Meatloaf Muffins & Sweet Potato Topping

Who doesn't love meatloaf? I mean, this is America. And who doesn't love a food that can be made in 92579 different ways? Last night, for my first time ever... I made MEATLOAF MUFFINS. And topped them off with sweet potato. Like a cupcake with frosting! Well, that's what I was going for. 

This is so easy peasy, it's insane! If you already have your own meatloaf recipe, basically just stuff the mixture in the muffin pan. I went a slightly different route because I made them Paleo. I skipped out on the milk and cheese and instead of breadcrumbs, I used almond flour. 

Ok this picture is slightly a lie because I didn't include all the ingredients. Really just meaning that I didn't put all 5 of the sweet potatoes I used (that turned out to be way too many!), and I use 2 eggs, not one. Oh and 2 pounds of beef. 

2 lbs of grass fed beef
3/4 cup of almond flour
2 eggs
1/2 a small onion
1 green pepper
a million cloves of garlic
seasonings of your choice
a few small sweet potatoes

Preheat your oven to 350.
Peel and cut the sweet potatoes into large chunks and boil until soft. 

If you've never made meat loaf before, you basically throw all the ingredient in a bowl and mix it all up with your hands. This is dirty work. But you never wanna mix too much because the meat will get tough. I usually mix all the veggies and seasonings together first with the almond flour (or breadcrumbs) and toss it onto the meat and eggs and mix.

Then just stuff each spot of the muffin pan to the top with your meat mixture. And shove them in the oven for 15-20 minutes. 

While they're cooking, mash up your sweets and mix in a little bit of nutmeg and tons of cinnamon. Ok, I'm not great with measurements, I do everything "to taste". So start with a little, mix, taste, add more if needed. We have some grass fed butter, so I added a little bit of that too. 

After 15 minutes, I took them out and topped them with the sweet potatoes. I wanted to be all fancy, so I stuffed a sandwich bag with the sweets, cut the corner and "piped" them onto the muffins as if I was a baker making cupcakes. This really happened. You don't have to do this part. You can totally just spoon it on like a normal person. You may also want to wait until the muffins are 100% done, so you don't make a mess removing them from the pan. I topped the sweets on there and shoved them back in the oven for 5 more minutes. In my defense, I didn't want cold sweet potatoes on top of hot meatloaf muffins. But if you're really good at timing when cooking (I am not), you can get the potatoes done at the same time as the meat. Or, you could totally pop the mix in the microwave for a few seconds like a real American, and do it the easy way. 

Next time will be different.  

Another thing I will change next time is that I will cook the onions, garlic and peppers in a pan first. The muffins don't cook in the oven long enough to really cook those ingredients. 

shit. how am I supposed to get these out and keep them photo worthy?!
hashtag blogger problems

Enjoy! Noms.


  1. this sounds so good!!!

  2. That looks so good!! I love meatloaf!!

  3. These look delicious! I will definitely have to try them! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. I've actually never had meatloaf in my life. Seriously! But they're so cute, little meat cupcakes, I think I should do it. Hawkeye would be in heaven.

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