The Weekend We Called 911

Where do I even begin with this one? That's a dumb question... the beginning. I'll start with Friday at work. Absolute devastation when I got in that morning. One of my co-workers found her cat dead on the kitchen floor. We sit next to each other and talk about our cats all the time. He is her baby! My heart is shattered for her. I wish there was something I could do, but as someone who has lost pets... I know there isn't. Please keep her in your thoughts. 

Friday was also the day of our company holiday party. This is when they hire a santa, invite all the family and children and have face painting, music, ect. And FOOD. Yea, I've been on Paleo, but the past couple weeks have been a train wreck. And that holiday party was no help. I'll spare the details, you can see for yourself. I went balls to the wall. 

No fucks were given. And that piece of grilled chicken with a few lettuce shreds... trash. They went in the trash. I threw them on the plate to feel less guilty. But when it came down to the moment, I wanted nothing to do with them. Hashtag paleo fail. Yolo.

Let's skip on over to the drama that was Saturday night. I've been wanting a desk for a while. Like, I even begged for it to be my xmas present and the boyfriend was like "I'm not getting you furniture for Christmas.." Anyways, when I want something, I want it. So we headed out on an all day mission, and found the perfect desk on a great sale. Could.Not.Wait to get home and put it together. 

can't wait to decorate it more!

One of the tools we needed to put it together was a hammer. So he went out to his work van to get that and some other tools. Moments later he came back in very unhappy and calling 911. The van was broken into and all his power tools were gone. Thousands of dollars in power tools. Including one that I bought for him as a gift, (motherfuckers steal my gifts! hell no!). He had been storing all my xmas gifts in the van too, which shockingly they did not take. And he was pretty upset that I had now seen my gifts, since he had to bring them in the house in such a frantic rush. [Side note: I didn't see them. I only saw one bag, so I only know of one store he bought something from.] While we waited for the police to come, we started to put the desk together to keep our minds busy. A million hours later when the cops showed up, I stayed inside. And cried. I cried because I was angry. I cried because I was sad for him. And I cried because he had worked SO HARD to build that collection of tools, those things are not cheap and take a long time to build up. I was so devastated that my over dramatic mind went to the worst place, of course. ... "he has no tools, he can't work, we're gonna have no money, we're gonna lose everything!" I pulled myself together and went outside, the cop reassured me that everything will be fine and 99% of the time, insurance will replace everything.  This made me feel a little better. And then CSI showed up. This made me feel much better for a few reasons:

  • we always see the CSI truck and laugh about it, now it was at our house. we laughed again.
  • she was taking fingerprints so I was hopeful that the scum would be caught
  • I felt like I was in a TV show

Sunday morning he talked to his boss and thankfully, insurance WILL cover everything. I don't know why I was worried they wouldn't. This whole thing honestly upset me more than him. Like he was mad, but I was devastated. He was like "this stuff happens all the time".  But this was my first, and hopefully last, so it was really scary to me. Moral of the story, everything is gonna be ok and he's gonna get brand new stuff! Have fun with the used stuff, thieving assholes!

Sunday was also beast mode day. So much so, that I'm struggling to type this. I had the most intense workout of my life at the gym. We did boxing and battle ropes.  I'm pretty positive I'm slightly paralyzed from the muffin top area and up. I can barely lift my arms above my head. As much as it hurts, I feel so good inside knowing that I had such a kick ass workout, and I can't wait to do it again!

Now time for a super intense Monday work day, getting out early, having Tues/Wed off and then back to work for boring Thurs and Fri. I don't know that I'll post again before Christmas, so Merry Merry to everyone that celebrates! Let's stay connected on twitter and instagram! And be sure to check out my sponsors on my sidebar!

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  1. So glad his insurance will cover the tools, that totally stinks. Glad they didn't take your presents too. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Love that desk. And I am so glad insurance will be covering everything. That really sucks that happened to you. :(

  3. Katie @ A Beautiful Little AdvDecember 23, 2013 at 6:48 AM

    oh geez, that is SO horrible. I'm glad that insurance covered it, but I would have been just like you, crying and terribly anxious. Merry Christmas!

  4. I'm in the same boat with you, eating at company parties and they aren't helping. Good job for working out hard at the gym. I need to go back, kinda fell off the wagon the past two weeks. Glad to hear insurance will cover the tools they stole. I'm sorry that happened to you guys. I think it's normal for you to be emotional because that's just our nature. I will keep your friend in my prayers, that's horrible <3

  5. I've been wanting a desk like that so bad but we just have a normal one now :( I'm so sorry that douche bigallows broke into the boys van. karma my friend, karma will get them.

  6. Cookies have been by my desk in the office every damn day! I can't resist.

    Sorry about the break in, I'm glad they left the presents at least though. Assholes!

  7. I can't even talk about the damage that all the holiday parties are doing to my waistline. I like your new desk! We need one badly. I'm so glad that they will be able to cover his losses through insurance. Being robbed sucks though so I understand your freak out.

  8. I'm glad all the tools will be replaced. I'm so sorry that happened during the holidays.

    Way to get in to the gym and kick some ass! You're inspiring me to keep going!

  9. People can be such jerks, I'm so glad insurance will replace everything!

    I got a new desk for Christmas and today is my first day working at it, in LOVE, yes I am in love with a desk.

  10. that sucks so hard. but at least insurance will cover it.

    and way to kick some ass at the gym!! i love using ropes; they totally destroy your upper body (but in a good way)

    Vodka and Soda

  11. fingers crossed the insurance covers all your stolen items!!!

  12. Oh no! I hope the insurance will cover it! :(

    But yay for you and going all beast mode at the gym. That's a good way to take out the frustrations for sure!

    - Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  13. It's kind of funny that they didn't take your presents. Maybe they just couldn't deal with completely ruining Christmas. Glad insurance will cover all of it!

  14. Glad to hear everything worked out ok! Isn't it funny how sometimes us girly worry more about the things our men go through then they do?!?

  15. I've been stolen from and it's violating. Pete's car was broken into in front of our apartment not too long ago and the fucking weirdos left his entire set of golf clubs and iPod but took his backpack with old sweats and cleats, oh, but first they took the mitt of it and left that, too. DAFUUUUQ?! It just makes you feel dirty and like I said... violated. Do you think I want to work for my money? Fuck no. But I do because that's life. WORK FOR YOUR FUCKING SHIT. I'M WORKING FOR ME NOT FOR YOU ASSHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!