Let's Recap

It's Saturday. But if feels like Friday because I'm working. This is the joy of working in payroll, when there is a holiday, we gotta work the weekend. People gotta be paid. 

This week seemed so outta place in blog world, I made posts and felt like I didn't know what day I was posting. Just kinda threw some things up. So in case you missed it, here's a little recap. 

  • I wrote to Santa on Wednesday. Sorta. I posted a little Xmas wish list

  • On Thanksgiving, I put up the post that matters the most this week. Who I'm thankful for. 

  • And last night, totally unexpected, I shared a super simple "recipe" (if you can even call it that) for a Fireball Hot Toddy

I hope you all had an awesome holiday! Mine was highly nontraditional for us, but that'll be up on Monday. Have a fun filled fucking weekend! 


  1. haha those cats are great! If it makes you feel better I'll be at work in just a few short hours :(

  2. Sorry you have to work Saturday girl! Also sorry I always end up posting as this random number letter combination...#technologicallychallenged

  3. cat & the toaster, ahaha!

  4. Kitties! My cats always slap the toaster when it pops haha

    Working on weekends blows :( I'm so sorry you had to!

  5. That stinks you had to work! Did he seriously kick that cat?!