weekend shenans.

Oh my gah, I actually have something to update for a weekend shenanigans post. 

Sami's Shenanigans

Let me start off by saying, if you don't know who Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky are, you should stop what you're doing (reading this) and add "listen to Your Moms House Podcast" to you list of important things to do. They are hilarious. And if you don't know who she is, than you probably never watched Road Rules. Sad.

So they had a little show on Friday night at the comedy club by my house. I hadn't seen them live before and they were some of my favorite comedians that I've ever seen. They are so funny, and SO CHILL. We're going to see them do a live podcast in a few weeks and I'm so excited!

I may have drank a little too much Fireball on friday night because I slept ALL DAY on saturday. I haven't slept that much in forever. It felt damn amazing. Saturday night we just stayed up late watching things that I don't even remember. 

Today, I went to Chipotle for the last time. (Maybe!) Earlier this year, I started eating very clean and was exercising a lot. But a couple months ago, I slowly started to fall off the wagon. And then I FELL OFF and smashed onto the ground. But now it's time to get back on track and this time I'm going PALEO. We went grocery shopping today and I've got all my food prepped for work; breakfast, lunch and snacks. And I'm super excited to start feeling good again. Eating like crap makes me feel like crap. That's why I stopped exercising too, I never had the energy with all the garbage I was putting into my Fireball catcher. So when I said that today was maybe my last time having Chipotle, I meant because I could still eat there and not get rice. This is because I legit only get brown rice, chicken and peppers. In a bowl. And sometimes, a side mild that I use very little of. 

That's my very simple Chipotle order. So if I am ever craving it, I'll just ditch the rice and maybe get extra chicken. 

Ehh, I guess that's all I got. Not really a thrilling weekend. I tried. 

Happy Monday, bye!


  1. their salads are actually quite legit. you'll forget why you even liked the brown rice in the first place!

  2. That is seriously old school Road Rules!! Haha! I am getting back on healthy train too and it blows, but so needed! I am with you girl! Let me know how it goes with the Paleo diet. I always go back to low carb when I need to lose a few.

  3. Good luck! I feel like so many people have recently started the Paleo diet - definitely sounds like a challenging one!

  4. I did a Paleo challenge and Chipotle became one of my favorite places. They give you an odd look if you order a bowl without rice or beans, but whatever. Sometimes I even put in the cash to get extra meat on what I ordered. It's so hard to eat out in a Paleo Lifestyle, but Chipotle was one place I didn't have to worry about.

  5. So funny that you fell of the wagon because I did too! Big time! I also bought groceries and will not eat out for awhile, I crave healthy food now. Also going to hit the gym this week at least 3 times to get me back in the swing of things. I want to look HOT for New Year's LOL.

  6. Chipotle, yum. At least you were on the wagon to begin with, i was just never on!

    Go you!

  7. I have heard amazing things about paleo! I've never done it...I think it would be super hard as a vegetairan but my friends who have RAVE about how wonderful they feel! Good luck girl!

  8. Bahahah... "fireball catcher"!!!!!