Chicken Noms

I'm pretty sure this is the third week in a row that I'm posting a recipe. I'd make that a trend but I'm not good with that kind of commitment... or with recipes. On Sunday I threw a whole chicken in a brine bag and let it chill out in the fridge all day. Then let it sit in the oven for awhile with some veggies and came out this... 

For the brine I used:
fresh rosemary (a few sprigs)
onion (in large chunks)
garlic cloves (smashed)
olive oil

You can buy brine bags at the grocery store, I like to place it in a big bowl to keep it all sturdy. I put in a couple teaspoons of olive oil. I used a quarter of an onion and chopped in large chunks. I love garlic so I smashed up a lot of cloves and threw those in there with a couple sprigs of rosemary. Tossed in some sprinkles of salt and pepper and filled it with water until the chicken was drowning covered. Tied it all up tight and let it sit in the fridge for about 7 hours. You can brine for however long, once I did it for 24hrs. 

When it was time to preheat the oven to 375, I stuck some Kerrygold grass fed butter under the skin on the chickens boobies and covered the little dude in olive oil. I made a little rub using:

garlic powder
21 Seasonings from Trader Joes

Mixed it all together and rubbed it all over the chicken. Then I chopped up a bunch of veggies. 

2 zucchinis
2 large carrots
1 very large sweet potato
4 small red potatoes 
lots of smashed garlic cloves 

We've been on Paleo for a few weeks and have been enjoying the shit out of sweet potatoes, since they are allowed. I guess because they're not really a potato. But all the others seem to be under a big debate. I've read they are not allowed at all. I've read that they're ok to have once a week. Who knows!! But we went with the ok and added a few small ones to this dish. Whatever. 

All the veggies were covered in olive oil and seasoned with salt/pepper, garlic powder, dried parsley and thyme. Dumped them in a big pan and ready to go in the cooker!!

I cooked it on 375 for about an hour and a half. I started checking on it after an hour and basting the veggies with the juice from the chicken. I had chopped the veggies a little too large, next time I'll go a bit smaller for better cooking. 



  1. Delish! Also you should prob start writing the directions for cookbooks, I'd be way better at cooking if it says "cover the little dude in olive oil"

  2. That looks really good and I was wondering the same thing about the potatoes. I was reading up on the Paleo diet and it seemed even the sweet potatoes were to be limited. Maybe I am reading it wrong too.

  3. hahaha! have you ever watched Anne Burrell? she calls the meat sexy and everything, so funny.

  4. yea we read that about the sweet also. so sad. how are we to truly know? like what if that's all the cavemen had that week? how do we know?! haha

  5. this meal looks so amazing kelly! for some reason i've never tried doing this but you make it sound so easy. i guess i'm just confused about the brine part. what does the bag look like? and how does it all get evenly distributed?

  6. i get the reynolds one, and it sits in a bunch of water so the ingredients all float around in there :)

  7. Haha! I know right? I would use sweet over regular potatoes every time!

  8. That looks yummy! I don't really like those vegetables (but I do like potatoes.. just white). I may have to try this though. I've never brined anything before!

  9. I am now so hungry that I will be useless for the rest of the day. Thanks a lot. Damnit. hahaha

  10. Sometimes I make chicken and roasted veggies, and I eat the veggies and Hawkeye eats the chicken. Ah well!

  11. Yum! I love a good paleo meal; I don't fall the diet closely, but I try to use it as guidelines, especially the part about cutting out flour and sugar. This chicken looks delicious and satisfying!

    - Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  12. Look at you go Ms. Domestic... I'm both inspired by you and ashamed of my own skills, all at once!