Hey Motivation, Get Back Here!

What do you do when you lack the motivation to post? I know we all have those moments when we have "nothing to write about". I put that in quotes because how can we seriously have nothing to write about? There is so much in this world. So much just in each day that can be mentioned, discussed, ranted about, etc. But somehow we still end up blank. But then there's that "rule" of don't post just to post, only post interesting content. But what if you don't have anything riveting going on in your life for like a week or two, or longer!? You just don't post? And people come to your blog, think you quit and then never come back and you lose all your readers?! What!? 
your thoughts?? 
So here I sit, with nothing to say. Except for all that up there. I start brainstorming, not of what to write about, but of where to get inspired and here's what I've come up with.

1. pinterest
2. bloggers
3. sites like Vice
4. youtube
drunk, sober, asleep, awake, dead, alive. doesn't matter. always watch her.
she makes every bad day a little brighter. 

5. old photos
6. dreams

7. magazines
8. movies
9. people watching
10. a favorite playlist
11. someones facebook status

And here is where I admit that I'm currently so blank minded that I can't even come up with anything else for this post. Be right back, I'm gonna hang out on pinterest. 

Uh, yea. This is all I came out of there with, and I'm totally content with it. Enjoy!

What motivates you when you hit a blogging slump? 

turtle backpack spin!



  1. I always look to the news when I can't think of what to blog. Whatever is out there, I'm sure I have an opinion on it. The challenge is not to rant about it.

    One of the reasons I started my blog was to bring attention to interesting details in everyday life. Sad is the day where I truly have nothing to say.

  2. I try to sit down and brainstorm, I write every idea down I can come up with and then go back and see if there is enough there for a post.

  3. Okay, I LOL'd at the "turtle backpack spin"! I love Jenna. I know some people hate her, but I love her. Honestly, I usually come up with blog ideas in the shower or in the car. I write them down as soon as I can and then later when I'm stuck, I go look at that list and write about one of them!

  4. i adore Jenna Marbles. Her "How Girls Pack" video is the never-fail cure for a bad day

  5. I am just not in a blogging mood- totally bummed and don't want to be negative or fake. So I posted on Twitter for guest posters who could write something cheerful or motivating :) Now I don't post and I will get a kick in the butt!

  6. I go over to Jimmy Kimmel's youtube too- his stuff with JT is always my favorite! Once I start laughing it's preeeeeeeeetty hard to stop.

  7. I love giraffes and Jenna Marbles. She's the bestest.

  8. turtle backpack turtle spin! love it.

    I feel you on the no motivation. it comes in waves for me. sunday I had like a billion ideas so i just started titling drafts and leaving it at that. but for a few weeks, ive only posted 4 days a week, and never on time in the mornings. i'm trying to get back on the wagon :)


  9. From Casinos To CastlesOctober 2, 2013 at 11:04 PM

    I love the giraffe picture! I also love the turtle backpack spin although I have to admit I have no idea who Jenna Marbles is....yes, I live in a box. Don't hate me. ;-)