Life Lately: part 1

March has basically grabbed me by my ankles, whipped my body from side to side, swallowed me, spit me out, swallowed me again and is currently pooping me out. That pretty much sums up how I've felt all month. Last time I came here to my trusty little space, I expressed to you how much I have been suffering with anxiety lately and I was a week away from a doctors appointment that would hopefully help it all calm down. That appointment is tomorrow and I have never been more excited to go to the doctors in my life! I need this. It will also be helpful since I'm currently on day 3 of a massive allergy attack mixed with a small cold. Thanks, March. Does anyone get the allergy shot? I really want it!

Recently, Kelli started a picture project link up and I was amped up to join in since my Nikon has been collecting dust for months. The first week was water. And of all the water things in this world, I only managed to get a shot of this one twirly water fountain thingy over in Beverly Hills. And of course, I didn't have my camera with me so I used my happy little iPhone. Which really defeats the purpose of why I joined the link up, because that damn camera cost so damn much, I need to use the damn thing. But I know that if I miss the first week, I will miss the next one and the next get it.

And I totally titled this post as part 1 because THAT is how far behind I am on this lifestyle blog that I have not at all been consistently updating anything about my life on. I miss it and I need to come back. I'm so far behind that I can remember I didn't even post about Valentine's Day. Let's be honest, I will not being going 6 friggin weeks back. I will go back to around St. Patrick's Day and call it a wash. Boom! If you follow along on Instagram you've seen I did lots of "touristy" stuff while the boyfriend's cousin was in town. I went through my phone the other day and noticed I have a gazillion pictures of all the things we did and I totally forgot about them! So I suppose this "Life Lately" will be a 3 part deal. Here's hoping I can stick with it so I can get back in the groove of things around this blogland. 

For now, I'm gonna go finish a 4th box of tissues and push through the last 90 minutes of this work day. Deuces!

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  1. my friend has the worst allergies and he used to get the shot. he had to go in for multiple shots...something like weekly or semi-monthly or something like that.. but it did work for him. i can't remember why he stopped but i think he's going to go back on them

    and gorgeous shot!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. So glad you linked up, I love your twirly fountain! I just want it to get warm so I can take my new Nikon outside and not be freezing when I return. I've decided all the pretty pictures can wait until it's at least 64 outside. :(

  3. My allergies have been acting a fool, too! I literally sneezed 5 times in a row the other day.

  4. Really really thinking about you. Anxiety is TORTURE. Even just going to someone sometimes that treats it as a legitimate thing will feel good, and I bet in a month's time, you will be feeling awesome. Cannot wait for you to start feeling better!

  5. I've been there, totally! Just back at Christmas time, I was at the end of my rope, flipping out because I couldn't get a doctor's appointment for another month, and trying everything I could think of to somehow get my hands on the meds I needed! The positive part is, once you get past it and back into a calm state of mind, you can really appreciate how great it feels to just feel NORMAL! (I don't mean normal, like, it is weird to be anxious, but normal, like, not feeling any extreme emotions, just feeling at peace.

  6. hope you feel better soon + that your doctor appointment goes well! dealing with anxiety sucks.

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

  7. i feel so behind on LIFE lately so i feel ya! good luck with your doctor's appointment - hope you can get some relief!