Weekend BS Shenans...

I didn't do a damn thing this weekend except lay on the couch, drink wine and mimosas and occasionally eat some less than exciting food. It was awesome. We watched that new movie "Now You See Me".. umm, amazing! I highly recommend it. We caught up on some DVR crap and planned our next trip to Vegas. While bumming out in front of the tv I realized that the powerball jackpot is now at $245 million. If you win, you will officially have more money than these people:

Nick Cannon - $20 million (without adding Mariah's money, she's got $510mil)

Kim Kardashian - $40 million

Tom Brady - $120 million

Miley Cyrus - $150 million (you can now afford a stage full of dancing teddy bears also)

Rachel McAdams - $14 million

Will Smith - $200 million (ok after taxes, you will probably have the same-ish)

Justin Bieber - $130 million. (so you can tell him to pipe the fuck down.)

Bruce Willis - $150 million

Donald Trump's son - $150 million

Floyd Mayweather - $170 million

Jenna Jameson - $30 million

Rachel Zoe - $2.5 millon (I was super shocked by this. She seems to live way wealthier and given her jobs and brand I thought she'd have at least $10mil)

Nicole Richie - $5 million (another that I expected would be way higher.)

Claire Danes - $20 million

Robert De Niro - $185 million

Miranda Lambert - $18 million

Quentin Tarantino - $90 million

I don't know about you, but some of these people I really expected to have much more. What would you even do with that amount of money? Richard Branson is so rich, he made a spaceship. Legit, your childhood dreams of going to space are now a reality because of him and his money. It's genius. 

What would you really do if you won? The boyfriend and I discuss this all the time. 

1) First things first... get a lawyer! I don't care how much we love eachother, that is way too much money. Be smart!

2) Property. We would for sure buy a home out here by the beach (nothing crazy because I plan on traveling more than being home). And most definitely buy a place back home in MA. And we'd probably buy a condo either somewhere here in CA or in Vegas and rent it out. Our homes would have things like THIS.

3) Family. I would hook up my brother and sister, big time and I would buy my mom the simple home she's always wanted. The boyfriend has a few more people than me that he would help out (that would be outta his half! haha).

4) Investment. We've talked about opening a business. As well as an idea he and his cousin came up with that could easily turn into billions, but requires a good chunk up front. 

5) Vehicles. I'm not a car freak, I really don't care much. Like I would probably get a Jeep or a sport Ranger. Pretty sure he would waste his money on a Ferrari (that he would probably die in), a sick motorcycle (since he sold his to move here with me), and probably a hooked up Range Rover. 

6) Well duh, it would be time for new wardrobes. Come on. And personal trainers and a chef. 

7). Travel! To places like THIS!

What would you do if you won the powerball?

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  1. Is that how much the starts have or how much they make each year?? I would expect some of them to have more!
    I would do the same thing with my money if I won the lottery!


  2. Yep I pretty much want to go to all those places too!

  3. Ugh why is Miley Cyrus so rich! I would probably invest a lot of my money, but then again I come from a family full of stock brokers...

    Have a great day!
    A Southern Drawl

  4. I would definitely hook my family up too- and I've been wanting to see that movie. Glad it was a good one!

  5. Stopping by from Sami's! If I had that much money I would buy a big piece of land and build my own summer camp/year round retreat center. I've always wanted a Jeep, I almost bought one a few months ago but they're hard on gas and don't have much room in the back/trunk, so I went with the much more practical but much less exciting Hyundai Accent...

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts! :)


  6. this makes me feel very poor. but playing the what i would do if i won the lotto game is one of my fave things to do! my list is pretty much like yours! trips, trips and more trips!

  7. gosh, i want to travel !!!!! i should go buy a lotto ticket

  8. I love daydreaming about winning the lottery, a new wardrobe is always at the top of my list and of course a fabulous 6 month long vacation. Loving all of your ideas, and of course the lawyers are necessary (it's just smart)!

  9. Miley has $150 million?!! Damn maybe I should be dancing with giant teddy bears ha.

  10. Wow, I kind of expected more from some of these guys too.
    I like all of your and your boyfriend's ideas, I think I would probably do something very similar. Particularly with helping out my family and getting a lawyer!

  11. pretty sure i want a stage full of my own teddy bears and a shit ton of foam fingers!