Pet Store Fun

I think it's pretty clear by now that I LOVE ANIMALS. All of them. Even pedophile looking sloths are so adorbs. Even lizards are cute and some snakes are too. If they're not a cute snake, they're at least really effing cool looking. In case you were wondering, "animals" does not include things like bugs, bees and spiders. Fuck them. Unless it's a ladybug or grasshopper, even a cricket is kinda cute. But spiders can fuck off and all those creepy looking insects and bugs can go die in a ditch somewhere. Bye. And yes, I understand we need bees. I've seen The Bee Movie, but they are EVIL! Honey bees and bumble bees are whatever. But those monstrous hornets and wasps... The wasps. Like, why? Why do they exist?! Scariest creatures ever. Die. Just die. But have you seen how cute a baby rhino is!? 

Moving on....

So I went to PetSmart this weekend to restock on DeNiro's food and litter. And every time we go there, I go into a frenzy of excitement. Like a kid getting a candy store as a present on christmas morning. We always manage to go on "adoption day", which is super exciting but also super sad because we can't take anyone home. There was an 8 month old Boxer mix and she was THE SWEETEST and I wanted to take her home so bad!! But we can't have pets where we live (DeNiro is a secret). We want a dog so badly but we'd never be able to hide a dog and we kinda don't wanna get evicted. But we do really want to start looking for somewhere else to live, just for this reason. Idealy, I'd like a huge house with a huge yard so I could have french bulldogs, pit bulls, pugs, kittens, pigs, bearded dragons, burrowing owls and many more. But I'm never that lucky powerball winner. Hashtag sad face. Also, I think DeNiro would be pissed. He likes being the only child. 

Anyways, there were also some adorable puppies playing. Here's a super short video. I didn't get any pix or video of the Boxer because I was too busy hugging her and telling her how much I love her. 

Also, they had kitties! This one was my favorite. SO FUNNY.

I also hung around the doggy day care and saw a pug. Made me think of my Becky. It's been almost a year since she passed away, I miss her a lot. But this is a happy post, so let's talk about her later. 

I chilled with the guinea pigs and hamsters for awhile too. But I don't have any footage of them because that was all snapchatted. You're welcome, girls ;)

They didn't have any lizards, snakes, frogs, etc here so I didn't get to hang out with them. Fun Fact: I've owned 17 frogs. I LOVE FROGS. My first frog had only one eye so I named him One Eye Willie, duh. Because goonies never say die. Even though he died. Sad face. He was a tree frog. I got another one after him named Jupiter. Some fire belly toads came later, and then I got dwarf frogs, and albino clawed frogs. I had two albino clawed frogs, Tyson and Dory. I had a newt, a sucker fish and some other random fishies but Tyson always ate them so I had to stop getting them. I'll do a frog post some day and show you, they were all so cute.

If you're ever having a bad day, my animal pinterest board will lift your spirit. RAWR! And if you missed that we now have a helicopter in our home, here's some footage of the never ending battle of DeNiro vs. The Helicopter.

You can see the start of this war HERE

Over and out. Hug your pets. Boop!


  1. I'm not allowed in pet stores because I throw a fit because I want them all then leave really sad. It's a constant battle.

  2. I can't go to pet stores by myself because I want ALL THE PUPPIES and then I get REALLY for even contemplating getting another puppy because Walter would be devestated if he wasn't an only child. I'm ridiculous.

  3. haha seriously, i'm so down in the dumps as soon as i get back in the car

  4. i'm worried about that too, DeNiro is super attached to us and only wants it to be him and us.
    when we put him the cat hotel before, he didn't even associate with the other cats or kittens, he just found a place to hide and stayed there all day. so i know when we do get a dog some day, he's gonna have a hard time with it.

  5. Walter LOVES playing with other dogs. Loves it. But, he also knows that at the end of the's just me and him and nobody else will be in bed with us (that sounds weird haha!).

  6. hahaha I went to petsmart the other day just to get my cat a new tag for her collar and ended up spending $50 in random cat stuff. My cat was not impressed since most of it was grooming stuff, and she hates being groomed haha.

  7. Aw your trip to the pet store seems like it was so fun! I am such an animal lover, my dog cheers me up so much whenever I am having a tough day!

  8. Whenever I see an adoption event I want to take all of them home! So hard to walk away!

    Voyage of the MeeMee

  9. I have a good laugh knowing that you were stalking other peoples pups at the doggy daycare! haha, love it!

    if i win the lotto before you do, i'll make you co-owner of my nature reserve and i will buy some of these

  10. thos roly-poly puppies! i die. so so cute. last time we went to petsmart we took the pugs and rosie tried to start a fight with a boston terrier puppy. she's such a badass ha. but whenever we go on adoption day i love it because i get to see the cuties but then i get super sad too that i can't take them all. fingers crossed you find a new place to live and can start your animal hoarding!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak