Fresh Start

Another year gone, another "new beginning". I love that somehow January 1st gives us a reason to reevaluate our lives. Like we're gonna change who we are just because the date jumped up a number. When in reality, we can have "resolutions" on any day of the year. Like when I joined the gym recently, instead of being like "oh I'll just wait until Jan 1st". I went for it because I wanted change on that day, I didn't want to wait.

But for some reason, most of us can still come up with a million things we'd like to put into effect with a new year ahead. And today, I am one of those people. 

IN BLOGGING: This is tough because I struggle with finding time to do everything I want/need to do in blogland. As most of us know, it's difficult to keep up with all of this and work a full time job and just live life. One of my goals is to figure out how to manage it all. Because in order to succeed at all my other blogging goals, I really need to get on that.

  • I need to be a lot more on top of replying to comments. I have developed a habit of taking a chunk of time to just sit and reply to all the comments on the last few posts. This isn't good because if I'm going back to reply to a comment you left me 4 days ago, you're most likely gonna be like "um that was so 5 years ago, I don't even know what you're talking about". I need to get better at replying in the same day or at least within 24hrs. The same way I would with work emails.
  • I want to post more recipes. Some of my most popular posts have been recipes. My #1 most viewed post ever is a recipe. People love food. And so do I. 
  • Over the last couple months, I've noticed that I take a lot of outfit pics... in my dirty ass mirror. I've been thinking of incorporating an outfit post into the blog at least once a month. But not in a mirror. Ew.
  • Changing up my sponsorships has been on my mind too. I'm not sure what direction I want to go with them yet, but I want to get more creative with them. 

LIFE GOALS: I feel like I have more things I want to improve in life right now than I ever have before. Is that something that just comes with age? Or is my life in some sort of shambles that I'm not entirely recognizing?!
  • As you may know, the boyfriend and I started paleo not too long ago. It was a breeze the first few weeks but then Thanksgiving came, and then the whole holiday season just kinda hovered over us and threw us off path. I bought a really incredible book the other day and we're super excited to use it to help us get back on track. It's not just recipes, but also a lot of details about being on paleo.
  • MONEY. Oh man do I need to kick my butt into gear with this one. 
  1. I've been working on fixing my credit and getting my score higher. So much so that I've actually become obsessed with it and I have like 4 apps on my phone for it.  
  2. I really really need to figure out a budget (for both of us!) that we can commit to. I've tried using a long time ago and never kept up with it. I didn't like it at all. I hate when you do the math of what you bring in each month, and spend on bills and you're like "oh I should have soooo much left" but you have like nothing. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?! I know it's not just me, I've seen a lot of people post about it. Must be the American dream. Ugh.
  3. Savings. I need to be much better at building up my savings. But I guess this all gets tied in with the budget above.
  • Balance. Like I mentioned above with blogging, I need to figure out how to manage everything. I need to learn how to properly balance all the things in my life. Work, blogging, gym, life in general, and what I need most these days... sleep! I need to balance all this shit so I can get to bed earlier and get a good nights rest so I can stop hitting snooze so much and being late to work everyday. RIPPLE EFFECT. 
  • I also need to work on being less moody and being more easy going. I think this will come with balance though. I tend to get very overwhelmed and stressed which in turn just makes me a grumpy bitch. And that's not good for anyone. 
  • Learn to use my camera. I got a Nikon d3100 a few months ago and it's pretty much collecting dust because I'm a total failure at having the patience to learn anything about it outside of the auto setting. This will also help with some of the blogging goals I listed like the recipes and outfits. 
  • Go to Vegas again. A few times.

And in conclusion, I have a lot to get done this year! And there's a few things up my sleeve that I haven't mentioned yet that I need to work on too. AHHH and the overwhelming feelings set in. <--working on it!

Do you have any goals and/or resolutions for 2014?
How many times did I use a quote from Clueless in this post? hahaha

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Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Balance. I think we all struggle with trying to fit it all in. For budgeting I've found that a good old fashioned excel spreadsheet works best for me. Also, when I know my bottom line figure of what I'm allowed to spend on "whatever" after bills and gas and everything is accounted for that helps too. I focus on remembering that number and try never going over it. Best of luck with it! Budgeting isn't exactly fun but once you get it down you feel richer (well sort of!!) because you know exactly where your money is going and how much you can spend.

  2. i think that would work best for me! i've also heard (and tried/failed) people doing the cash envelopes things. like an envelope for gas, for food, for personal spending. but i don't live a cash life so it's useless for me lol.
    i think you're right, once I get the hang of it i'll feel like I have more money and it will probably all get much easier. :)

  3. I use a budgeting system called YNAB. I love it, because its like a cash envelope system but its electronic. (I seriously cannot walk around with that many envelopes for this expense and that expense.) There is also an app for your phone so you don't have to worry about how you'll log your transactions. Its REALLY helped me get on track with my spending and budgeting, because like you said, I would get to a few days before my paycheck and was like 'where the hell is my money???'. I'll probably be doing a post about it eventually because money is a big part of my goals for the coming year too. As far as blogging balance...yeesh girl if you figure it out please tell me!

  4. hahaha ditto on the be more easy going and stop being a grumpy bi*ch. I tend to have the same problem! ;)

  5. I agree... it can be so hard to keep up with blogging sometimes on top of everything else. I need to find a better balance myself.

