Someday, But Not Today

Today, Taylor at The Daily Tay has a first time link-up today of "Someday I Will..." Oh my gah, where do I start!?!  I think most us tell ourselves very often that we're gonna do something and then we don't. So let's start with someday I will stop lying to myself. Like when I tell myself that I'm gonna stop eating potato chips. Lie. I tell myself I'll stop hitting snooze so much and get to work on time. Lie. (Okay but I really need to work on that one!)

Someday I will travel the world. 

Someday I will win the lottery so that I can travel the world. 

Someday I will own a dog again. Preferably a frenchie :)

Someday I will learn to keep my closet clean and not pile clothes on the floor of it. 

Someday I will stick to eating clean and working out. (I've fallen off recently, hashtag fail).

Someday I will learn how to surf. 

Someday I will skydive. 

Someday I will fly in Virgin Galactic. 

Someday I will do all these things, just not today.

The Daily Tay

Now, I want to show off a blogger who is a wife of a fireman! 

Libby is a photographer who also seems to be a DIY pro! Check out this post on canning her homemade apple sauce. She also picked her own pinot noir grapes to make wine! What?!  I wish she was my neighbor! Libby has two cats and a dog, hi, animal lovers unite! She loves music, thrifting, baseball and wants to own a horse someday. And she is my sponsor spotlight this week! I asked her a few questions so we could get to know her a little better...

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I had started a new job and had a lot of changes in my life. Blogging was a way that I could document what was going on with me, while building a new sense of community with fellow bloggers. I love to write, do photography and do lots of different projects, and blogging really helps me combine all of the things I love. 

What is your blogging goal?
My goal is to continue to share diy projects, recipes, trips, and my daily adventures as a wife of a firefighter/paramedic. I hope for my little piece of blogland to continue to grow readers and I can gain an even larger community of friends. Blogging is one of my creative outlets, when work is so black and white and sit at a desk and write emails, blogging lets me be me and gives me a place to share my thoughts, dreams, and stories. 

How did you decide what kind of photography you wanted to get into? 
I love all types of photography. My mom took millions of photos of my brother and I as children, and my father in-law almost always has a camera nearby. For me, photography is my hobby, what relaxes me, and one of the ways I get to express myself. Whether its gorgeous scenery, a beautiful portrait, or an exciting sporting event, I love capturing those memories to hold on to. I love portraits because they capture beauty, age, and a moment in time that can never be recreated. 

Tell us two random facts about yourself.
 - When I was little, I always dreamed of being a professional singer - yet I am too embarrassed to even Karaoke in front of anyone (that makes the perfect recording artist right?!?). But you will find me belting out songs at the top of my lungs in the car! 
- Growing up, my mom was a Jazzercise instructor and I would get to go on stage and lead routines with her. If she ever forgot the choreography, I always remembered. This is probably why my friends won't play Just Dance with me anymore because I can remember all the moves without even trying. 

Check out some of her DIY skills in her Bedroom Makeover post, her and her husband made an awesome headboard. Wine lovers be jealous, she made homemade wine and even got all stompy in a bucket! Dedicated! But her blog is not all get down and do it yourself, she also gets personal, like when opening up about what it's like to be a firefighters wife, and how scary it can be. You can follow along with Libby on bloglovin, twitter, instagram and pinterest!

Pet Store Fun

I think it's pretty clear by now that I LOVE ANIMALS. All of them. Even pedophile looking sloths are so adorbs. Even lizards are cute and some snakes are too. If they're not a cute snake, they're at least really effing cool looking. In case you were wondering, "animals" does not include things like bugs, bees and spiders. Fuck them. Unless it's a ladybug or grasshopper, even a cricket is kinda cute. But spiders can fuck off and all those creepy looking insects and bugs can go die in a ditch somewhere. Bye. And yes, I understand we need bees. I've seen The Bee Movie, but they are EVIL! Honey bees and bumble bees are whatever. But those monstrous hornets and wasps... The wasps. Like, why? Why do they exist?! Scariest creatures ever. Die. Just die. But have you seen how cute a baby rhino is!? 

Moving on....

