Please and Thank You.

Happy Friday!
Let me start off by saying thank you to those of you that have donated to help my neighbor restore what he lost in the fire. I'm so grateful to belong to such a caring community. When I started this campaign, I expected my friends and family on facebook and especially the other tenants in the building to be the ones donating and sharing the most. Absolutely false. I've had more donations and shares from bloggers and it puts a happy little rainbow on my feisty little heart. 

We aren't at our goal yet, and we've got just a few days left to reach it. I realize that some people shy away from things like this because they feel like they "can't help" because they "can't give enough". We have donations as small as $5 and those $5 donations add up! Those $5 donations are just as important as the $100 ones. That's one less latte, one less shot at the bar tonight, etc. Any small amount is equal to any large amount in this situation. 

A fire can take everything from any of us at anytime. What joy would it put on your heart to be handed money from strangers willing to help you back on your feet? I would be speechless, my heart would be so heavy. It's like no one expects kindness like that anymore. But it's out there and some of you have been the proof. 

Please help by either donating or spreading the word. To show you my appreciation, I've had a giveaway up for a Lorac Pro Eye Kit. One donation gives you TEN entries to win. You can enter over on THIS POST

And you can visit the campaign page here:



  1. So happy John will get back some stuff he lost! Always happy to help a good cause! :)

  2. such a great thing you are doing! :-)

  3. I hope you can raise more money!!! :)

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