Pros and Cons of Adulthood

"You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have.. the facts of life"
Yesterday Anna posted about what does and doesn't suck about adulthood. I'm pretty far into adulthood at this point so I felt the need to chime in.  

1. A job! (hopefully). The job I'm at now is in finance, and I've been here longer than any other job I've ever had and I love it here. My co-workers are amazing and we're like a little family in our department. I feel comfortable and content. And I'd be willing to set up shop here til I die. Unless I win the powerball, then BYE.

2. Not having plans every weekend. Seriously, I remember the days of NEVER being home. From Thurs-Sun, I was out and about all day and all night. You almost couldn't pay me to live like that anymore. I thoroughly enjoy laying low on the couch watching anything and everything. And I also like to not waste my money on going out. Or wasting it on shopping for a new outfit for each night.

3. (stealing this title directly from Anna) Realizing The Value of Family & Friends. AKA - who really matters! Letting go of people in your life that do not motivate, inspire, or bring anything to your life anymore, is one of life's biggest changes. And most difficult. It's so easy to stay friends with, or in a relationship with people just because "you already have for so long". If it's not healthy and it's not bringing anything positive to you, let it go. I have a huge family, huge. Wanna know how many I allow to be close to me? Two. My brother and sister. I had a ton of friends who I never thought I could live without, wanna know where they are now? In the past. People grow and change and we all take different paths. Forcing yourself onto someone else's is never gonna work for you. Get on your own path and let them go. People grow apart and there is nothing wrong with that. As your life evolves, your choices in friends will too. I've gained so much peace in my life after finally realizing this and taking action on it. 

1. A job! Ok, I know I put this in the pros, but come on; waking up in the 5 o'clock hour to be at work by 6am SUCKS ASS. And when you've got a full time job, there's a lot less time to just live

2. BILLS. That job you love (but have to wake up so early for) and all that great money you're making goes to responsibilities. And that also sucks ass. "Yay pay day! Well I paid this bill, this bill, and this bill, YAY FOR FEELING GROWN UP. Oh wait, but now I have no money left." Hashtag deflated. 

3. Another money guzzler... groceries! And never mind if you're trying to eat healthy, you might as well get a few extra side jobs. Thanks America for making everything so.damn.expensive. Remember living at home and food just appeared because some adult came home with groceries? That was pretty awesome. (thanks mom.)

4. Oh look, another money complaint on the cons list. Realizing how expensive things really are. When you're a kid, everything is FREE! And when you're a grown up, everything is... #2 and #3 on this cons list.

5. Aches, pains and grays. This is super shitty. I've been getting grays since I was 23 and I'm very mighty thankful to the inventor of hair dye. My back is always in pain, I'm pretty sure I have tendinitis, and I'm pretty sure this is what is feels like to be just under 78 yrs old. (I'm 31.) 

Why are there more cons than pros?! Oh right, because being a kid with little to no worries is way better. 

A powerball amount of thank you's to Anna @ A Dash Of Quirky for posting this yesterday and giving me some of the blog motivation I've lost this week due to #1 on both lists. 

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  1. Absolutely loveeeee this post! I laughed out loud at the leaving your job if you win the lottery. YUP CYA never good 'ol job.
    GROCERIES! WHY for the love of love do they have to be so gosh darn expensive? You truly never realize how lucky you are to live at home for free and get fed until you move out. Le sigh

  2. i love the peter pan picture for this post.
    like everyone else, it's so frustrating that all our hard earned money goes to bills and food. Wah :(

    agree with all of this

  3. Jenny @ Dancin' With A DollySeptember 25, 2013 at 7:54 AM

    Great post!! I wish I was at that age again where I just graduated college was making big bucks and still had no responsibility...haha...Oh well! Love my life now even though it's stressful!

  4. but for reals, growing up is a trap. i don't wanna.

  5. Haha all of these are so true!!

  6. Being a kid is definitely better. I can't remember the last time I went out to a bar two nights in a row. Actually... I can't remember the last time I went to a bar besides a work event, dinner or football game!

  7. Kristen @YourBeautyFixSeptember 25, 2013 at 12:04 PM

    love the quotes. i feel the same way about growing up some times. its scary! but an exciting journey nonetheless.

  8. Uggh. I can relate to pretty much every single one of these. As a kid you think your life is hard because of trivial things but you have no idea how life really is until you hit adult hood. Interesting that lot of the sucky things about adulthood have to do with not being rich. So, if I could just be rich that would be a game changer.

  9. All of these are so dang true. But I love love love not having plans every weekend!

  10. Realizing who should and shouldn't be in your life definitely hits home! Friends or family! And bills succkkkk!

  11. These are all SO true! Especially pro #2- who knew I'd ever love my couch so much?!

  12. I told my boss last week I'm not giving notice if I won the powerball, just bora bora here I come.

    And "Hashtag deflated"... Hahaha yup!!

    Booooo to work!