Health/Fitness Lover's Gift Guide

Last minute shopping needed for your fitness friend? I've got you covered! I own half of this stuff and can vouch for it's awesomeness. Especially the FlavorGod seasonings!! Oh my goddddd...

I had planned on getting this up earlier, but ya know... life, holiday season, work, all that stuff that gets in the way. Anyhow, if I'm too late to help you out this year, good thing Pinterest exists and I can guide you along for next Christmas! Or your fitness lover's birthday, or any reason to buy them a gift! Or treat yourself, go for it. 


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A Morning With Daniel

This past weekend was the fiance's birthday and all he wanted to do was shoot. So we headed to the gun range first thing in the freezing morning, met up with his buddies and gave him what he wanted. I'm not sure if I mentioned it here on the blog (doubt it) but I'm not against guns. I'm against idiots that don't respect guns or lives, but I'm not against guns. Anyhow, a recent purchase was made.... a Daniel Defense M4A1 rifle! Since it was a birthday, and we had a fancy rifle I figured I'd film a little just for memory sake. Turns out, I got enough footage to make a dope ass video! I put a lot of work into this one so I really hope it is well received and enjoyed!

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+ Active Melody Dubstep - Linkin Park Crawling (SHVR Remix)


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How To NOT Wear Your Makeup

I've had a rough week. I've been suffocated and choked out by anxiety day after day. It hasn't been this bad in almost a year. However, when I decided to create a YouTube channel, one of the main reasons was to hopefully help with my anxiety struggles. As nerve racking as it is to get in front of the camera, it really has been helping calm me down. While I didn't have it in me to do any kind of talk through video, I did want to do something silly and simple that would lift my spirits a bit. And as I've said before, the editing process is my favorite. It gives me hours of something to focus on, it puts me in my own little world where I have complete control over every moment and detail. It is truly therapeutic. 

HAVING SAID ALL THAT.... I now present to you my most fabulous makeup tutorial you could ever imagine! Come on, I look gooooood. 
Happy Friday, you sexy beasts! 

Kat Von D Foundation
Maybelline Super Stay concealer
Milani bronzer
Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit
[I forget the names of the blushes - got them in an ipsy]
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade
Makeup Geek shadow in Neptune and Corrupt
Urban Decay Vice 3 - Alien
ColourPop - Tassel
Cover Girl Perfect Blend eyeliner
Kat Von D liquid eye liner
TooFaced Better Than Sex mascara
Pink lip liner (not sure of brand, picked it up at the Morphe store but it's not Morphe)
NYX Butter Lipstick - Razzle
e.l.f. false lashes


+ Lucky Day - YouTube Audio Files


GRWM - Dramatic Date Night Eye

If you're still shopping for your friends/family, check out my Blogger/YouTuber Gift Guide!


Blogger & YouTuber Gift Guide

Some other great ideas for the YouTuber would be Final Cut Pro, a tripod, and lighting kit. More gifts for the blogger could be an Etsy gift card for a blog design of their choice or a photography course because we all know how important it is to have quality shots in our posts! ;)

If you like gift guides, stay tuned for a "Health Nut|Fitness Lovers" guide coming soon! If you hate seeing gift guides everywhere, sorry to make you roll your eyes. There's a lot of crazy in my world right now and I miss being in this blog but have nothing exciting to share. And since it's the holiday season, maybe someone needs a little push in the Christmas list department!

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November Favorites (and dance party)

Have a beautiful day! 

November Favorites!

I finally filmed my first favorites video! This took about 4 attempts throughout the week, but I kept getting attacked by allergies so I didn't get to film it until this weekend. I tried to keep it short, but if you're familiar with monthly fave videos, they're typically longer than others. When I first edited, I was at like 28 minutes and I was like ummm no that's not gonna work. So I cut a few products out, jump cut the crap out of my rambles and ended up with what we've got now. Have no fear though, it's far from boring. DeNiro brought the entertaining interruptions all night long! Silly dude. And end off with a dance party. Enjoy!

Categories mentioned:
Home Goods

Have you tried any of these products? What are some of your favorite things right now, from any of these categories?  What videos would you like to see from me? I'm trying to hold off on the ones I really wanna do until I get my new camera, so that I don't waste exciting content on crap quality. 

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Holiday Spirit!

I'm pretty well known for being quite a grinch once Halloween ends. I've spent the majority of my life hating the holiday season and especially hating being suffocated by everything Christmas. But as life goes, we all change some things about us and one (of the million) things I've been working on improving each year is becoming more festive! Something caught me this year because I was so excited about decorating! A huge change because we didn't even bother to get a tree last year....

There will be no bah humbug bitch around these parts this year (unless Santa doesn't get me a new camera). And to show you my new found festive soul, I'm sharing our "tree decorating" evening with you! I hope you enjoy a little look into our holiday season and get at least a chuckle at this little fool. And by fool, I mean me, not DeNiro... even though he is all up in this video. Mr Camera Shy came out of his shell! 

