Don't Let Them Be The Forgotten Ones

Often times, we jump on board to donate to or share a fundraiser that has touched our hearts. Somewhere along the way though, it hits a plateau. Most of these go fund me/indiegogo/you caring, etc have a time limit on them. But the money seems to stop coming in after the first few weeks.

We all know the power of social media and even just mentions of things on your blog. I follow a lot of dogs on Instagram, mostly French Bulldogs (omg frechiiieeesss!) and Pit Bulls. There are a few right now that have had some tragedies hit them and I watched the numbers go up and up and up for their fundraiser. And then it just stops. While they have earned so much and reached so many people, they haven't reached enough people.

Today I want to share a few funds with you that have really touched my heart. Of course, they are all for dogs. And I want to ask from the bottom of my heart to please please share this information. You may not be in a position to give money but maybe someone else is, and they just aren't aware of these strories. Let's put the power of social media to good use and pimp these little buddies out on your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, whatever it is that you use! Even your own blog if you want to :)

Meet Leidy, a 4 year old Frenchie that has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemo treatments. There are 70 days left in this fundraiser and they are almost to the half way mark of their goal!
For constant updates: @frenchie_bailey

Our dear friend Ashten has been dealing with a lot with her handsome Boxer, Warner. I'm sure you are aware of the story. If not, more reason to head on over to the funding page. The goal is sooo close, with only 18 days left. Share for #TeamWarner!
For constant updates: Always, Ashten

A beautiful Pit named Nylah was hit by a car while her family was moving. She was in critical condition with bad head trauma and internal bleeding. They didn't think they would be able to save her tail and leg, but they did! She went through a lot of surgeries and tests and blood transfusions. It took a lot of hefty medical expenses to save their baby girl. Good news, she's better! And she's finally home. She is learning to walk again with a rod in her leg but she is still happy and full of life and love.
For constant updates: @kay_dunn

DeNiro says "thank you, in advance!"

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Bye Booze

As I sit here writing this post right now, I'm on the start of day 5 of no alcohol. You may have seen this tweet on Monday, and I know in blogland everyone is probably gasping like "whaaa?! no alcohol?! you're breaking blogging rules!" But here's the thing, I'm an addict and I always will be. For me, there have always been moments of drinking casually and then some moments of drinking everyday. It's like an on/off little situation.  It took me saying some really awful things to/about my boyfriend recently to realize that hey Kelly, you're in the everyday phase and it's getting to be too much and you're being a huge dick. So I'm choosing to stop (for now or forever, I'm not sure. Ok probably just for now, for awhile). You also might be thinking, "but you just made that bar!" Ugh, I know. And it was an investment for sure. But now it's just an expensive decoration, I guess.

yes, that's a basket of nips.

If you spend some time around these parts, you will know what I've been going through lately. And alcohol is really just not a good mix, especially with the medications I'm taking. And I can tell you for certain that one of these medications mixed with a few hours of boozing it up on Saturday was absolutely what gave me the power to say the awful things I said. So when the pharmacist tells you, "do not drink alcohol with either of these medicines", you should listen. Does this make for some boring weekends with friends? Probably. Especially when you've already invited them over this weekend to watch the fight and ... we have a bar! Is it annoying to be the sober one when everyone else is drunk? Yup. Will I miss wine with dinner, or a gin & tonic when I get home from work? Of course. Was I drinking everyday? Basically, sometimes I'd throw in a day off. Was I shitfaced everyday? Nope. But that doesn't matter. Right now, I cannot drink on these meds and I really need to put my focus towards other things. Happier things, more fulfilling things. There were days when I would come home from work and I would rather make a drink than go to the gym. That is not at all helpful to my health and fitness goals. And I've mentioned several times here that one of my biggest goals for 2014 is to get and stay healthy. I'm a little behind, but late is better than never.

In the past, I've come across some judgmental little blog posts about how some bloggers "drink too much" and  bla bla bla judgments bla bla bla. Don't worry friends, I will never turn into that person. First of all, I have no fucking right to. And second, what other people do is none of my business and quite frankly alcohol is a lot of delicious fun, I just have to remove it from my life right now. I will not call this getting sober or getting on the wagon and if I have a drink in a few days, I will not call it falling off the wagon or even failing. Because if I can go a week without a drink, that's the longest I've gone in -I don't even know how many- years, so bra-fucking-vo to me! Honestly, I never thought I'd make it five and half years drug free, so maybe I'm already not giving myself enough credit with this alcohol deal, but it is a bit different, so we'll see. One helpful little jump for me is that my sister and mom will be here in about 5 days, so that'll be a swift 13 days of no drinking right there. Boom.

Happy Thirsty Thursday ya'll! ;)

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Food Through A Macro

A picture is worth all the words I don't have to put here [see also: lazy]. I bought some macro lenses and have been beyond excited about them. Thanks to Kelli's link up, I'm finally enjoying the use of my camera.

Blueberries, lime, shrimp, black pepper.

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