I can't believe I'm actually vlogging... again! I never thought I'd have the balls to do this, especially more than once. Last week I answered some questions you had asked. This week, I'm answering the rest. But I brought a guest along with me to help out.

At some point I said I "had too much wine" and I also kept complaining that he was being un-fun and awkward and not himself (truth!) but then I realized that a few mins in, he asked me to restart it and I was like "I don't wannaaaa"

"noooo kevin!!"

I tried to make this shorter than last week, but failed at that. 

Links I mentioned... aka one link:WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF

Join in the vlogging fun with Ashten!

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  1. You guys are hilarious. I think he was offended you didn't mention waking up to him, haha!

    No dream job, what??? When one of us wins the millions and opens our huge farm, someone's gotta take care of the animals! :)

  2. You dumb bitch. I was NOT prepared for the unicorn to rear his scary head!!! Bahahahahahaahahha!
    "Soooo... do your job." hahahaha
    "Don't touch it - I'M doing the questions!" hahahah
    Ahhh... he needs to make appearances more often... you guys are so funny/cute together. :)

  3. HAHA, you guys are too cute! And I think DeNiro really wanted to be a part of the video too. :)

  4. You guys are too funny together! His expressions were awesome! I think he was hoping you would say waking up to him! :(