  6. what saved me with blogging: scheduling posts! i have some "themes" that i have so i write up a bunch of posts and schedule them ahead of time. i did that over the holidays and it was amazing - i only had to read blogs and reply to comments for the past week and a half instead of doing that AND worrying about what to post!

    and i'm with you on the camera. i have a fancy dslr and i only use the Auto setting so this year, i'm going to unleash the full power of this camera!

    happy new year!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. A lot of my resolutions for 2014 are on here too, finding a better overall balance is definitely necessary. Also I use two forms of budgeting, YNAB which I purchased 2 years ago, but still love, and an envelope system. We based it off of Dave Ramsey's budgeting theory and have had a lot of success. I've kiiind of become obsessed with monitoring my budget and credit score, so I feel you! I just love reaching goals :)

  8. Balance is a huge one for me too. It is hard finding the time to do everything. Budgeting is a huge one too. I am doing a no spend January and hoping to build up my savings.

  9. I love that Vegas is on the to-do list. As for balance, that is something that I really struggle with too. But then while I want to spend more time on my blog, I realize that the more time I spend on living my life, the better my blog can be.

  10. I also love that the beginning of a new year means a new you, even though you can change at anytime. I am looking forward to a Vegas trip as well... my little sis is turning 21! Food and outfits will be fun post to see! Can't wait! Good luck with all of your goals!

  11. downloading it now!
    please do that post, i'd love it!

  12. haha sometimes i just need to stop and breathe

  13. i'm downloading YNAB now :)
    I've heard so much about that Dave Ramsey guy. how do you make the envelope thing work for you? i only use debit and credit cards for everything, i never have cash.

  14. i've seen a few people talking about a no spend January. what is it exactly? like you just pay your bills and buy groceries/gas and nothing else?

  15. i wish i could go back to vegas once a month! or at least every other month.
    i 100% agree that to have a better blog as a "lifestyle" blogger, I need to live life and step away from the computer. but then i sometimes get that blogger guilt of not reading other blogs enough and not putting enough time into those who have sponsored me.

  16. when are you going? have you been? i only went one time ever, this summer, and it was so much fun!

    thank you!!

  17. Ah nice :) I don't use credit cards anymore but I'm def dependent on my debit card. I use the envelope system for things that I would be tempted to overspend on, like eating out and clothes. YNAB makes digital envelopes basically for things like gas and bills, so I just use the the debit card & autodebit for that. Twice a month I go to the atm and take out the right amount of money for my envelopes, and when I'm out of money, thats it :)

  18. Yes, I am doing it with Life According to Steph and basically you set a budget for the month covering only the essentials and any pre-arrange things like birthdays and then you don't spend anything else. A slip or two might happen but it helps to really curb your spending and be more aware of how you spend. There will be a linkup in Feb to record how you did too.

  19. It is funny how that one day makes such a difference in making goals-- I usually don't come up with any but for this year I took some time in actually coming up with a list for the new year...I easily could have started it in December but it wouldn't have seemed right :) I love all of your goals...they are definitely almost all things I need to work on as well-- in life & blogging :)


  20. what a great list of goals! you got it all in the bag!

  21. Dude. Your goals are all totally attainable. I know 2014 will be a big year for you

  22. i can't wait for more recipes !

  23. i'm loving this YNAB!! but i can't figure out where to enter my income, so i'm just sitting at overbudgeted hahaha

  24. So, I just printed out and bound this awesome blog planner from Erica Made Designs (it's free here: I am really hopeful this will help me with "balance" in the New Year as well. It has places to keep track of sponsorships, giveaways, post promotion across various social media platforms, post ideas, etc.

    I agree that blogging can take so much time and effort. I often find myself in the same ripple effect cycle as you -- maybe the planner will help a bit. Check it out.

    Also, I'm officially leaning towards a Nikon! Thanks so much for your input!


  25. <> Yeah, that happens to me alot too! I hate that! As for resolutions, I am going to try something different... I'm going to have a mini-goal each week. Just something really small I want to accomplish, one little change. This week I'm going to organize a dresser drawer.

  26. I totally scrolled back up trying to tally Clueless quotes. I appreciate your honest self evaluation here. And please do post some recipes. I know they're tedious as hell, I always want to post more until I do one and realize how much work they are. I mean, you have to cook something, AND photograph as you cook, then write the post and pepper in the pictures. But I love that you're committed to healthy eating, and though I can't exactly Paleo as a vegetarian, I can appreciate the discipline and the food ideas for Pete.

    My goal this year is to drink 6 full 16 oz. glasses of water per day, (on day one and it's amazing) and cut out all sweets, which is huge because sweets are my vice.

    Also completely with you on budgeting. I just committed the ultimate act in restraint. I got a $2,000 bonus, and I was all set to blow it on a $2,000 lens for my Canon, but instead, I put it in my stock account so it can make me more money. I'm crying a little on the inside. But I feel kinda good, too.

    Go us!

  27. thanks! i'm feeling pretty good about it being big :)

  28. i'm gonna plan on doing 1 or 2 a month!

  29. oh i'm printing the hell outta that thing right meow! THANK YOU!

    cool! maybe we can help each other figure it out. i'm determined to perfect it this year!

  30. that is a GREAT idea. sometimes it's much easier to have one small goal at a time. a resolutions list can be overwhelming, setting me up for failure lol

  31. true about the recipes! sometimes i'll be halfway thru and think of doing it for the blog and i'm like "well i've already missed pictures for the first half od this so i can't post it!"
    sweets is my hard part too, and chips. oh god chips! i try to use fruit for my sweet tooth now. i used to be so good at drinking water, not so much anymore. i'm gonna get on board with you on that one!
    good for you!!! i see it like - you can get that lens at anytime, it's not going anywhere. but money is so hard to save up so if you get the chance to put a chunk away, go for it! :)

  32. You're so cute! I, too, love playing the lottery! I get so excited and just know I'm going to win. Hah

  33. These are great goals, attainable and a great way to start the New Year!

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