Clips from: Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin Courtney's house, Christmas decor in downtown Burbank, Starbucks duh, and our comfy home. 

iMovie audios
First Noel - YouTube Audio

Shirt: IWYP
Necklace: Bauble Bar
Antlers: Target dollar section!

I hope you all had a wonderful start to your holiday season! To see what else I'll have coming up, please subscribe! kellylouise616

And in case you missed it, there is still time to enter to win a Sephora gift card: Beauty Lovers Gift Guide


Beauty Lovers Gift Guide

Remember when I said I wanted to be festive this year and not such a grinch? I picked up a few decorations at Target to start a theme in the living room but most importantly, we bought a tree! We didn't get one at all last year, the year before that we had a real one and that was exciting because growing up I only had fake trees. It was also DeNiro's first Christmas, he was still a baby so that tree ... well, it was a playground. And the year before that, our first Christmas together, I had a fake palm tree xmas tree. It was SO exciting! Until I set it up. Then it was just sad. But this year we got a good fake one and we're gonna get all up in the holiday spirit and set it up on Thanksgiving day and I'm actually really excited that I kinda give a crap this year!

I wanted to keep this festive theme going in my life so when I sat down to film a video this past weekend. I did what I knew would be a disaster (if you've been following along you know the nightmare that my camera causes when I film something long, aka a makeup look). I had this grand idea of this green eye shadow look and I was all "Christmas eyes!!!" and it just didn't work out. Let's start with the most important part, the eyes. I think my shadow primer expired because holy shit the products were just not doing what they normally would do. Second thing, I used a new foundation and partially hated it. Third, I used a new liquid liner (which I'm not good at anyways) and that turned out messy. Four, I was out of focus for a good chunk of the video. By the time everything was said and done, including the whole camera overheating, battery dying, typical nonsense... I was ready for the fun part, the editing. But as I watched through the clips, I was just not satisfied. And now I'm torn on what to do. Should I keep editing it and post it, since it was a lot of work and hey, someone might like it! Or do I just trash it and move on with my life? The fiance told me "don't do it if your heart is not in it" and I kinda agree. But I also really hate wasting my time. I can't decide if I will regret posting it or if I will regret dumping it. Major first world problems over here. Hashtag HALP.

Complaints end here. 

To put me back in the spirit, I wanted to put together a holiday gift guide (with a surprise at the end!) I've been trying out lots of new beauty products lately so I decided to stick with that since it excites me. So let's finally get to the point of this post!

And because I'm in the holiday spirit and feeling all thankful and giving, I'm giving away a $25 gift card to Sephora! Maybe that's what stood out to you the most in the above guide and you already know who you would give it to. Or maybe you deserve it and you can treat yo'self! Either way, good luck, thank you for being a part of my little internet space and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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I'll be working on a new blog design so if things are different and/or all out of whack over the next few days, that's why. And if you haven't told me what to do yet and feel like making decisions, check out the survey on my previous post


A Spending Freeze

Yup. I'm on one. I kinda say this all the time. But I really took steps this time. All my credit cards are left at home and all my saved payment info has been deleted from all my favorites sites. *cough* Sephora *cough*. The fiance's birthday is coming up fast right along with Christmas so it's about time I stop spending on myself and actually be responsible generous to others instead.

Do you have any idea how hard this is when "OMG SALE!" emails keep popping up in my notifications and umm hello, black Friday cyber Monday coming up soon! (I don't mess with black Friday, I have zero patience.... remember?)


I've been on this freeze for a little over 12 hours, most of which I was sleeping, and I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. Just kidding. There really isn't anything I'm dying to buy right now, I just felt like being dramatic for a moment. I haven't spent much time here on this blog in 2014 so I'm not used to all this. Have you noticed how similar this is to the last post? Like what even is this? What am here to write about? I don't know. I just wanted to show up and say hi. And maybe ask you a few questions and tell you a few things:

  • This is ironic with my spending freeze and all but I'm GIVING AWAY $50 Paypal cash over on Shane's blog! Like I said, time to start being more generous to others and not so much to myself right now. So head on over there to check that out because I'm also sharing my popular Fireball Hot Toddy drink recipe!

Now onto the burning question... the one that I'm beating dead into the ground because well, I'm not really getting any answers. Sad emoji. Video topics! What are your favorite videos to watch on YouTube? I've got a long list of ideas; the popular and typical ones and a bunch of others as well. But since you will be the ones watching (I hope) I want to know what YOU enjoy seeing. Below is a poll with some categories to help me serve you better

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Previous Videos
50 Facts About Me
Dramatic Date Night Eye look

Many thanks to you all for your support! Have a beautiful weekend!


