Recipe Week - Fried Chicken

Let's try this Recipe Week thing again, shall we?  Let's kick it off with some super simple healthy  fried chicken. Although I made the decision this past weekend to drop the paleo life I was trying to succeed in, I'm going to be posting paleo friendly recipes. I've been sitting on them and would love to share them. You don't have to be paleo to eat this, they're just approved for those who are paleo. These are for everyone!

What you will need:
almond flour
grass fed butter (Kerrygold)
garlic powder
dried parsley

What you will do:
1. Chop up your zucchini and set aside. Chop up tons of fresh garlic and set aside. 
2. Make your "breading" mixture. Dump some almond flour in a bowl (however much you think you will need for whatever amount of chicken you have. I eyeball everything, I never measure.) Season the almond flour with whatever you like, I chose garlic powder (tons of it!), dried parsley, paprika, black pepper, and a little salt. And mix it all up!
3. Crack an egg or 2 and whisk in a bowl. Then bathe the chicken in it's children, and let the kids drip off a bit. 

4. Heat your pan on medium and drop in lots of grass fed butter.
5. While the butter is melting, bread the chicken in the almond flour mixture and cover all over. 
6. When the pan is hot, throw those babies in and start browning them! Cook for about 5-6 minutes on each side. This will depend on how thick your pieces are, so make sure to check if they are cooked through. In the last couple minutes, I put a cover on the pan to keep the moisture in. Add more butter if the pan gets dry. 

While your chicken is cooking, heat some Kerrygold in a pan again. When it's melting, throw in your zucchini and garlic and season it with salt/pepper. Mix it all around and place a cover on top, set the temp to low and let them steam and mix them up every few minutes until they are soft and slightly transparent.

When everything is done, smile and nom.

All PR recipes can be seen here - Recipes

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  1. kathy @ vodka and sodaJanuary 27, 2014 at 5:48 AM

    ooooo, this looks so yum! i'm always looking for new ways to cook chicken so thanks for sharing!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Chicken is consumed way to often in our house so this will be a great way to mix it up!

  3. What kind of almond flour do you use? I want to try that!

  4. "Bathe the chicken in it's chiuldren" Bwahaha!! To funny! I love using almond flour as a replacement for flour. Looks really good!

  5. awesome, than it's probably cheaper for you. it's like $10 here!

  6. this looks great!! I too never measure!!

  7. need to make this stat!

  8. The chicken and the zucchini look amazing! I just bought some chicken yesterday and was wondering what I should do with them. I think this recipe will definitely do!

  9. This looks so good! I loooove zucchini and definitely am craving some now! Thanks for sharing this :)

  10. I looooooove zucchini!!!!!! Get in my bellay!

  11. That looks so yummy! I know what I'm going to try to make this week now!

  12. me too! i only first tried zucchini a few months ago and i'm obsessed with it now!

  13. i love it too, it's one of my all time fave veggies and i just tried it for the first time a few months ago! i've been missing out!

  14. me too, i use it for everything now!