Long Weekend Shenans

I'm so tempted to just write about Paul Walker. So unbelievably tragic. But I'm gonna keep to what I had planned and just recap this whole mini vacation. This means that I gotta take you all the way back to Wednesday. 

Thankfully, I was let out of work early. And by early, I mean around 10:30am. Woo! And twelve hours later I was sitting 2 seats away from FILTHY PHIL from Sons Of Anarchy, watching Bryan Callen and Joe Rogan do stand up 6 feet in front of me. You may have seen my tweets of Filthy Phil, and the crappy pictures I got. Well, I managed to get one good one! 

Thursday was of course, Thanksgiving. Since we don't have any family out here and our plans went a little array; we decided to go super nontraditional and head to a restaurant. We went to Maggiano's for a giant Italian meal. But when we got there, we found out they had a very specific menu for the day. Mehh. We downed a bottle of wine and made the best of it. 

It was kinda weird having pastas with Thanksgiving foods, but whatevs. Also, it all wasn't that great. Just saying. A whole lot of cheating and ditching paleo for a bunch of not so great food. Isn't that how it always goes?  We spent the rest of the evening lounging around watching movies and most of Friday laying around drinking Fireball Hot Toddy's.

I did have to work for a few hours on Saturday but it wasn't too bad. As most of you know, Saturday was the day Paul Walker died. Since it was only about 20 minutes from our home, we took a ride over to the crash site. We expected to just see news crews and fans paying respect. I never imagined the coroner inspector, sheriffs and tow truck to still be there. The demolished Porsche was still there, sitting on the tow truck as they picked up all the strewn pieces of the car. We were mixed in with a crowd of other fans, it was so quiet. When anyone talked, they whispered. I've never seen anything like it. I've never seen a crash site like this in my life. As the tow truck drove past us, I got chills all over my entire body and tears filled my eyes. The smell of the burnt and melted metal, rubber, fuels... flesh. It was so overwhelming in such a quick moment. It was so much to take in. The entire situation and all the details of it are just so incredibly tragic. 

yes, this is my video

We were in that area Sunday afternoon for a birthday lunch and were gonna go visit the site and bring some flowers. But the lunch took a turn and we had to drive some friends home. We both have early work days tomorrow so we can still get over there tomorrow before the sun goes down. 

As I said, Sunday we had a birthday lunch. I drank so.much.Fireball. We had a shot called Scooby Snack which was damn scrumptious and I think it was made with Midori, Malibu, banana liqueur, pineapple juice, and shaken up with whipped cream. And then some loud dude got Blow Job shots just for the ladies. Somehow.... I was sober. What?! I don't know either.

Oh yea it was really nice weather, happy December!

That last pic.... that is one of Paul Walker's long time friends. He pulled up in a Ferrari and we all admired it and of course the guys wanted to talk to him about it. In that conversation, they learned that he was Paul's friend since childhood, and he was at the charity event on Saturday. As I tried not to stare at him, I could see so much sadness in his face. And as he sped off super fast I thought... and that's how your friend just died. Ugh!

And I just wanna side note some special thoughts over to Whitney, who lost her pup Sebby in a tragic situation on Friday. If you've been around here for awhile you know my love for animals, and the pain I've endured in losing my own pets. There is nothing like it, and my heart breaks for Whitney as she deals with this. <3

I hope you all had a fantastically fun holiday!


  1. Oh man, I miss the 80 degree California Decembers. Never thought I would say that!

  2. I'm in Phoenix and it has been in the 70's. Sometimes its annoying, I want a cold holiday! Lol.
    That's awesome you were able to go be at the crash site, I would have never been able to keep my composure.

  3. that sucks your thanksgiving dinner wasn't all that good. what a bummer. and definitely so sad about paul walker - so sad when anyone dies so young.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  4. I am incredibly sad about Paul Walker. So tragic. :(

  5. I'm super jealous over that 80 degrees! It has been super cold on the east coast but we are looking at mid 70's this week and I'm excited.

  6. I totally forgot about the drink/shot Scooby Snacks. I can't remember when and where I had them.. but I do remember having them lol. It was so sad about Paul Walker :-( A couple of years, we ate at a restaurant for Thanksgiving, since my husband's parents just moved into a new house and didn't feel like cooking.

  7. omg that gave me chills about paul waler! so so sad. a thanksgiving feast at maggianos sounds pretty great to me!

  8. one year, my sister was here and it was Jan 1st and we were at the beach in the water. so crazy!

  9. it sounded great to me too, i love that place! but i think since everyone was being served the same stuff, it was all mass produced in the kitchen and just wasn't the same as usual.

  10. i've only been to the one back in Boston and it's sooo good! i don't know what's up with LA screwing up all the food. even chain restaurants.

  11. i agree, i think it's the way he died that is messing with me so much because car accidents and fire are my biggest fears. and then just the whole story, like he was at the charity, his daughter was there, all of it is just so so sad