Bloops and Stuff

For the past 24 hours my mind has been telling me that I really really want to blog. But then my mind is all like "you have nothing worthy of a blog post, pipe down." And so I keep opening and closing this page of a big blank space, confusing myself on how the hell the rest of this battle is gonna go. I'm gonna feed the need and here I am, I don't really have much to say... well, I do but I can't yet. Yes, I just did that, I'M ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. I guess that's why I'm so stumped when I come here, I feel on the edge of my seat about so many things, but for the privacy of others I'm not able to share anything yet. And I feel like it's really the only thing going on right now besides making YouTube videos and ya know, the same old day job life thing. Maybe this will just be one of those posts where I just kinda let it go where ever it goes. 

Oh here's a topic, wedding stuff. Just kidding, I got engaged two months ago and have yet to even bother to figure out what "Step One" is in this whole process. I know I mentioned it a bit in my engagement post, but since we're getting married back home in Boston, just the thought of beginning to plan a wedding from long distance makes me just wanna stay engaged forever. Like really, I'm all set. I also never ever wanted to get married back home but as much as I hate to admit it, it makes the most sense. Ok, I can already feel this part of the post taking a turn into stressville zip code kelly. Onto the next...

Let's take a break and have a laugh at my expense. So far since starting this YouTube thing, my way of going about it is to film on a Saturday if Robert is working. It's just easier with an empty home and zero noise or distractions. But he didn't work this past weekend (a first in awhile) so I chose to actually spend time with him instead. But what I did do was take some time during football watching to put together a "bloopers/extras" video. Although I didn't have anything new filmed, I didn't want to skip posting for the week ... that's a slippery slope and you see I wear that well if you've been visiting this blog for awhile. Much like skipping a workout day... it's all down hill for me. So to avoid that disaster I would have easily crawled into, I chose to put this together for you. It's hard to believe that after only 5 videos, I would even have a video like this but let me tell you... filming ain't easy! I stumble over my words like crazy, I get into singing to make being in front of a camera a little more comfy, seriously a private concert really gives you a confidence boost! And since I'm still so brand new at all this, I had quite a good collection of clips to make this. So yea, take a break, have a laugh, and maybe we'll get back to wedding stuff down below. 

Eh, maybe we won't get back to wedding stuff. That's not a fun subject when the bride isn't even into it yet. So moving on... what are your plans for the upcoming holidays? Do you travel for Thanksgiving? Will you be flying anywhere for Christmas? Are you having a New Years bash? If you've already posted about this, leave your links below so I can go live vicariously through you! We're not sure what we want to do for Thanksgiving yet. Last year we went to a restaurant and we are thinking of doing that again, so stress free! But a friend is going to be alone, his fiance flew home to her family and he wasn't able to, so we may host something mini or drag him out with us. Originally, we wanted to go home for Christmas, we were actually really excited that we'd be able to afford to do so. Until we went to book everything and realized that sorry not sorry, but it's just not worth it! I ranted about the prices once before so let's not repeat. I think we have plans for New Years, we were invited but didn't exactly give an answer yet. So we'll see.

Well look at that, an entire blog post but we're still back at the beginning with "nothing to write about". I basically danced around weddings and holidays because like my mind tried to tell me, I have nothing worthy to share.  So with all this fluffer, I at least hope my awkwardness in that video put a little light in your day.

Until next time...

Just kidding, I have more to say. Well, ask. I really want to get some feedback on what kinds of videos people like to watch. I have a list of about 40 videos that I'd like to do (some are the popular and typical ones that most people do) but I'd like to know what YOU want to see. Do you like the typical and popular ones? Or do you want to challenge me and push me out of my comfort zone? Let me know :)

And one more thing, it's Song Of The Week Wednesday over on Helene's blog and I totally missed this last week and refuse to miss it again because MUSIC. And although I don't have a song chosen and certainly don't have a song to tie into this nonsense post... I'm gonna just choose the first one that pops up in my Spotify! (hold please...) Oooh! This slightly ties into the wedding part because this could totally be played at a wedding. But first let me say that I am light years behind on the Ed Sheeran wagon. I took the bait last week for the first time and wow! Ok ok this weeks song is "Thinking Out Loud".

I love this live sessions version.

K bye for real!

Helene in Between Song of the Week Wednesday

New Video - 50 Facts About Me

I think I'm getting more comfortable talking in front of the camera. Doing this video really helped! Please subscribe to follow along and see what I've got coming up next! 

What I'm wearing in this video: 

Thug Life beanie - Etsy LOL Brand

Makeup I'm Wearing:
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - Transparent
Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana Powder
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit
Makeup Geek Blush:
NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder - Brunette
Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel
NYX Kohl Kajal black liner
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof liner - Nude
Makeup Geek Eyeshadows
- Peach Smoothie
- Creme Brule 
- Cupcake
- Prom Night 
- Bitten
- Shimma Shimma
- White Lies
Makeup Geek Pigment - Bewitched
Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara
Ardell false lashes #110
Gerard Cosmetics lipstick - Nude 

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Yea, I Have Goals

It's not even Thanksgiving yet, like literally there may even still be a Halloween party or two going on somewhere. But of course, Christmas is already being stuffed in our faces and shoved down our throats and I think I'm already choking on candy canes. And since I don't like being left behind, I'm just gonna go ahead and jump a step ahead of all that and get right into my goals for 2015. So, ha! Hashtag winning, I'm already pimping out January 1st. Shove it, Santa.