So I went to PetSmart this weekend to restock on DeNiro's food and litter. And every time we go there, I go into a frenzy of excitement. Like a kid getting a candy store as a present on christmas morning. We always manage to go on "adoption day", which is super exciting but also super sad because we can't take anyone home. There was an 8 month old Boxer mix and she was THE SWEETEST and I wanted to take her home so bad!! But we can't have pets where we live (DeNiro is a secret). We want a dog so badly but we'd never be able to hide a dog and we kinda don't wanna get evicted. But we do really want to start looking for somewhere else to live, just for this reason. Idealy, I'd like a huge house with a huge yard so I could have french bulldogs, pit bulls, pugs, kittens, pigs, bearded dragons, burrowing owls and many more. But I'm never that lucky powerball winner. Hashtag sad face. Also, I think DeNiro would be pissed. He likes being the only child. 

Anyways, there were also some adorable puppies playing. Here's a super short video. I didn't get any pix or video of the Boxer because I was too busy hugging her and telling her how much I love her. 

Also, they had kitties! This one was my favorite. SO FUNNY.

I also hung around the doggy day care and saw a pug. Made me think of my Becky. It's been almost a year since she passed away, I miss her a lot. But this is a happy post, so let's talk about her later. 

I chilled with the guinea pigs and hamsters for awhile too. But I don't have any footage of them because that was all snapchatted. You're welcome, girls ;)

They didn't have any lizards, snakes, frogs, etc here so I didn't get to hang out with them. Fun Fact: I've owned 17 frogs. I LOVE FROGS. My first frog had only one eye so I named him One Eye Willie, duh. Because goonies never say die. Even though he died. Sad face. He was a tree frog. I got another one after him named Jupiter. Some fire belly toads came later, and then I got dwarf frogs, and albino clawed frogs. I had two albino clawed frogs, Tyson and Dory. I had a newt, a sucker fish and some other random fishies but Tyson always ate them so I had to stop getting them. I'll do a frog post some day and show you, they were all so cute.

If you're ever having a bad day, my animal pinterest board will lift your spirit. RAWR! And if you missed that we now have a helicopter in our home, here's some footage of the never ending battle of DeNiro vs. The Helicopter.

You can see the start of this war HERE

Over and out. Hug your pets. Boop!

I'm In The iPhone Club

My shenanigans this weekend were all pretty much errands. But the most important errand was getting an IPHONE. Finally. I've been using droid, specifically Samsung, for a few years. Basically once blackberry died out, I went right to droid. And I loved it. I honestly don't have a problem with droid, in fact, I kinda miss it already. However, my tiny little hands just could no longer handle the giant phones. I got tired of struggling with the size of my Galaxy. I've been eyeing the iPhone for awhile and with the new one out, I was like "might as well!' Also, I've had Sprint service for like 7 years. They.are.awful. My phone would always die because it was using so much energy searching for service. It was bullshit. And their customer service is clearly a building full of shit balls cuz they straight up don't care if you threaten to leave them. So I ditched them and went with the best of the best, Verizon. 


BUT they didn't have the 5s in stock, they were all on back order and I wasn't about to wait. 

So I got the 5c in white with a coral cover. 

I am finally so happy and stress-free with my phone situation. I spent all weekend playing on it, when I should have been working on blog stuff. Oops. 

I bought DeNiro some presents yesterday. If you've been following me on Instagram for awhile, you'll know he has a "tunnel" thingy that we like to call "his apartment". He loves it. It's his house and he doesn't like anything in it or on it, but he loves to run at full speed and slam into it, throwing it around the room, and "hiding" under it. So anyways, yesterday I bought him a 2nd tunnel to attach to it and he was very happy. I also got him a catnip plant and I was so excited because he lovesssss his catnip, duh. But this plant, not so much. He really doesn't care about it at all. (But I bet I'll go home today and it will all over the floor, dirt everywhere!) 

DeNiro hopes you have a wonderful Monday!

So all you iPhone users, can you do me a solid and let me know all your favorite apps/games?! Thanks!

Sami's Shenanigans

"Do Dogs Have Brains"

You guys, this is real life. This chick. She truly believes that dogs don't have brains. Please join me in this fuckery and become as shocked as I am that people like this exist. 

Let me point out a few things:

1. "topical"
2. the what war?
3. dogs are human, no wait...
4. they walk because we tell them to walk. just like if you tell your computer to turn off. 

Because if you're not telling your dog to walk, they are frozen in time until you tell them to walk again.

5. "do you know what I mean?" 

.... no.

6. "how do you explain having a brain but not being able to talk"

Apparently the brain is ONLY for the purpose of talking. Who knew? 

