Bye Paleo

Paleo was really just not working out for me. It's been great for the boyfriend, he was losing weight and feeling great. I haven't lost a single pound and I'm always hungry. And I think I know why.

Paleo, for me, had been more of a hassle than helpful. I found myself beyond hungry (or just not eating) more often than I should have been. And this was all because I either never had something available when I got hungry or if there was food it was like "oh I can't have that", so I would starve. And we all know that is NOT good for you! Recently I realized that I had been overly exhausted, grumpy and hungry. And I started putting the pieces together. I'm actually getting grumpy just writing this because I'm annoyed that it didn't work out for me. Did I not try hard enough?

Truth is, it just doesn't fit my lifestyle (or bank account). And I feel like I've really missed out on a lot of meals and I'm just exhausted from lack of food. Food is fuel, people! I wake up too early for work to make myself a "paleo breakfast", I've tried meal prepping things for the week but that hadn't worked out fully. I had to say goodbye to a lot (if not all) of the snacks I was having during the day when I was eating clean because they weren't paleo friendly. I'm the kind of person that needs to eat all day long. I need my breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack again after work, dinner and sometimes a snack after that. On most days while on paleo, I had less than half of that. I was starving! So I've parted ways with the caveman.

I learned a lot from paleo and will still take that with me. For example, I will still be eating grass fed meats, grass fed butter, I'll still use almond meal instead of breadcrumbs or regular flour, and probably still no dairy (since I'm not a milk and cheese person anyways). But I will be putting some grains back into my diet, I will just be very wary of the amounts. While I may still not eat pasta, I will be allowing quinoa back in. I've missed quinoa!

Like any changes with food and your body, something that works for someone else may not work for you. I tried Paleo for about 3 months and it didn't work for me. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the Paleo way, I just think it is more for people that have some more time and money on their hands than I do to be fully on board. So if I wanna quickly dump peanut butter on some toast in order to actually eat breakfast in the morning, I'm gonna do it. Or have oatmeal, or make recipes with oats. If I wanna have a Quest bar for a snack, I'm gonna do it and not feel like I'm "cheating". If I wanna have some brown rice with my chicken or steak instead of eating 39278 sweet potatoes a week, I'm gonna do it.

Back to clean eating, goodbye Paleo.

You can check out some of my paleo recipes here:
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There will also be recipes posted here all week that were made during my paleolithic little era.

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  1. Wow! 3 months is a long time to try. I don't think I could get thru even a week.

  2. Good to you for trying, no specific nutritional lifestyle is meant for everyone and that's OK. Eating clean is the main goal, and everything in good proportions.

  3. I honestly believe that the best thing everyone can do for their bodies is just watching what you eat... not following a certain "diet" unless it's required (b/c we're all different). You gotta find something that's sustainable for YOU or it'll either not work, or stop working.

  4. I wanted to see what Paleo was a few months ago, and I took one look was like, ooh, nope not for me, couldn't last five minutes.. Props to you for lasting so long! :)

  5. Paleo is such a expensive and time consuming diet plan I never took the plunge to try. When your busy its just so difficult. I think sometimes we tend to not listen to our bodies and keep making it suffer so good for you for sticking it out this long but knowing when to walk away.

  6. to me, going full paleo was too hard core. and really, *in my opinion*, going "paleo" really means cutting out processed garbage and sugary nonsense from my diet. so i did that. i still eat grains but in controlled portions ie. i won't gorge myself on bread.

    there is nothing wrong with a modified version of paleo which is what i believe i follow - clean, fresh foods, no processed junk, no sweets/desserts.

    and i'm never hungry which is a good thing because no one wants to be around me when i'm hangry!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Especially when you workout almost everyday, you shouldn't have to worry about not eating something just eating healthy will help.

  8. Sounds like you made a good choice for you! I'm with you on the meal, snack, meal, snack thing-- if I don't I end up stuffing my face at meal time and it's never a good thing!

  9. Good to know. I've been very interested in paleo and like a lot of paleo recipes, but I cannot do without cheese and at least some grains. I am with you in that taking some principles from it is definitely a good idea (like cutting back/out flour and sugar) but you have to do what works for you.
    - Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  10. I know paleo would never work for me for these same reasons! I eat clean almost all the time and I don't go overboard with carbs (some days I avoid them all together) but sometimes I just need some pasta or rice!!

  11. if it wasn't working for you then it def makes sense to take the good things you've learned and use those but then just adapt it in a way that fits to your way of living.

  12. Yes, not all diets work for everyone. It is a great way to look at food (i.e. cutting out processed stuff when possible) but it was a little too rough for me too. I am not a morning person and cook eggs every morning is just not gonna happen. Also I can't live without cheese.

  13. clean eating for the win any day!

  14. Personally...I feel like there is a reason the cavemen are no longer around...

    You have to eat healthy, but do what works for you. If you're grumpy and hungry then this clearly isn't. Good luck with the clean eatin!

  15. not eating is worse than cheating on your diet it doesn't make the diet a problem it makes you silly