Blogging Goals: Yes, I have them. Just because I decided to start making YouTube videos, doesn't mean I'm totally ditching this place. I realize that I have been very "meh" in the blog world this year. But if you were following along, I was going through some "self awareness" shit and I really just didn't have much to come here and say very often. And sadly, putting my own blog on the back burner caused me to put some of yours there as well. I don't read as much, and I certainly don't comment as much (when I do read). And even more importantly, I got really bad at replying to comments on my own posts. Yep, I became one of those. And I'm sorry. Forgive me? So in realizing all of this, my blogging goals moving forward are as follows:
  • Interact more with my readers
  • Read my favorite blogs at least once a week 
  • Hit up the blogs of some new readers that comment on my posts
  • Post more than 4 times a month (think I can aim for twice a week?)
  • Comment more on the blogs I do read, instead of just "read and leave"

"Save the excuses. It's not about having time, it's about making time. 
If it matters, you will make time."

Life Goals: I don't even know where to begin with this because I had so many changes in 2014 and there are things that are still changing everyday and Robert and I have big changes that are moving fast and will be huge by this time next year. <- not wedding or baby related! But I think what I need to concentrate on most in my life are still the things within myself. I'm still learning to find peace, and to be calm in situations that don't require me to go from 0-100. And I'm still lacking the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But seriously, why is that so hard? I'm going to continue working on becoming a better me with the following:
  • Breathe
  • Say kind things to myself 
  • Figure out some kind of food and exercise regimen that I won't randomly give up on
  • Be more supportive of others
  • Maintain better contact and relationships with family and friends that are 3000 miles away
  • Stop being late to work AKA get more sleep

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf."

YouTube Goals: Weeeeee! I suppose this list could be really long or really short. For the sake of keeping things simple, we'll go with short. For the months leading up to me actually starting the channel, I was adding video ideas to a list in my phone. There are currently 31 things on that list and some of those things have a list within them. So I'm definitely prepared with ideas but always wanting more so tell me what you'd like to see! If you watched my most recent video (skipping to 3:01) you'd think I've got the "stage fright" thing under control. But I don't. Every time I turn the camera on, I freeze, I panic, I talk to myself, I start my intro 109539 times, and all the awkward stumbling is edited out. Having said that, confidence is clearly on this list: 
  • Don't let the nerves get to me
  • Be more comfortable and confident
  • Purchase a better camera (eyes on the Canon 70D)
  • Sharpen my editing skills/drop iMovie and purchase Final Cut Pro
  • Build my audience 

So listen up 2015, I'm coming for you. With last years post, I thought I'd have a handle on 2014 but that bitch snatched me up and tried to drown me. But I've put my scuba gear on and I'm ready to dive in! 

 "Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. 
Life is happening now."

Most recent video: 50 Facts About Me

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WINNERS! And A Little Silly....

I jumped on the camera last night to film a quick announcement of the Giveaway Winners and it totally turned into something else. I hope this ridiculousness sets your Monday off to a great start! Oh and if you're curious of what is in the "surprise" boxes, I will post all that once the winners receive their packages because I'm not about spoilers over here.

As I watched this video back, I definitely LOL'd at myself. This is worth a watch if you need a smile on your face. So much silly. I love that I'm getting more comfortable and I love being able to SAY all this stuff instead of just write it in a blog post.

Let me know what you think, and what else you would like to see from me :)

Even if you didn't win, I have a little announcement for you in the video, so be sure to watch!


The Rafflecopter was what I was trying to show in the video...
can be seen on original post HERE

Simple Unicorn Look - Happy Halloween!

I don't think I've ever posted twice in one day, but today was a roller coaster over here in Kellyland zip code 0616 and a second post is absolutely required right now! If you're wondering what the hell I'm referring to, my post this morning was an explosion of major FAIL and for a moment I wanted to give up on this YouTube thing already. If you're curious about those dramatics, feel free to click below.

Now on to the good news! Fellow blogger Jenn @ Hello Rigby gave me a link that saved the day. A link that a simple Google search on my part could have prevented those dramatics from ever occurring. But I'm dramatic not logical and I didn't Google anything, I just cried and walked away.  

So before we get on to the main event, let's touch on a few details... As stated in all my other posts lately, we know that my camera is not great for this whole journey I'm on now. Having said that, since it constantly stops, has to recharge and has to cool down, you will notice some small changes in the video. While waiting for it to recharge and cool down, the daylight shifted and changed some of the lighting and my makeup started to wear off. Sad face. Also cut from the video are a few steps of the makeup application because it stopped recording. I left out showing most of the products in this video to save time on all the nonsense the camera brings to my life. But don't worry, EVERYTHING is listed below!  

