Dear Santa,

I've seen lots of posts of Xmas lists. I made a Pinterest board of my list so that I could give it to the boyfriend. Check back on that in a month and I'll let you know how well he does with it. Do you wanna know what he wants?  A tool. For work. I was like, "that's not fun!" He said "it's fun to me! It will help me at work!" .... Ok. (boringggggg). I usually don't care about things much, I just like to have food. But this is the time of year that I feel like I can be like GIMME ALL THE THINGS. 

I never thought I'd like any MK bags. But we saw this in the store the other day and I

Obsessed with the color combo. Plus they're the small ones made for petite faces. AKA my face. 

I have the Spiked Lita's and they're my favorite shoes I've ever owned. JC comes out with like 297538 styles of the Lita. But when I saw the unicorn one, I was like ok wait. I. Need. Those. the end. You might be wondering what I'd wear them with or where I would wear them... I live in LA... so it doesn't matter. 

I like it and I want it. That simple. 

Due to the price, I'd totally settle for the Sonia Kashuk "Lavish Luxe" 10 pc Brush Set

I actually only have Basics and I'm not that fond of it. I don't completely love whats in 2. I'll take Naked 1 and 3. 

Kind of a greedy little post to make on THANKSGIVING eve. In all fairness, everyone wants expensive shit on Christmas. Doesn't matter when it's posted/mentioned. 


  1. Hahaha I love "I live in LA so it doesn't matter", Spencer & I had SO much fun people watching in LAX. Such ridic clothes

  2. I want a brush set too. Doesn't matter that I won't know how to use it!!

  3. The Naked 3 is going to be on my list this holiday season too! I have that Michael Kors bangle bracelet and I absolutely love it.

  4. The Naked 3 is on my Christmas list too!

  5. LOVE that bag. I hope you get it because then I can borrow it. We're twins/triplets after all. That's what sisters do.

  6. i hope you get naked3!! i saw that bracelet in the MK store and was like, yup i need that.

  7. haha seriously. i pretend to know but i have no idea because then i watch youtube videos and i'm like WHAT?!

  8. hahaha i can't tell you how many times i'm just like "only in la". omg the other day someone was at a bus stop sitting on a trash can PLAYING A KEYBOARD! like first of all, why do you have a keyboard? and why are you playing it on a trash can!? i wanted to take a pic so badly but the light was green. dammit!

  9. oooh that bag is pretty! i've been making a constant christmas list too!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  10. See here the latest Michael Kors bags

  11. The purse and those aviators! Swoon! I am so lame I always ask for practical gifts too like a vacuum and remote car starter. :)

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