All That Pretty Stuff

So I've developed this new habit lately of not spending time with my boyfriend and watching beauty gurus on YouTube instead. And now we insert a popular internet saying - sorry not sorry. Really though, I can't stop and eventually my bank account is gonna get real sick of the stuff all these girls are convincing me to buy. I whored a couple things out on my Instagram the other day, but there is so much more to that! While I may be ditching the dude and swiping my cards too much, I'm learning so much about my beauty needs. I mean, I am gonna be 32 next month, so it's beyond time for me to start taking serious care of my skin! I already have some crows feet that like to hang out when I smile - and I'd appreciate if it stopped there - so I've been trying some fancy anti-aging things. Beyond that, I've become more knowledgeable and skilled in my makeup routine and what products are working for me. But, I can't seem to get the hair going the way I want. I have this constant bad luck where every product I've ever loved in life gets discontinued - mostly when it comes to hair. So I'm always always always buying new stuff for my hair and right now I'm not loving anything.. yet.

But lets just get to the point and tell you why I'm here in this big white space today. Pretty simple actually, I just feel like sharing some of the things I've been loving!

Olay Cleaning System: Yes, just another Clarisonic knockoff but still, it's awesome. This comes with a microdermabraision scrub as well as a cleaning scrub. I use the cleaning every night before bed, and I'll add using the microdermabrasion 2-3 times a week with it. It feels so good, and my skin looks so alive after. And I got this on sale at Ulta for $30! (Clarisonic is like $150).

L'Oreal 1-Minute Revitalift Cream: Like I said, I've been trying some anti-aging things... I really love this so far. I don't believe the whole "results after one use" thing -ever- but I like it enough so far that I'm excited to see how my skin has lifted after a few weeks. Also known as, hopefully my crows feet shrink. Maybe it's all in my head, but when I look in the mirror after using it, I think my skin looks slightly younger. It smells pretty amazing too!

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation: Such a great drugstore foundation! I've been using Urban Decay Naked for awhile and it was just ok, good enough. But there has been so much rave about about this Revlon foundation, I had to try it. And now I don't really see me using anything else! And when applied with a Beauty Blender, just, incredible.

Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer: I got this in a subscription box awhile back and I never bothered with it. I decided to give it a try recently and I'm liking it enough to use it all up. It's not the greatest primer at all, but it gives you a very summery glow! It does leave the skin extra moist, so I wouldn't suggest this to anyone with oily skin, like myself. I find myself using oil blots throughout the day more than normal, but it gives me such a pretty golden glow I can't stop using it yet. If you have normal/dry skin this is something to try! I use it when I'm short on time in the mornings before work and I don't even apply foundation after it, just some concealer and I'm good to go. Also, you can get this at Target!

Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser: Speaking of concealer, I have found my favorite ever. Another drugstore gem! I was using the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Palette for a long time and still reach for it sometimes. But when I saw every single beauty guru using this Age Rewind bad boy, I had had had to get it. And yes! It is all the rage! I can't tell you how exciting it is to find drugstore products that actually work well! Stop what you're doing, and go get this now.

Beauty Blender: At this point, you should all own at least one of these. This is something I had seen in some videos last year and was dying to try but didn't want to spend the money. But then it showed up in a subscription box one day and all the clouds opened up. Nothing makes foundation look like this thing does. Although, I don't own any Sigma brushes yet [on the b-day list] so I guess that's not fair to say. But really, put your Target e.l.f. brush aside and invest in this little miracle sponge.

Make Up Forever Mist & Fix: Another Urban Decay product I had been using for months was their make-up setting spray. I like it a lot, especially the oil control one. But once it was empty, I wanted to try something different so I went the with MUF one. I've only used it a few times but I do think it holds slightly better and it smells really good! While I am satisfied with this one, I'm still on the hunt for a better one. Any suggestions?

And a not-so-favorite...
Prime Time Smile Active Blue Whitening Kit:  I didn't picture this one up top because, NO. What a load of garbage. I really wanted to get the Whitening Lightning brand but the boyfriend went ahead and purchased this one first. And ugh, what a waste of money. Do not buy this, it's such a lie. And they kinda screw you right on the package, which we didn't notice until after we took it home. First of all, it says results after one use (LOL), but it says that the whole process will be 7 uses. BUT the pen only contains 5 uses. So you already need to buy more of their crap just to get the full 7 uses. No thank you. Most importantly, it doesn't whiten! Like, at all!