Am I the only one that has never used one of those color hairsprays before? I was terrified, I had no idea what it was gonna do or how it was gonna spray! Hahaha. I was scared to take my hair down and spray it all over, even though it would have mixed better with the rainbow hair since that was lacking...

Side note: if I were to do this again, I would bring the purple down more and blend into the brows. I didn't realize how crappy the gold was going to turn out. If you have any pigment shadows, I highly suggest using those instead of this cheap glitter. I had ordered some but they hadn't arrived yet. Another suggestion would be the foil glitter by Martha Stewart. I almost bought them but put them back. I live a life of regret ;) 


Ben Nye - white cream
Milani - Bella Violet
Morphe - #46 (blue) 
MAC - Tease N' Teal (green - out of a palette from like 7 years ago)
MAC - Amber Lights (gold - not filmed)
Be A Bombshell Cosmetics blush - Beach Please pink (not filmed)
Makeup Geek - Sensuous (darker purple shimmer)
Makeup Geek - Mermaid (shimmer on blue)
Makeup Geek - Sea Mist (shimmer on green)
Sticker gems from Michaels 
Cheap glitter from Michaels applied with lash glue (I recommend something much better quality!) 

NYX - jumbo pencil in Milk
NYX - eye liner in Purple 
Milani - Bella Violet
Urban Decay - Heavy Metal glitter liner in Distortion

Morphe - #68 dark pink
Makeup Geek - Razzleberry (with MAC Fix+)
Makeup Geek - Shimma Shimma (inner corner and brow bone - not filmed)
Starlooks eye liner - Topaz (silver)
Jordana Color Envy liquid liner - Paradise Beauty blue
Urban Decay - Heavy Metal glitter liner in Distortion

Eyemimo - #CLR06 pink/purple
Ardell Spiky #389
Urban Decay - Heavy Metal glitter liner in Distortion

LIPS: (not filmed)
MAC - Lickable - pink
NYC - Mahogany - dark purple 
Revlon Super Lustrous gloss - Snow Pink 

Ben Nye - white cream
Makeup Geek - Sensuous, Razzleberry, Shimma Shimma
Sticker Pearls from Michaels
Cheap glitter from Michaels applied with lash glue (I recommend something much better quality!) 
Ben Nye - liquid latex and blood 

White spray from the halloween store
Unicorn headband hair thingy with not enough hair - halloween store

Thank you so so much for watching, your support is everything to me! I appreciate you so much! 

Don't forget.... the GIANT 3 WINNER GIVEAWAY ends in just a couple of days! You can enter to win here: Launch Celebration Giveaway 


Hashtag FAIL

I'm so multi-emotional about this that I don't even know where to begin and I tend to ramble and I'd like to keep this as short and simple as possible. Whenever I say that, it turns into the longest post ever. But here goes....

I debated with myself on doing a Halloween look for my channel, then I debated on what I would do. I played with some things and posted them on Instagram [here here and here] but then decided on doing something colorful and pretty... a mermaid. But my poor planning skills killed that idea when I went to the store twice for fishnets (to make scales) and forgot to get them, twice. I then decided on a unicorn, same color concepts but less of an effect and that's ok, something simple. I played with that look twice before I sat down in front of the camera to start, it was then I decided to take the look a different way than what I had thought, and ended up not happy with it but I went with it and this is not even a little bit the point of the story. I'm just building you up I guess. 

So as you may or may not know, the camera I currently own is incredibly incompetent when it comes to filming. It shuts off, it drains the battery, it over heats, it doesn't auto focus well enough, it's a goddamn nightmare. But I go with it. So this past weekend with this unicorn look and this camera, it took me about 5 hours to film. I had to keep stopping to let the camera cool down, had to stop and let the battery recharge, etc. (Which made my lighting change and my makeup to start wearing down but whatevs). Moral of this part of the story is that A LOT of time and frustration went into just the filming part of this Halloween look. 

But then it was time for the fun part... EDITING! I love the editing part so much. When I got out of work yesterday, I couldn't wait to start editing it. And it was perfect! Besides all the clips I had to cut out because of camera issues, I managed to put together a video that I was very happy with. I finished at around 10:30 last night and I was SO EXCITED to upload it to YouTube! And then..... 

So I thought....
"oh ok it needs me to take the SD card out. That's fine, I didn't even know it was still in there"


Something was wrong. It wouldn't let me save it out of iMovie, at all. I made sure all the clips were imported off the SD card, but 90% of the clips were missing when I took the SD card out of the computer. WHAT?! How is some of the video still there but some of it's not? Some at the beginning, some at the end, some in the middle, it made no sense! And no matter what I did, it wouldn't take. I tried and tried, I started to panic, I started to get mad, I needed to focus and figure this out and I focused but there was nothing I could do. Something was wrong and there was nothing I could do. It was ruined. The whole video was ruined. 