7. dogs are scary. must be christian intuition

I just, don't even get me started. 

8. can it scientifically be proven if dogs have brains? 
9. "it's a really interesting topic"


10. people on twitter just like to hate sometimes and they're a little confused.

Yes, most of them love to hate. But no, they are NOT confused about this "debate". The only confusion is... you.


Yes, yes there is, you should go there.

12. No, I don't need to consider these questions when "asking these things".
13. You're not philosophical, trust me.

What the actual fuck. You guys, what the fuck.

Some people should not be allowed to use the internet. Or socialize. Like, does she have friends? Family? Does she have any loved ones that are willing to clear this up for her? Who even allows this thing to speak? This is scary. Like did she ever even go to elementary school?

This is depressing.

Redbox Owns Me.

I wish it was illegal for me to go to Redbox. I hate them. But it's kinda my own fault. I can't tell you how many movies I own because I never brought the damn dvd back in time. And it's always the crappy movies too. Because I go to Redbox only to see the movies that "I kinda wanna see, but I don't really wanna pay for it". And then using the promo codes so you get it for free! Woo! Except it's never free. It's never a dollar. I'm a Redbox failure. I've been charged $25 for some of the worst movies ever because I didn't bring it back in time. Most recently, we were charged $37 (they clearly raised the price) for a movie that I didn't even want at all. Thanks boyfriend. 

He wanted to get this Jason Statham movie. No idea why because, all Jason Statham movies are the fucking same! Surprise surprise, the movie sucked. I honestly don't even remember if we even finished it. And I honestly can't count how many times I told boyfriend "bring the movie back to Redbox". 
His reply: "ok I'll do it tomorrow".

A week passes, I see it still sitting there: "dude, it's already not free, bring that stupid movie back".
"Ok, I will tomorrow".  Repeat probably 86x over a few days/weeks. 

More time passes (days/weeks, who knows!), we're in the supermarket and we pass by the Redbox on the way out: "fuck, did you bring that movie back yet?"
"Oh shit, no I didn't. I'll drop it off tomorrow."

More time passes with more mentions of returning the movie, days/weeks we're basically at eternity now and... this morning we had a $37 charge from Redbox. Insert flames from ears! Good thing I've had so many 2 therapy sessions so far so I remained fairly calm.  

Moral of the story, Redbox is a trap and you cannot rely on men for anything and should just do everything yourself. I am woman hear me roar!  Even if he redeemed himself by calling Redbox and getting a refund because "well we definitely returned that movie to you guys!"

More money for wine. 

5 Years.

Today I want to share with you my innermost truth. 

5 years ago I made a choice. I made a choice to stop. I made a choice to stop abusing myself. I just quit. I hit a wall and was like "that's it".  I finally had a goal and a light ahead. Something to look forward to. Change.

I had spent many years battling an up and down drug addiction that not really anyone in my every day life truly knew about. I lived a lie, I spent countless hours locked in my bedroom being self destructive, I felt worthless. I didn't care about anything. I didn't even care if it killed me. I had lived in darkness since I was in the womb, so I felt like I had been doomed from the start. I didn't want to remember anything anymore, I didn't want to feel anything anymore. I wanted to disappear. 

October of 2008 is when things started to really spin around in my head. I was about to receive a settlement from an accident in a restaurant. I also had the opportunity to move to California and get away from everything that I was drowning in (outside of the addiction). A fresh start was placed in front of me. Change. Change was finally an option. What could I do with this money? Continue what I was doing and take it to an extreme that would have without a doubt killed me? Or move away? I locked that money away with my bank, so that I couldn't touch it until the day that I was boarding the plane. I just stopped. And I moved 3000 miles away from everything that had ever hurt me. Although it was a struggle when I made that choice, it all worked out

I have a little bit of debt that I'm still paying off because I spent so much of every pay check so that I could have what I wanted. What I needed. (Yes, I worked thru most of that time. I was a "functional" addict due to the drug of choice.) This never goes away. Even when those debts are gone, the addiction will forever live in me. It will never die. I fight on the daily to make the right choices. And I am goddamn lucky that I have someone by my side that would be devastated if I ever went backwards. I am lucky to have someone supportive and loving that keeps me strong. Robert, there have been days that were not anything close to easy, when I have fallen to the ground in tears and you have picked me up and put strength in me to keep going. And here I am 5 years later. Five years.

