A Little Goes A Long Way

Today I don't have a weekend shenanigans update for you. Today we're gonna go a different route around here. Today I am reaching out to all my readers and beyond. You may know that there was a fire in my apartment building last week. This apartment belonged to the building manager, also known as the best landlord you could ask for. Sadly his kitchen was 100% destroyed. In addition, he has lost all of his furniture and most of his personal belongings due to smoke and heat damage. And like myself, he unfortunately did not have insurance. My old roommate in this building (Lindsay) and I decided to put together a campaign to raise him a little bit of money to help him along. Thankfully there was a studio apartment that just became vacant and he has been staying in there so he has a roof over his head. But he doesn't have anything else. 

John is by far one of the nicest people I have ever known. I've been living in this building for almost 3 years and I can attest that he will do anything to help anyone. It breaks my heart that this happened to him. Watching the devastation on his face, I can't imagine the sadness he is feeling right now. I can't just sit here in my home with everything that I have and not do anything to help him. So I put together a campaign on Indiegogo and I hope that you will join in to help someone in need to put some of the pieces back together for him. 

  • This money will go towards kitchen and living room necessities as well as clothing and bedding replacement that were damaged by smoke.
  • 100% of the money raised will go directly to John. 
  • Anything you can give will help. 

  • And to show you my appreciation, I am giving away a Lorac Pro Eye Kit! One winner will be chosen at random when the campaign has ended. 
    Please head over to the campaign page HERE and donate anything you can. Thank you with a trillion internet hugs!! 

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    1. I thought of you Friday. I remember seeing your tweets about this fire (kudos to you for helping out your landlord). The fire alarms went off at my apartment on Friday. I couldn't believe it, even as the fire trucks pulled into the parking lot. Luckily, it didn't seem like there was substantial damage. Still... maybe I should look into renters insurance myself.

    2. Such a wonderful and AMAZING idea! :)

    3. You are a rockstar for doing this for him, and I hope he is able to rebound quickly!!!