Sidenote: In case you missed my mention of it on Twitter, I'm working on a Draw My Life video. If you were ever thinking of doing it, it's not easy (unless you had some silverspoon life) because trying to decide what you do and don't want to include is tough! Especially when writing about your childhood, and who you might hurt or call out. Also, stuffing 30+ years into about a 10 minute story is quite the challenge. On a positive note about the process, I'm finding it therapeutic. While it's hard to remember and/or relive some things, it's pretty cool to see how far you've come and all the things you've battled. Life is so weird.

I can't wait to complete it and share it with you.

NOT a sponsored post. Not even a little bit.

Egg In A Pep

Many moons ago I saw a little thing on Pinterest that made my tummy growl. About 3 years later, I finally got off my booty about it and took the 4 minutes out of my day that it takes to make it. Yes, seriously it's crazy easy and speedy. And of course the most important part, it's healthy. Winning.

You may have seen me drool over it on Instagram this past weekend. But I don't like to be alone so I'm gonna let you drool with me and post it here. Although, if you're not a fan of eggs or peppers, you will most likely just eye-roll at this simplicity and move on.

What You Need: (I keep it clean, you can use whatever healthy/unhealthy version you want)

  • pasteurized eggs
  • grass fed butter 
  • organic bell pepper (green is my go-to and fave)
  • salt/pepper

What You Do: 

  • Push your pepper over on it's side and slice it. I shouldn't have to tell you but remove the seeds. Each slice is for each egg. 
  • Melt the butter in a pan and drop the peppers in to cook on one side for a few minutes. 
  • Smash Crack your egg and drop one into each pepper, let cook for a few minutes, to your liking of a fried egg.
  • Sprinkle a lil salt and pepper on 'em (and/or any other seasonings of your choice)
  • FLIP!
  • And again, cook to your liking of a fried egg and add some seasonings if you want more. 
  • Put on a plate, post on Instagram, and NOMs away. 

DeNiro Takes Over

This is DeNiro, you have seen me here before. If not, you have been missing out because, well, I'm DeNiro. I don't really have much to discuss with you today, I just wanted to share a moment. A moment that is oh so common in my day to day cat life full of cat stuff things. One being that my mom never stops taking pictures of me. And then, my cat thoughts.

Thought 1. The flash makes me angry.

Thought 2. No flash helps me focus on that string over there. 

Thought 3. How long should I wait until I jump attack this string? Will it attack me back? It's green and I don't trust green.

Thought 4. Oh my catgod, what if it does attack me back? Will my mom still take pictures or will she try to save me from it? She saves me from everything but she also takes pictures of everything! This makes me nervous.

Thought 5. I know! I shall ask the lamp. Dear lamp, with your ever shining brightness, can you ponder with me?

Thought 6. Like a fucking lamp is gonna answer me. What was I thinking? Ugh.

Thought 7. I give up, I didn't really care that much anyways. I have more important cat things to ponder.


Walk A Mile In My Shoes

There is a quote that I've been seeing floating around the blog world and damn, it's so true. It's basically like, "you only see what I choose to show you". Truth is, what most people display on the internet is a very small percentage of their life. Whether it's a blog, an Instagram account or even Twitter. The millions of people on the internet are not there next to you all day to truly know you. So when you see someones "perfect" life plastered online, think again before you get on some forum and call that person spoiled, they may have a really dark life that you're not seeing. If someone typically posts fashion and beauty, and you don't like it, try to keep it to yourself instead of gather a circle of internet bullies to laugh and type about how stupid and awful she looks. Maybe there's a healthy living Instagram that you don't agree with and her food and fitness updates seem kind of weird to you. Well, maybe she has a disorder and putting negative comments on her posts make it worse. I could go on forever with examples and I know you could too because we all see it happening, especially in blogland.

The bottom line is to just stop judging people based on how they appear to you online. Don't join into the discussion, just keep it moving onto the next one. I'll admit there's some out there that should have their keyboard taken away. Recently I realized how incredibly bitchy a blogger was to her readers and clients and all I did was hit the unfollow button. It's that simple. If you're one of those that like to spew away at your finger tips, maybe don't go to their blog or social media if it bothers you so much. Instead, spend that time reading and writing about people that you do like. Internet thugs waste so much time dwelling on the lives of those they hate, I'd rather spend time admiring someone that inspires me instead of angers me.