I cried. 

In that moment, I felt really set back. I felt set back to miserable "everything bad happens to me" Kelly and I cried. I worked so hard on it. I was so excited about it. I'm trying not to cry as I type this. It's just not fair because really, every time I try hard for something, every time I think I'm moving forward with my happiness, every time I try to just do something for ME, something goes wrong. It's literally the story of my life. 

Losing this video is just so incredibly deflating. I'm having thoughts of just not even bothering to move on with YouTube now. Because honestly, this is not easy. I have a full time job and a life to live outside of that, I started to do YouTube to help with my stresses and anxiety and to give myself a hobby, something fun that I could enjoy. But so far, it's been a nightmare. The first video did the same as this with filming, the camera is just UGH. And the second video, the GIVEAWAY, I was completely out of focus the whole time and had no idea because ... this camera UGH. And now everything that went on with this third video. Like really? Really? I started this to help my moods, not to add to the problem! 

I have my eye on the camera I want that won't give me these stresses but I can't afford it right now, but it will be the next big purchase we make. Because as much as I want to give up right now, I'm not going to. All this bullshit aside, I really love doing this. I have a list of over 30 videos to do. I'm not stopping now. But with a new camera, how can I know that the above issue in iMovie won't happen again? I don't even know what's wrong so I don't know how to avoid it in the future. Does anyone have any idea???

As for this unicorn video, although I can't upload it directly to YouTube or save it as a file at all.... it does play in iMovie. The only thing I can think of as a way to still get this video shown, is to film it playing in iMovie. How low class is that? Ha! But I just really don't want this to go to waste. I was way too excited about it. What do you think? Should I do that or just brush this one off my shoulder and pretend it never existed? 

Quite honestly, I think Apple did it. While I was editing, the OS X updated and that's the only thing I can think of that would have done this. That makes no sense to me either but I just have no idea. All I know is that the video will never be on YouTube as intended and there isn't a shot in hell that I have time (or would even want) to film this all over again. 

So do I upload a "video of the video"? Or nah? 


BIG Giveaway!

Hello beautiful friends!  If you have been following along, you know I've been hinting at a big giveaway. If you're just arriving here, well, THERE IS A BIG GIVEAWAY! :) 

In celebration of starting my YouTube channel kellylouise616 I put together a 3 winner giveaway for YOU! Check out the video to see what you could win!

A classmate in 7th grade once said to me, "you talk without your mouth moving." Here we are 20 years later and I can kinda see what he meant. I'm weird.  Too bad no one was around to tell me what a hot mess my hair was or that I was completely out of focus the entire time :(  It's really time to get a camera that works for all this filming, mine just isn't cutting it. SORRY that it's blurry! Forgive me? 

Products used in this video:
UD Vice 3 - Downfall, Lucky, Reign, Alchemy, Sonic, Last Sin, Bobby Dazzle
NYX Eyebrow Cake
Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel
CoverGirl Perfect Blend basic black pencil
Rimmel Lash Accelerator
Wet N Wild Mega Liquid Liner
Adell lashes in Wispies
Too Faced Primed and Poreless
Estee Lauder Double Wear and L'oreal True Match mixed together
Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circles concealer
NYX Set It & Don't Fret It matte finishing powder
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit - contour and under eye setting
Maybelline Master i-Light blush in Mauve
Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in 1995
NYX Butter Gloss - Tiramisu
Skindinavia Bridal Setting Spray

Shirt - Target
Necklace and earrings - Shop Miss Chic from Love, Yellow


This giveaway will end on November 1st, 2014 and winners will be announced on November 3rd, 2014. 
There are only 2 rules: 
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2) No spam accounts. Let's keep it fair and simple! 

Thank you so so much to any of you that are subscribing, following, SHARING, etc... it means the world to me! I am so thrilled about this new journey! 


Not sponsored, no affiliate links, everything purchased with my own money. 

Foods You Thought Were Healthy

This is something that I have been wanting to post for awhile. It's been collecting dust in my drafts and today I decided to ditch the laziness and just get it out there. Maybe because I'm so sick of scrolling through Instagram and seeing all these bullshit "health" posts. I'm not gonna get on a soapbox here and I'm not gonna touch on all the controversial food topics in America. I'm just here today to share a few food items that are masked as healthy but are loaded with crap. Truly, this list is endless, but no one wants to be here all day so I'll just throw a few at you. 

Peanut/Almond Butter
A great source of protein and an energy boost, but you should turn that jar around. Do you see 2368290 words in the ingredients list? Dump it in the trash! Peanut butter (and all nut butters) should not have or need that many additives. Drop a bunch of peanuts in a food processor and leave it going for about 10 minutes and guess what you have? REAL peanut butter and it's scrumptious. I've done this with almonds before and it's amazing. And if you really wanna just buy the stuff, go raw. Look for the Raw nut butters and check the back just to make sure they ain't lying!

