"It's October 3rd"


How the hell did we get to October so fast!?! I swear it was July like, last week! It’s like 2013 barely even existed. I don't even think I succeeded in my resolution! Actually, I don't think I had one. If I did, I'm gonna assume that since I've forgotten it, I didn't succeed in it. Oh well. There's always next year. 

I see everyone posting all these "October/Fall" lists. Like this: 

I kinda wanted to jump on that bus but um, I don't have anything to put on that list. Especially since everyone's lists are about PSL's (barf!) and sweaters and boots. And I'm over here in southern California like yea I still need my shorts and tank tops for awhile. It's 82 and sunny right now. It's still summer. But I didn't wanna give up on a list the same way I gave up on my (maybe non-existent) resolution so here's my fitting "fall" list. 

Stay warm, friends! I'm a dick, I know.

And now I give you my first sponsor spotlight! Anna from A Dash Of Quirky!! She also happens to be my first bloggy-buddy, we first bonded over giraffes. Of course. And we pretty much twins it up on almost everything else. She started blogging earlier this year to talk about her dealings with Trichotillomania. But soon after, her blog burst into an outlet for everything! She lives in Portland, OR with her fella and like many of us, she's a momma of some fur-babies; a pug named Ernie, a mutt named Trace, and a cat named KiKi. You can check out her instagram for some super precious pix of them! 
I asked Anna a few questions so we could get a glimpse into her world: 

What's your favorite thing about being a blogger?
I absolutely love meeting new people here in blogland.  Moving to a new city when you're older is kind of weird...you can't just break into a new friend circle as easily as a young kid can.  Through blogging I've been able to connect with other people, have an awesome hobby, and document my thoughts on life.

What is the #1 thing on your bucket list? 
I absolutely have to see Disney World before I kick the bucket.  It's a crazy expensive trip for a west coaster to make, but I just have to see it all with my own two eyes someday.  Kind of like my overpriced, souvenir-laden, amazing trip to Las Vegas - except this trip would be for my inner kid!

Do you have any goals when it comes to blogging?
My main goal at this point is to just keep writing.  I have never really applied myself 100% to any one hobby, but I really love blogging and want to keep going.  There are days I don't feel motivated to write, or the pressure to keep up is a little overwhelming, but it's the most amazing thing I've ever taken on, and I've learned so much from it!

Tell us two random facts about yourself.
1. I have a tattoo of my favorite movie logo.
2. I started playing the violin in 4th grade. :)

To read more about Anna, check out some of her favorite posts! 

Fur-baby mama's will certainly wanna read "You Ruin Everything". And follow her on Bloglovin and Twitter to keep up with her!


  1. I was so surprised at my reader today that no one had made a post about oct 3rd! I almost did it myself! I feel you on the lack of fall feelings due to weather. Todays high is only 90 where I live there so were getting there!

  2. You're drinking iced tea and collecting sea shells?!? I'm freezing my buns off already :)
    Twinsie! Thanks for the spotlight - Love hanging out on your blog!

  3. I was actually thinking of making a fall bucket list post too! After seeing yours, I'm definitely inspired for fall. New follower!

  4. Ugh. I wish I was at the beach today. I need a beach day so badly.

  5. yeah you're a weather jerk haha. and love anna and her fur family! :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  6. haha you said sickatating. i love you so much for that. i haven't heard that in like 38275 years. thanks for bringing it back into my life :)

  7. Haha! I love that list, I really never consider that it's not fall/winter every where like it is in Chicago!

  8. Your fall bucket list looks like mine! I am in FL and it is still in the 90s here! I hate seeing everyone's boot and scarf insta photos!!!

  9. I can't throw shade your way just because you are smarter than all of us and live somewhere rad. Respect. Also, PSL is fucking sickatating and I will join you in the war against, at a minimum, having to hear people talk about them. If I lived closer, I'd totally be your try more ice cream buddy :)