I titled this post "walk a mile in my shoes" because, well, you can't. And I can't in yours either. But we can try. Remember, everyone is fighting their own battle.  Just because they chose to put some of their life online, does not mean that you know anything about who they really are as a whole. Let's just all keep the peace and work on our own issues instead of pointing out someone else's.

Summer Must Haves

It might still be spring for some of you, but down here the summer is blasting and I'm not even mad about it! I've already got a few shades of tan going on, the tanks and shorts are out and the AC is pumping. My favorite thing about living in southern California is the blazing sunshine! I'll welcome the 110 degree heat with open arms, but not without a few of my favorite things.

Moisturizer: The SoCal heat dries my skin out so bad. Even my hands get dry and crackly as if I was still back in the New England cold. I recently started using Cetaphil (I know, I'm so behind!) and I love it! Make sure you are using a moisturizer that contains at least SPF 15, but higher is better - lets try to avoid sun spots and skin cancer!

RayBans: I mean, any sunnies will do but my Wayfarer classics are my #1. Sometimes I'll thrown on one of my cheap pairs of sunglasses and I end up with a headache. As soon as I put my Ray's on, the world and my head are like a whole new place. Great sunglasses are an investment, but oh so worth it.

Light Weight Dresses: Go for the flowy and free feeling ones. That makes me sound like a hippy, but really though it's like wearing a built in AC. And the shorter the better, let the breeze in!

Bikinis: I mean, duh. Do I even need to write about this one? If you're not feeling confident enough for a bikini... lift your head up, get in front of that mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful! And then put on that 'kini and strut your ass out into the sun!

Converse: I've had my black hi-top Chucks since 2001. Yep, the same pair all these years. They're my everything. But I love my low-top white (or any light color) to go with any summer outfit.

Bright Nails: Just wear summer on your nails, so it's always in your view - especially when you're locked in an office all day with no windows (me). The happy color will lift your mood!

Everyday Flip Flops: Any basic just to slip on at every moment. As we all know, Old Navy runs the basic flip flop game.

So everyone, what did we learn today? SUMMER RULES! [said like "O'Doyle rules!"] Now go shopping!


I may or may not have went into panic mode last night. I changed my domain (but apparently skipped a step) and my blog vanished! I couldn't even bother with it since I'm still super upset about my sister leaving. More on that later; and this time I mean it because, yes, I am back! I have a new name, new design (that still needs some tweaks) and a new mindset for blogging. I checked back a couple hours later, realized I missed a step and oh look, there was the blog! Except, my blogroll is not showing up, no matter how many times I save it. So that's making me stabby.

You might be wondering why I changed my whole "blogging brand". Honestly, Petite Ramblings just sounds so, stupid. It had a childish ring to it and I was really just over it. Although I felt it had fit me for sure, I needed something a little more personal, so that I wouldn't get sick of it. So here we are with Six One Six, which is my birthday June 16th.

And I went that extra mile and changed everything.
Twitter - @616blog
Pinterest -
Facebook - [it still has the PR name because you have to request a name change and now I'm just waiting on it. So dumb.]
Instagram - @mskellylouise [this is what my name used to be, I'm glad I could get it back. I use Instagram for so many other things rather than blogging, I'd rather it just be my name.]

The one I'm struggling with is Bloglovin. Does anyone know how to change it on your current account? Or do I have to make a new one and lose all my followers and hope they all follow on the new name?

Now that my two week vacation is over, it's time to get back to this little baby of mine and be as dedicated as I used to. I had a lot of goals for 2014 with this blog but so far this year just turned into a stress ball mess of sadness. I just really needed the time off work, I really needed to be with my sister and I really needed to just be away from everything that was everyday. Although I'm still shedding tears at how much I miss my sister, I am ready to get back to the everyday stuff. I do need to play catch up on comments, especially since so many supportive ones had come and I don't want those to go unnoticed. Good thing I remembered the step to migrate my Disqus comments! Too bad when I hit publish on this, I have no idea where it's gonna go as far as!

BYE Petite Ramblings!