If you have been through this, congratulations on making it out alive! If you are going through this, know that you are not alone and even in the darkest moments, I can promise you that there is light somewhere. Don't give up on yourself, even if everyone has given up on you. "At the root of all addiction is pain", you have to face it. 


Oh just a little announcement called "I HAVE A NEW BLOG DESIGN!" Do you ever become so over the look of your blog that you just don't even wanna go to your own page? Or kinda don't wanna post? That was me lately, but I'm also over dramatic. Well thanks to one of our favorites, Erin at Two Thirds Hazel, I'm now back to being super excited about my blog. Everything is new! Colors, pictures, buttons, I added pages, I changed pages; including my about me and sponsoring pages. Come check it out!

So one thing I wanted to throw out there is a little something about the Red Sox win this weekend. While I'm not the biggest sports fan, I am a born bred Bostonian and I stand hard for anything that has to do with my home. There were some people across the twitterverse saying that  is being "cheapened" by the Sox.... I saw a load of tweets from Detroit fans (aka, mad) saying that the Red Sox are using the "Boston Strong/B Strong" phrase too much. Now, I admit I had some beer, gin, wine and fireball in my belly so I definitely felt a bit more fierce when I saw that than I may have on a Monday morning. But let me say this... if you are not from Boston/New England, you have no idea what the true meaning behind that is because you do not carry that spirit of our city, you have no idea what the Red Sox have to do with it. You have no idea what it means to us. Until that happens to YOUR city, YOUR family and YOUR friends, you have no legit reason to talk any kind of nonsense that you know nothing about. 

"but I love that dirty water, Boston you're my home"
triumph after tragedy
This is part of why I could never get into sports, people take it way too serious. They start getting mad and talking shit about stuff that has nothing to do with why their team lost. And newsflash: the Sox and the Tigers are both AMAZING TEAMS, obviously, or else they wouldn't have made it that far. But only one can win. THE END. There is zero need for the hatred. It's really just a game. 

Hashtag jumps of soapbox. 

That may be all I have to say today since I really didn't do anything this weekend. The boyfriend worked on Saturday so I stayed in bed all day while my cat owned me. Then we went out to dinner and our waitress had a really annoying voice so that's newsworthy. Oh and I saw an ablino at the supermarket today. I'm not even joking, I know it's halloween season and all but this shit was legit. When I first saw her I was super confused and I was like that MUST be an albino. Then I saw her again a few minutes later and I saw her eyes and they were red! Confirmation. Sorry if I seem to be over reacting or rude, but I've never seen one in real life, so it's almost like they're not real to me so it's kind of a big deal. I'm actually getting heebie jeebies just writing about it. Not my fault that they're mostly connected to horror movies!

Please and Thank You.

Happy Friday!
Let me start off by saying thank you to those of you that have donated to help my neighbor restore what he lost in the fire. I'm so grateful to belong to such a caring community. When I started this campaign, I expected my friends and family on facebook and especially the other tenants in the building to be the ones donating and sharing the most. Absolutely false. I've had more donations and shares from bloggers and it puts a happy little rainbow on my feisty little heart. 

We aren't at our goal yet, and we've got just a few days left to reach it. I realize that some people shy away from things like this because they feel like they "can't help" because they "can't give enough". We have donations as small as $5 and those $5 donations add up! Those $5 donations are just as important as the $100 ones. That's one less latte, one less shot at the bar tonight, etc. Any small amount is equal to any large amount in this situation. 

A fire can take everything from any of us at anytime. What joy would it put on your heart to be handed money from strangers willing to help you back on your feet? I would be speechless, my heart would be so heavy. It's like no one expects kindness like that anymore. But it's out there and some of you have been the proof. 

Please help by either donating or spreading the word. To show you my appreciation, I've had a giveaway up for a Lorac Pro Eye Kit. One donation gives you TEN entries to win. You can enter over on THIS POST

And you can visit the campaign page here:


A Little Goes A Long Way

Today I don't have a weekend shenanigans update for you. Today we're gonna go a different route around here. Today I am reaching out to all my readers and beyond. You may know that there was a fire in my apartment building last week. This apartment belonged to the building manager, also known as the best landlord you could ask for. Sadly his kitchen was 100% destroyed. In addition, he has lost all of his furniture and most of his personal belongings due to smoke and heat damage. And like myself, he unfortunately did not have insurance. My old roommate in this building (Lindsay) and I decided to put together a campaign to raise him a little bit of money to help him along. Thankfully there was a studio apartment that just became vacant and he has been staying in there so he has a roof over his head. But he doesn't have anything else. 

