely pointless. Tickets suck I sowry! :(

  7. These are some great lessons. :) I almost got trapped by one of those camera scam sites, but I happened to see a review first. I'm glad you're getting your money back!

  8. Ok, I really need to see a picture of this strange fire hydrant.

  9. haha i'll have to take a pic of the exact one. you're gonna think i'm a total dummy. and NOW i see them EVERYWHERE. literally like 2 on every block, ORANGE FIRE HYDRANTS hahaha and of course, they look so obvious to me now

  10. was it primotronix?!? i hate them. i got my money back the next day. now i'm gonna buy it on amazon and the one i want comes with an extra 200mm lense!

  11. that is the dumbest, i know people here who have gotten tinting tickets. it's so stupid

  12. awesome!! when i do get it (off amazon!!!) i will let you know if i need to pick your brain for anything! thank!!

    i think us small ones are the sassiest!

  13. oh awesome! Yeah getting the other lens is a definite must in my opinion!

  14. what a horrible set of events! sounds like "bad luck kelly!" ugh!! i hate those online scammers, they are the worst!! makes you never want to buy anything online ever again!