Weekend "Scary" Shenans

Oh look, a real weekend post. The first one in awhile since I've been spending the past few weekends in a comfortable relationship with my couch. Saturday we had lunch in Brentwood, (if you're not familiar, that's where OJ killed a couple people). But really though, it's super nice and relaxing over there. Later that night, we went over to downtown LA for some halloween shenanigans. We first stopped at a bar called The Library for some drinks and probably the best garlic fries I've ever had in my whole existence. I know it's called the "library" but I really wasn't expecting there to be real books...in a bar. 

I don't even know how to explain the "haunted house" we went to. Because it was an abandoned hotel and it was like being in a movie. They emulated the movie The Purge (which I realize got awful reviews but when you're IN it, totally different.) The cool thing about going to things like this in LA is that it's very very real. They have all they need to make you feel like you are legit in a movie. Being thrown into elevators, locked in rooms, guns in your face, I can't even do it justice. It was just so cool.  "You don't watch it, it happens to you" - here is the link to it. The Purge: Fear The Night

outside The Library/the building it took place in/
Robert and I getting scared/Andy and I getting excited

in line waiting to go in/getting exciteddddd/
inside! so scared!/and the badge we all had that "kept us safe"

There's another one that we're going to do, called the Blackout and this one you have to go by yourself! Our friends told us that last year when they went, they like throw you on the ground, put a bag over your head, zip tie your hands, like so much scary crazy shit. And yes, you have to sign a waiver and there's a "safety word" so you can get out if it gets too intense for you. It sounds like the most terrifying experience ever, and I cannot wait to do it!! They have it in LA, NY (and Chicago in December) so if you are interested, here is the info and videos- BLACKOUT. Here is a snippet of what it is:  "Immersing themselves in the elaborately designed set pieces, guests are forced to interact with characters in a series of twisted scenarios, lasting roughly 30 minutes. Unlike theme park haunted houses, BLACKOUT:elements crosses traditional boundaries, with visitors encountering complete darkness, crawling, stairs, water, physical contact, violence, and even shocking sexual situations. Participants carry a flashlight and wear a protective mask at all times and are not allowed to speak - only scream"

And there's also one from Rob Zombie that's actually 3 different attractions! If you can't tell, halloween is my favorite holiday!

In Pop Music News:
Miley was the host and musical guest on SNL this weekend. The other day I tweeted that I hope she does We Can't Stop in an acoustic version and that's what she did! And it was damn flawless. 

And did anyone else get misty eyed during her Wrecking Ball performance? Her vocals were on point and all her raw emotion, loved it. 

In "proud newbie blogger" news: 
Anna at A Dash Of Quirky tweeted me a screenshot that I was #2 on bloglovin's up and coming personal blogs. *blushes*

That's all I got for you, have a manic Monday!

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  1. I want to go to a haunted....anything. Like a real haunted something though, not the haunted houses the put up for Halloween. haha.

  2. so i lived outside of LA for a short stint a few years ago and I am still mad I never made it to The Library. I had heard such good things about that place.

  3. Ok here's where we are not similar...I'm a total weenie. That "immersion" haunted house? Oh my gosh NO. I would pee myself then my heart would give out. like forreals.
    I watched the Miley SNL (on Saturday, haha) and LOVED her sets, she rocked it. so good! :)

  4. Oh Brentwood. So many memories of getting lost on your streets while trying to stalk celebrities.

  5. Oh wow, that seems like an intense haunted house experience. Too bad they aren't coming to Dallas. Congrats on your blog being on the up and coming! that's awesome! Oh and maybe Miley saw your tweet and did it per your request ;) Great performance! I haven't seen her perform Wrecking Ball but I'll definitely look it up.