John is by far one of the nicest people I have ever known. I've been living in this building for almost 3 years and I can attest that he will do anything to help anyone. It breaks my heart that this happened to him. Watching the devastation on his face, I can't imagine the sadness he is feeling right now. I can't just sit here in my home with everything that I have and not do anything to help him. So I put together a campaign on Indiegogo and I hope that you will join in to help someone in need to put some of the pieces back together for him. 

  • This money will go towards kitchen and living room necessities as well as clothing and bedding replacement that were damaged by smoke.
  • 100% of the money raised will go directly to John. 
  • Anything you can give will help. 

  • And to show you my appreciation, I am giving away a Lorac Pro Eye Kit! One winner will be chosen at random when the campaign has ended. 
    Please head over to the campaign page HERE and donate anything you can. Thank you with a trillion internet hugs!! 

    a Rafflecopter giveaway


    I didn't post much this week; work was busy, I had a doctor appt, my building was on fire. Oh yea, my building was on fire. If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen the chaos I had the other day....

    I got home from work on Tuesday and was just sitting at my table, reading some blogs, when I heard glass shatter. I was almost positive it was the little shit that lives next door. I was like "he must have broken a window", so of course my nosy ass went out to see. I open the door and there is glass in front of MY door. The fire extinguisher had been broken open. At the same time I noticed and smelled a ton of smoke and the girl across the hall (that doesn't live there, no idea who she is) yelled at me: THE BUILDING IS ON FIRE WE NEED TO EVACUATE. I was like WHAT. And she was like THE BUILDING IS ON FIRE WE NEED TO EVACUATE!! I heard her the first time, but for some reason "what" just came out of me. Like I obviously must have heard her wrong because fire is my biggest fear and I cannot die in a fire. I am not going out that way. So naturally, I immediately went into panic mode. 

    The boyfriend was in the bathroom and I went to the door screaming THE BUILDING IS ON FIRE WE NEED TO EVACUATE. And he was like "what?!" And so like lil miss doesn't live here, I yelled it again and louder. I freaked out! First thing I need to grab... DeNiro!! But he had already ran under the couch to hide. He knew. Robert had to lift the couch up and DeNiro ran out and into the bedroom into the closet. And I'M LOSING MY MIND, pretty positive the fire is outside our door and we're all about to burn to death and all I wanna do is save my baby boy and get us all out alive but he is too scared to understand! It all happened so fast, but we grabbed him and shoved him in the cat carrier as fast as he would let us. 

    Then I'm expecting us to run out the door but un-paranoid boyfriend is grabbing our cameras (the new Nikon's we got $$) and he's like grab your laptop! And I'm like THIS ISN'T THE TIME TO GRAB THINGS! And he's like "we don't have insurance" and I'm like WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!!!! 

    We got outside safely, noticed the fire was contained in one apt and the firemen were already here (the station is only 2 blocks away) so I knew then that everything was gonna be fine. But the fear was too much and I put DeNiro in the car and sat in there and started hyperventilating. But only for a few seconds and then I got myself focused because WE WERE FINE.

    I'm so dramatic. Anyways, the boyfriend was all amped up over the excitement and decided to put our new cameras to use. Here's a few shots of the firemen doing what they do.

    The apt this happened in belongs to our manager. He is a super cool dude, best landlord you could ever ask for. I feel SO bad that this happened to him, even though it was his own mistake (he left oil cooking on the stove and left to run a quick errand down the street). After everything had calmed down, the boyfriend had gone up to see him and had overheard him on the phone crying. It makes me want to cry. I wish there was something that I could do for him. Any suggestions? What would you do if your neighbor had a fire?

    Also, we're def looking into renters insurance. 

    Happy Friday, have a great weekend!!

