Losing Weight Isn't Easy

Trying to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle can be pretty brutal, from a lot of angles. And a lot of times we just need a friend on the journey with us. So many of us have been through the pain, struggles and sometimes success of losing weight. Beverly from Baby Weights is no holds barred honest blogger, bravely sharing her weight loss journey. And while I'm taking today off from blogland, she's here to takeover and make a promise to you...


Who has set their New Year's resolution? How many of your New Year's resolutions are to live a healthier lifestyle? or to lose weight? I started my journey in December of 2013, and I'd love to have you follow along with me.

My name is Beverly, and I created the blog "Baby Weights" about a month ago. I've been on a strict low carb, high protein diet, and running/walking like a mad woman! I've already lost almost 10 pounds.

My blog is different. You're not just going to hear about my success, or how amazing I feel. It's real. It's the truth about how tough this journey is, but how worth it this really is. You'll hear about how upset I am that I haven't lost a single pound, how bad my legs hurt after I run 3 miles, how bad I wanted to eat that greasy cheeseburger, and how I didn't. 

Weight loss isn't easy, and you'll never hear me tell you that it is. It's hard work. It takes serious determination. You have to have self control, and say no when you're dying for a piece of that delicious pecan pie your Nana just made.  You have to work, and work hard.

My goal isn't just to lose weight. I want to be fit, and when I "think" I am, I'm not going to stop, and you can't either. Being fit isn't a goal you reach. It's a lifestyle that you maintain. Once you reach your goal weight, you can't stop.

I'm fat. I know I'm fat. I have back fat rolls. I have flabby arms. I have a gut. I love Pepsi, pasta, cookies, and chocolate, and it kills me every time I watch my boo thang scarf all that down, and I can't. It kills me every time I have to cook dinner, and can't even eat it. Now, that's determination.

I initially started this blog as a way for me to document my journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle, but realized quick that I wanted it to be more than that. I found out quick this was a lot harder than I expected, and I needed someone. I needed someone to talk me out of drinking a Pepsi when I haven't had one in two weeks. I needed someone to keep me from staying home and watching a movie, when I really needed to go run. I didn't have that, and I wanted to be that for someone.

I'd love to be your weight loss/fitness buddy. I want to encourage all of you. If living a healthier lifestyle, is something you are even thinking about.. DO IT! I promise to be there every step of the way and I promise it is soo worth it! I've only been doing this for a short time, but I feel soo much better. Yes, I hurt. I've cried from being in pain after a long workout, but it's worth it. I have more energy. I sleep better. Food even taste better. It's awesome.. All the blood, sweat, and tears are awesome!

Now, if you gain nothing else from this post, I want to leave you with three things:
1) A quote - "Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels!" - I run this through my head a million times a day. Is that one piece of pizza worth being unhealthy? No! Just remember, one bad meal leads to another, and another. So, don't even eat the first one! Do something productive, and go for a run instead, or just do a few sit ups.
2)The link to my blog - http://babyweights.org Come for a visit! Follow my blog, and let's stay in touch!
3)My email address - babyweights@yahoo.com I'd love to hear from you! I'd love to hear your story, and I would love to help you in any way I can.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope to see you all again VERY soon!


 You can keep up with Beverly and her journey on Bloglovin, Facebook, and Instagram!!



  1. Love this! Getting healthy is really tough and I am going through it right now. It's great to have an outlet and others to support you.

  2. Looking forward to following along with your journey as I am on a similar one to make a real lifestyle change! You can do it girl!

  3. love this! I'm looking forward to checking out your blog!

  4. Thank you all soo much for your supportive comments! Anyone can do this. It just takes hard work & motivation.

  5. Oh, you are my kinda girl ... I'm going to check out your blog now!

  6. Wow, what a life changing idea! I love it so much! Losing weight is indeed a very tough journey to start with but it's truly worth it after all. Serious determination / focus and lots of discipline, away from temptations that contradicts our goal is the main thing to consider to succeed on this. Go for a healthier lifestyle as always. Thanks for sharing Beverly! More Power to you!