Wheat Bread
Did you ever decide "hey white bread is bad, I guess I'll just eat wheat bread instead!" I did. And I did it for years. Until I stopped reading calories and fiber and started reading ingredients. Guess what was one of the first things listed? High Fructose Corn Syrup!!!! I started picking up every brand in the bread aisle and kept seeing the same 4 words, High Fructose Corn Syrup High Fructose Corn Syrup High Fructose Corn Syrup. I could not believe it. My first thought was "no wonder this is so delicious!" And then I thought "oh my god this is disgusting, I can't believe I had no idea, I can't believe I've spent years eating fraudulent wheat bread!"  It has become more common to see "no high fructose corn syrup" right on the front of a lot of breads these days. But I've switched over to sprouted grain breads like Ezekiel anyways and I'm never turning back. 

Granola Bars
Sugar, sugar, sugar. High fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated fat, and some have MSG! I think granola bars anger me the most. A lot people think it's a great on the go healthy grab, but most of them are a big giant lie. Next time you're in a supermarket and reaching for those Quaker bars, do yourself a favor and just take a little look at the back. Drop them on the floor and run. 

You don't have to hit up Whole Foods to find the good stuff, most supermarkets are now carrying a lot of the truly healthy snacks. All you have to do - and I can't stress this enough - is simply read the ingredients and find out what they are. Google is at our fingertips at all times! For example, have you seen carrageenan in an ingredient list before? Did you switch to using almond milk because you thought it was a healthy choice? Sometimes it is - depending on the brand, but carrageenan is in some of the most popular brands. Wanna know what it is and what it does? 

“food-grade carrageenan causes gastrointestinal inflammation and higher rates of intestinal lesions, ulcerations, and even malignant tumors” -FoodBabe

I used to use Almond Breeze until a friend told me about this ingredient and I Googled it. And it's not just in some brands of almond milk, it's in other products too. Including some infant formulas and pet foods.  Yes, your human babies and fur babies could be ingesting this garbage! 

The best advice I can offer to anyone who is starting out on a health and fitness journey is simple. Read your labels and do your own research. Don't be fooled by "healthy" labels. 


Now that I'm done with my little rant... in case you missed that I spelled my own name wrong, yea that happened. The proof is HERE. I'm still pimping myself out that I started a YouTube channel *clears throat* - another one since the whole name spelling situation and all. If you were kind enough to subscribe to the original one, please pretend like that never happened and come subscribe over here instead It would make my heart smile and it would pump me up for the giveaway that I would like to do in celebration of this new journey! 


Fast Fingers Make Huge Errors

Seriously, this would be something that I would do. Why Kelly? Why?  So as you may know, I recently started a YouTube channel. I wanted a custom URL, of course. But mskellylouise and sixonesix were taken. Jerks. So I went to do mskellylouise616 and accidentally somehow hit submit too soon and ended up with mskellylouse. Do you see that? There is an I missing from Louise. Who doesn't know how to spell their own name? ME!

AND THE WORST PART IS THAT YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT.  Once you pick a URL for Youtube, that's it. No exceptions, it cannot be changed. You have to make a new channel to have a different name. Personally, I think we should get 24 hours to decide if we want to edit our URL. But I don't own Google so my thoughts on this situation don't matter. 


So now I'm faced with this dilemma of do I keep it and look like a dummy for all eternity? Or do I make a brand new channel?  I know I've just started so my following is very very small so making a new channel wouldn't be too awful, but it's still my following. And let's be honest, not everyone moves with you when you move anywhere on the internet. 

If this were you... what would you do?  I'm leaning towards making a whole new one. (*cries*)

Kelly Louse


* EDIT *
I went ahead and made a new channel and I typed very carefully and managed to spell my name right this time. So here we go again... 
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My YouTube Launch!

Aaaahhhhhhhh! Can you hear me screaming?! I am bursting with excitement! There are gonna be so many exclamation points in this post! It's ready it's ready it's ready it's ready! In case you missed it, I recently posted an announcement that I had been holding in so hard that I almost turned into Violet Beauregarde on the verge of explosion. After so many months of preparation, I finally started my own YouTube channel and after hours of hellish filming and hours of surprisingly really fun editing, my first video is ready!!! Seriously though, editing was super fun! I've never loved something so much! This is all so exciting I don't know what to do with my hands! Except, post this..... 

I'm so excited that I have so much to say and nothing to say at all! I just can't believe that I finally did it! Every day when I got home from work, I spent a couple hours editing and even though it was exhausting at times, it was so much fun! I can't wait to get started on the next one! I have so much more practice to do and so much more to learn and I'm just so excited!  Most importantly, I need a camera that fits my needs for this. I apologize for some shots being out of focus and for sometimes not being fully in the shot - the Nikon D3100 does not have auto-focus on video and does not have a flip forward viewfinder. So I basically was just guessing the whole time if I was filming correctly haha. 