    A Brick Off My Wall ... Again

    I have issues and I've never been ashamed of them. Mostly because you, you, you and you have them also. We're all human and we're all a little screwed up. I struggle with the common things most of us do; anxiety, stress, sometimes depression and other things as well. But not nearly as much as I used to. Not even close. Before I had let go of a lot of nonsense that was weighing me down, I was all of these things (and then some!) all day everyday and it was a very nasty bubble to live in. I hated myself so much. As I've grown and experienced happier things in life, I've kinda just let things go, they just... fell away. But unfortunately it's not that simple with everything. Particularly in how I act when things upset me, or what I allow to upset me. Those two things are the main cause of my anger and anxiety. If I just learn to control my emotions will everything be better? No. Maybe? Probably. I'm not sure. (I've talked about this before on My Biggest Flaw). 

    So since I'm not sure what will help, I took a step that I've taken many times before and reached out to a therapist. I've been in and out of therapy since I was legit in the womb, thanks to my screwed up parents. So I'm very familiar with the journey. But I I hate being vulnerable, I hate the first few sessions of having to talk (again) about my childhood and other battles in life. It's so awkward and so uncomfortable and what if it doesn't help and I just opened up this wound all over again and what if this doctor sucks (like all my other ones), and what if... the list never ends. But I know that the vulnerability is necessary. And I have to suck it up and take a brick off the wall I've built up in order to get past the hurdles in the early stages of therapy if I really wanna fix myself. 

    Although I have found so much peace in my life in comparison to the dark life that's now behind me, I don't think I've entirely found the peace that I'm looking for. And as corny and cliche as it sounds, I'm starting to realize that it's not going to be what's around me, but what's in me. Hopefully therapy this time around will help me to learn positive ways to deal with my negative emotions. My first appointment is this afternoon. Wish me luck!

    Weekend "Scary" Shenans

    Oh look, a real weekend post. The first one in awhile since I've been spending the past few weekends in a comfortable relationship with my couch. Saturday we had lunch in Brentwood, (if you're not familiar, that's where OJ killed a couple people). But really though, it's super nice and relaxing over there. Later that night, we went over to downtown LA for some halloween shenanigans. We first stopped at a bar called The Library for some drinks and probably the best garlic fries I've ever had in my whole existence. I know it's called the "library" but I really wasn't expecting there to be real a bar. 

    I don't even know how to explain the "haunted house" we went to. Because it was an abandoned hotel and it was like being in a movie. They emulated the movie The Purge (which I realize got awful reviews but when you're IN it, totally different.) The cool thing about going to things like this in LA is that it's very very real. They have all they need to make you feel like you are legit in a movie. Being thrown into elevators, locked in rooms, guns in your face, I can't even do it justice. It was just so cool.  "You don't watch it, it happens to you" - here is the link to it. The Purge: Fear The Night

    outside The Library/the building it took place in/
    Robert and I getting scared/Andy and I getting excited

    in line waiting to go in/getting exciteddddd/
    inside! so scared!/and the badge we all had that "kept us safe"

    There's another one that we're going to do, called the Blackout and this one you have to go by yourself! Our friends told us that last year when they went, they like throw you on the ground, put a bag over your head, zip tie your hands, like so much scary crazy shit. And yes, you have to sign a waiver and there's a "safety word" so you can get out if it gets too intense for you. It sounds like the most terrifying experience ever, and I cannot wait to do it!! They have it in LA, NY (and Chicago in December) so if you are interested, here is the info and videos- BLACKOUT. Here is a snippet of what it is:  "Immersing themselves in the elaborately designed set pieces, guests are forced to interact with characters in a series of twisted scenarios, lasting roughly 30 minutes. Unlike theme park haunted houses, BLACKOUT:elements crosses traditional boundaries, with visitors encountering complete darkness, crawling, stairs, water, physical contact, violence, and even shocking sexual situations. Participants carry a flashlight and wear a protective mask at all times and are not allowed to speak - only scream"

    And there's also one from Rob Zombie that's actually 3 different attractions! If you can't tell, halloween is my favorite holiday!

    In Pop Music News:
    Miley was the host and musical guest on SNL this weekend. The other day I tweeted that I hope she does We Can't Stop in an acoustic version and that's what she did! And it was damn flawless. 

    And did anyone else get misty eyed during her Wrecking Ball performance? Her vocals were on point and all her raw emotion, loved it. 

    In "proud newbie blogger" news: 
    Anna at A Dash Of Quirky tweeted me a screenshot that I was #2 on bloglovin's up and coming personal blogs. *blushes*

    That's all I got for you, have a manic Monday!

    linking up with Sami...
    Sami's Shenanigans