In all the excitement of this launch, I will be doing a giveaway! I'm thinking of a beauty product bundle, but let me know what you would like to see for Six One Six giveaways. Speaking of products, here is a list and links of all that was used in this video....

Morphe Shadows - ES68 & ES27
Shadow Shields - Amazon or Makeup Geek
All brushes were SigmaMorphe and Real Techniques

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An Announcement!

*Deep breath out* Finally, after months of thoughts and preparation and planning and executing ... I am finally ready to share my big news. A couple posts back I managed to sneak in a little mention that I was working on something that was taking all my time away from blogging and that I would also connect with my blogging. And that my friends is that.... I've started a YouTube channel! Now, before you start poppin' bottles let me also tell you that it's not exactly 100% ready yet and here's the story on why.

My camera is a massive pain in the ass for what I need it to do. Amazing for photos, not set out for video. I have spent hours trying to have footage, only for me to get so angry and just walk away from it all. This has been going on for weeks. This weekend though, I just dealt with it and managed to get a video filmed. Let me also just throw in there that the first set of lights that I bought was a nightmare also. Some arrived broken and then I accidentally broke one also. So that was a step backwards. And then the nonsense with my camera, this is why it has taken me so long to really get this thing started. So much frustration. But like I said, I finally managed to film something this weekend and because my camera is not compatible for what I need for filming, it took me 4 hours. FOUR HOURS to film a makeup look. Four. So you can imagine that by the time I was finally done, I was so over it. There was no way I was about to sit down and spend 8 hours editing it. I did however sit down yesterday to try to edit it, and boom, another issue. My iMovie and iTunes aren't hooking up with each other and so now I've got to get through that issue too.  So the moral of that story is that I don't have my first video ready yet. *cries* But I do have it coming! 

^ my intro ^

Although my first video isn't ready and uploaded yet, I just could not hold this in anymore. I NEEDED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU! I am so incredibly excited. And maybe you're wondering why I've taken this step, why I've chosen to back off of blogging and jump into the YouTube world. Quite honestly, and I'm sure from my lack of posting this was obvious, but I'm slightly over blogging. Am I done with blogging? NO. But I've spent the majority of this year trying to force myself to blog because I do love it and I love my community in it, but something was missing. It just wasn't enough for me. Just sitting here and typing things out just still wasn't allowing me to be creative enough. Or interact enough. I'm a very over the top person, I'm highly emotional with every emotion; happiness, anger, sadness, excitement, etc. And no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get it all out with blog posts. I spend 40-50 hours a week sitting at a desk doing the same.damn.thing. and I work in a field where I have zero room for creativity. If you've been following along this year, you have seen some really dark moments for me. And I truly think that some of those surfaced because I feel stuffed. I feel like I have so much to let out of me and I've had no way to do so. I am a wild, crazy, silly, rambunctious person and I don't fit right stuffed in a cubicle all day and then having my only outlet being to write something. Blogging is just simply not enough for me. And realizing this made me kinda over it all. And I'm sorry that I sort of abandoned this little place of mine, but I needed more. So I've been spending the last few months getting this whole YouTube thing in motion and oh my gahhh it was so hard to keep it from you all! But I didn't want to say anything until it was ready to launch. I mean, even though technically it's not ready because I haven't started editing that video yet, but I feel close enough in my process of this whole thing to finally let it all out!

You're probably wondering what you can expect to see on my YT channel. That's an easy answer, almost everything you've seen here! I will have makeup looks, product hauls, reviews and opinions, YT tags and challenges, vlogs, travels, rants, routines, recipes and everything in between! So if you wanna come along with me on my new adventure, head over and subscribe! 

Wait, we're not done yet. Now having shared all this, this is where I will need your help. Because I'm so insanely excited and so insanely grateful for my readers here and the friends that I've made and those that have stuck by Six One Six even when it was dead for weeks at a time... I want to do something for you! I want to do a giveaway in celebration of this big step for me. But because it will be for YOU, I want to know what kind of giveaway would you like.  A specific product, a beauty bundle, a gift card to a specific store or online shop? Let me know what you would like to see for Six One Six giveaways!

That's a piece of the editing process. You'll notice that there are many 10 min clips. That's because my camera only allows video for 10 minutes, and then it over heats and I have to wait for it to cool down to film the next 10 minutes. This is why it took 4 hours to film a damn makeup look. Yes, I will totally be purchasing a camera that fits my needs so that I can bang out videos much faster and easier than this first one went! 

Ahhh! I can't believe I've finally got that off my chest! Thank you so much to everyone that has been on this blogging ride with me, I can only hope that you will come with me on this next one! 

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